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Lieutenant Commander Shylow Vitari

Name Shylow Vitari

Position Guest

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human(hybrid)
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 177 cm
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Vitari shows little of her genetic alterations beyond her eyes, left jetblack, but not something too difficult to acquire within cosmetic circles. Her movement tends towards fluid with a slight snap to her responses, however beyond that outside of rare instances she appears to be a fairly typical human woman.


Other Family Both of Vitari's parents are currently located within the New Zealand penitentiary colony

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vitari is an outstanding officer when push comes to shove, her biggest problem is that her hobbies tend to risk destroying much of what she spends her duty time protecting. Although she has proved invaluable in several encounters throughout her career she has often been forcibly transferred after short terms due to various incidents - usually concerning unorthodox experimentation procedures with dangerous technologies. This has led to a stigma on her record as being something of a vagabond within Starfleet.

Over the years her eccentricity has calmed somewhat - partially due to her responsibilities and the requirements of her assignments within the Special Operations branch as well as other personal experiences over her life.

Special Notes:
Vitari appears to have some latent telepathic abilities however whenever telepaths in the past have attempted to communicate directly with her they are met with utter failure. It seems that her ability is limited at giving other telepaths a headache, although this has not been heavily tested.

After the experimentation upon her during her capture she has displayed the ability to manipulate her telepathic powers although these events have been extremely limited, and she appears to show great reluctance in exploring them further. Given the nature of her reticence this area remains largely unexplored.
Strengths & Weaknesses The fluid nature of Vitari's personality is reflected in the way her strengths and weaknesses can flow into one another, depending on the situation and her mood.

She is possessed of a strong curiosity which has gotten her into trouble on numerous occasions, as well as causing her to find problems earlier or give her the general interest to learn a wide variety of passing subjects.

Often she will develop a lack of focus on a subject after a period of hyper focus, both aspects of which can lead to some inconsistency in her interests and quality of workmanship but also giving her moments of brilliance, or at least excellence.

Her attitudes are often somewhat bipolar, some moods lending her to excessive socialism and others a depth of isolationism and largely this is influenced by her environment.

Ultimately however she generally maintains a level of professionalism in the quality of her work, despite a general casualness regarding many regulations and side products that can leave people caught off guard.
Hobbies & Interests Traditional Martial Arts, Pyrotechnics and Explosives, Philosophy, Flying small craft

Personal History Being born on a starbase into a military family, Vitari had a lot of unsupervised spare time as a child and naturally spent it getting into places she wasn’t supposed to be. Despite her parents best efforts to curb her compulsively inquisitive nature, she nonetheless often found herself in situations that most people would prefer a child didn’t see - including the command deck at least once during a red alert.

Eventually the young woman was conscripted as an errand runner by the stationmaster, which suited her perfectly as it allowed her to fully explore the few remaining areas of the station that had remained out of reach. This was also the time her interest in the Starbase systems began to manifest and she eagerly devoured anything she could regarding the more technical side of her floating home in the void in what, to her, seemed a natural progression of learning how the world around her worked.

It was not long after this that her parents were restationed to Starbase 1 and her freedom was severely reined in - and her security breaches were viewed less favourably. After an incident involving a replicator, several improvised ‘fireworks’ and the starbase’s tertiary medlab, her parents enrolled her in Starfleet with the hope that some discipline would curb her inquisitive tendencies - move that she later came to learn was edged in caution and remained something of a sore point between her parents for years to come.

During her period in the academy she helped generate a harmonic frequency designed to increase the penetrative abilities of photon torpedoes and displayed its effectiveness by leveling a section of one of the academy testing facilities. It was deemed that the incident was the fault of her supervisor and she was granting honours for the input and utilization of the weapons system.

Officially she was promoted and assigned to the Pegasus with the aim of integrating the new torpedo configuration into an existing platform. Unfortunately while further customising one of the torpedoes it went critical in the tube causing severe damage to the ship, although no lives were lost there were several injuries of varying severity, the prototype was lost and the systems deemed too unstable to warrant further trials.

Following the lack of progress with her prior assignment Vitari was assigned to the heavy cruiser, USS Valiant as a Fire Control Officer. After several months of service, involving a number of minor incidents in which she displayed aptitude for the role, an Assistant Tactical Chief was granted maternity leave she was decided upon as the natural Delta/Gamma shift replacement for the remainder of her tour. Near the end of the ships deployment it came under heavy attack, after which Vitari was granted a distinction for valour for her actions during the raid. Officially it was awarded for the young officer holding her post during extreme circumstances, but she generally remains quiet about the event - shrugging off comment and changing the subject.

With the Valiant returned to stardock for extended repairs, the young officer was redrafted into advanced training and, following her success with the tactical weapons systems aboard the Valiant, qualified for demolitions and explosives specialist training. She again demonstrated ability within the field to tinker and develop fringe projects as well as skill in utilising existing equipment though she was determined to be unsuited to a research position and following completion of the course she was returned to active duty.

Preceding Vitari's arrival to her new assignment, the First Contact Office - an aged station on the edge of Federation space - had been through a large scale refit and reoccupation. This reactivation neared its completion when the young officer arrived and almost as soon as she reported in, she was drafted into the workforce, repairing and maintaining systems older than herself. Not long after she had begun, the station's primary power core ruptured, detonating with enough force to reduce the once massive piece of almost antique engineering into molten slag.

The net result of this was that the station was on sub-emergency power, with large sections lacking even the most basic life support, as well as lacking the power to generate long range transmissions. In order to request aid Vitari and another officer requisitioned the aged merchant freighter, Midnight Star, with the plan to utilise its on board reactor and comms while linked with the stations now damaged systems to boost a signal back to starfleet with a complete report and hardware request.

At some point during this operation the freighters reactor overloaded, boosting the signal far in excess of the originally estimated power and causing the ship to explode. Vitari's commanding officer managed to retrieve the unconscious officer and return her to an airlock on the First Contact Office where an altercation broke out, while neither officer was injured several security personnel had to be called in to resolve the situation.

In the follow up of the Midnight Star investigation and subsequent incident with a senior officer it was discovered that Vitari herself was the result of an intensive genetic engineering project to splice her two parent species successfully together. This coincided with the trials of her parents and the trials of a geneticist who assisted them. All three are now serving prison terms on the New Zealand penitentiary prison.

Where Vitari was concerned however, the results of the trial were less conclusive. It was ultimately decided that she could continue her service with StarFleet, though it was highly unlikely she would ever reach captaincy or achieve any position of particularly high visibility unless something significant were to change in the general policies surrounding the subject.

With her case as resolved as it was likely to be, Vitari returned to First Contact Office with what looked to be a stunted career path - not that she was ever particularly ambitious - and a number of unanswered questions about herself and her origins. Seemingly before she had a chance to reacquaint herself with the station and her relationship with one of the station inhabitants, the First Contact Office was attacked and ultimately destroyed along with a large percentage of its crew.

It was a surprisingly short time after the FCO incident that the resilient woman was reassigned to the special operations division, with both StarFleet and SFMC provisional ranks, as something of an infiltration specialist, primarily due to her intimate knowledge of starbase layouts and a number of her tertiary skills. She was quickly integrated into the ranks however, after displaying a certain aptitude for the role - which she mostly attributed to her desire to undermine the source of the FCO attacks. During the course of her service within the branch she was captured and experimented upon before her team could extract her.

For some months after this, primarily during her recovery she was cross assigned to SFMC base as a liaison and mostly for paperwork purposes with one of her former colleagues. There were no major incidents for several months and she was cleared for active duties. She is still dealing with the resulting effects of their experimentation and has only recently been determined fit for duty, though with some long range oversight by her former departments.
Service Record - Graduated one year early from Starfleet Academy with High Honours, promoted to full Lieutenant with special assignment
- Served 1 year on USS Pegasus, Tactical Officer
- Served 2 years on USS Valiant, Assistant Tactical Chief, Fire Control Officer, service distinction for valour
- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet Tactical School, Demolitions & Explosives
- Assigned to First Contact Office, Explorer Station, Chief Tactical Officer
- After 8 months removed from duty pending parents trials and the question as to Vitari's official status under the Eugenics Acts
- Returned to First Contact Office with full rank
- Granted temporary leave following the destruction of First Contact Office shortly after her return to duty
- Assigned to Special Operations after the destruction and subsequent decommission of First Contact Office
- Various operations, many classified to command level
- Assigned to light duties within the SFMC at Captain rank during recovery, post hostile capture; medical and psychiatric reports classified to command level
- Reassigned to full duties to USS Liberty within the Intelligence division