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Chief Petty Officer Sapphire

Name Sapphire

Position Master-at-Arms

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93m
Weight 77kg
Hair Color white
Eye Color red
Physical Description Sapphire is a tall Andorian woman in her early thirties, physically attractive and well trained.

She usually wears her hair short but she loves experimenting with different hair styles, including a different length and sometimes different colours, even though that is very unusual for Andorians. To that purpose, she uses a follicular stimulator that allows her to grow her hair at will. She is especially fond of dyeing her hair the same colour as her eyes, an intensive, bright red.

Her fiery red eyes, the rarest eye colour in Andorians, combined with her dark skin give her a dangerous look that scares people, something she employs to work in her favour when it comes to staring down unruly, aggressive people.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Sapphire is usually a friendly and outgoing woman who is far less aggressive than most women of her species, but that only applies when she is off duty. She demands discipline from those under her charge, though, and is known for having very unpleasant methods in getting people to do what she wants them to do.

She has low tolerance for annoying people and has a habit of speaking her mind. While she can be mischievous herself, she does not suffer fools. To her, there's a fine line between being intentionally funny and just unable to behave like a decent sentient being. Mostly, her response to someone being silly depends on her mood, and whether her mind is set on doing a particular task this behaviour gets in the way of, or not.
Strengths & Weaknesses + strong in mind and body, disciplinarian, tactician, brave, good defender, just, noctophilia, handsome, talkative, alert, ambidextrous, excellent hearing and vision, honoured by the Klingon Empire, gregarious

- gourmand, blood humour, bloodthirsty, despises criminals, severe, epicurean, weak immune system, hot-headed, hard-headed, low endurance, impatient
Ambitions Sapphire is happy having made Master-at-Arms at one of Starfleet's most prestigious vessels, and her next step up would be working in a similar position at a starbase, a much more demanding environment with all the civilians around.
Hobbies & Interests Sapphire enjoys everything that involves fighting. She is also very fond of all kinds of foods and drinks and enjoys sharing it with one other person or a small group. She's not too fond of large gatherings and tends to avoid them.

She spends a lot of time in the holodeck, not merely for fighting. She participates in holonovels together with other crewmembers. She is involved in regular roleplaying events acted out on the holodeck, where she assumes characters in different genres and plays them together with other members of the crew.

Sapphire enjoys reading novels, playing with all kinds of exotic weaponry and going on adventures during shore leave, if the planet has any comfortable climate zones.

Personal History Sapphire was turned into a care facility at approximately three days old by unknown parents, and has grown up in a foster family. She was given her name because said family had a wholesome sense of humour. Had she been Orion, she'd probably have been called Emerald.

She travelled around a lot during her youth, not calling anywhere home but the freighter her foster family lived on. This meant she got to see a lot of fun places and meet a lot of interesting people, but it also meant she never developed any attachment to a place she could call home.

She enlisted in Starfleet when she turned sixteen, taking the most obvious path of security. She benefited greatly from her foster family insisting she'd grow up with important lessons from Andorian culture, making her a most capable melee fighter and excellent shot.

Sapphire was involved in the final stages of the Federation-Cardassian war and fought both ground and boarding actions against Cardassian crews, against whom she was able to use her superior hearing and thermal vision capabilities to great effect, once dampening fields and interference had rendered tricorders useless.

She rose through the enlisted ranks in part by bravery, and in part by her single-minded dedication to getting the job done before anything else. Between the wars, she trained in law enforcement and security investigations.

When the war with the Dominion broke out, Sapphire fought on the Excelsior class starship U.S.S. Penthesilea, which was destroyed within weeks of starting the war. She was rescued by a Klingon warship and served aboard a K't'inga class battle cruiser, the K'Tong, for almost a year. She distinguished herself in the eyes of the Klingons, a conspicuous figure during any boarding or ground operations, as the old cruiser was used in support of such operations, rather than as a frontline warship. She is proud of being famous among the Klingons for this reason.

After the war's end, Sapphire again focused on taking classes, a prerequisite for attaining a position of Master-at-Arms, a position she had wanted ever since getting out of basic training.