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Lieutenant Anna S. Thesia

Name Anna S. Sassin Thesia M.D.

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Minaran / Orion hybrid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 1.76m
Weight 69kg
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Fairly tall and with light green skin, Anna thinks the teal of her uniform always clashes with her skin colour.

Her most important physical feature is her regenerative ability. When injured, she can quickly heal herself without the need for medical intervention, provided there is no odd angle at which a bone is broken, though doing so repeatedly will tire her out. This is a result of her Minaran heritage, but the ability does not extend beyond herself, unlike what a full Minaran is capable of.

She does not produce the typical Orion pheromones either, which can both be a curse and a blessing, depending on who she is dealing with.

Anna has a healthy appetite and can eat just about anything, as any poison damage done to her body is quickly taken care of by her healing ability, with very few exceptions.

She is physically fit but not a fighter. She does well in warm and humid environments, not as well in the cold.


Father unknown Minaran
Mother Maedhris, exotic dancer & entertainer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anna is witty and sarcastic to a fault. While generally good-natured and always ready to help, one has to endure her remarks in the process.

She will stand up for what she believes is right, especially professionally and morally, but cannot be expected to do well in a physical confrontation.
Strengths & Weaknesses + caring and compassionate
+ relaxed attitude, unpretentious
+ resilient
+ sense of humour

- bad fighter and pilot
- too trusting
- lack of discipline
- sense of humour
Ambitions Unlike most Starfleet officers, Anna is not particularly ambitious. She knows what she can do and will stand up for herself if necessary but she's not after promotions or positions beyond what she is awarded as a result of her work and abilities. Serving on a starship and seeing something new and exciting every week is reward enough for her.
Hobbies & Interests Anna loves literature, music and the arts. She plays several instruments, dances and sings. She does not know stage fright and will happily participate in any events the crew think up.

She plays games on the holodeck, plays practical jokes on people and plays the fool if needed. Anna likes being around people, and can often be perceived as a bit of a flirt, even if she means nothing by it. This perception might also be influenced by being part Orion.

Personal History Anna was born on Risa to Maedhris, an entertainer and exotic dancer, in 2346. She grew up happily, despite never knowing her father, and did fairly well in school, though by no means excellent in any areas she didn't like.

She would never have had a chance to enter Starfleet if it hadn't been for the tension building with the Dominion, while Anna was a medical school. She graduated as a surgeon in 2370 and served on Bajor for two years, before joining Starfleet in 2372.

Upon joining, she changed her name from the unpronounceable Anshadhinnathesia to Anna Sassin Thesia, usually shortened to Anna S. Thesia, for ease of use. Her mother calls her Anna anyway, unless she has been naughty.

Wartime service saw her attached to the hospital ship U.S.S. Abulcasis (NCC-8063), and after her loss the sister ship U.S.S. Pierce (NCC-4077). She spent most of her time either working hard with her hands in bodily fluids, or goofing off with the crewmates in between bouts of action.

Anna appreciates the ability to work in a less hectic environment during peacetime, and has used the time to further her education in other branches of medicine, enough to qualify for a post as Chief Medical Officer aboard an exploratory cruiser.