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Lieutenant Commander Rain Lexington

Name Rain Lexington

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bedazoid
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 175
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Rain has a very fit and athletic build with long curly brown hair. Her eyes are the usual black Bedazoid eyes which show very little colour around the iris.
Rain has ancient Bedazoid tattoo's from her wrists to shoulders.


Spouse Classified
Children Nina- Deceased
Father Orion Lexington
Mother Loralie Lexington
Brother(s) Darren Lexington
Thomas Lexington
Sister(s) Lyla- Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rain is from the 6th house of Bedazed and is of the warrior clan. The house of Lexington is known for their top warriors, strong telepathic abilities and their loyalty to those they pledge their T'iyala to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths- Quick thinker in tough situations.
- Loyal
- Easy going

Weaknessess- Stubborn to a fault at times
- Will sometimes ignore orders
- Little fear of danger
Ambitions To serve her commanding officer and the Federation to the best of her ability.
Hobbies & Interests Rain enjoys practising with her T'iyala when ever she has the chance. She enjoys reading old books and going on adventures with her wife.

Personal History Classified
Service Record Uss- Douglas
Uss- New Brunswick
Uss- Sunfire