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Harissa Pepper

Name Harissa Pepper

Position Chef

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 1.73m
Weight 75kg
Hair Color red
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Harissa is about average height and curvy. She's a consummate foodie and it shows in a set of healthy curves that define her outline.

She is usually seen wearing an apron over casual clothes, but dresses up for occasions when she can join the festivities.


Mother Cayenne Pepper
Sister(s) Mirasol Pepper
Medusa Pepper

Personality & Traits

General Overview Usually easy-going and cooperative, Harissa has a fiery temper one would do best not to provoke. If she feels outraged, she tends to make that known unmistakably.

She's interested in all things food and spends a lot of time experimenting with various dishes from various worlds, often combining ingredients that would never otherwise have found their way into the same pot.

Not all her creations are successes, but those that pass the taste test with some adventurous volunteers end up being served in the mess hall.
Strengths & Weaknesses + foodie
+ well-developed palate
+ dependable friend

- hot temper
- mild case of CDO
Ambitions She wants to create fancy dishes that'll delight palates the galaxy over. As a consummate hedonist, she devotes a lot of time towards that goal.
Hobbies & Interests Aside from cooking, she enjoys eating and drinking just as much. In quieter hours, she paints and plays the piano. Her life is spent with art and artistic pursuits, and she has very little interest in political affairs or whatever mission Starfleet assigns the ship. As a civilian, however, this is entirely appropriate.

Personal History Growing up in the multi-cultural spaceport of Windshear, on Marcos XII, Harissa was exposed to a rich cuisine from an early age. Her family did not believe in the replicator as a replacement for home cooking, and she soon found her calling when she was a guest in other families, who had never tasted the delights of a real meal.

Combining her love of art and the artistic with her love for cooking, Harissa travelled to Risa and learnt the trade of chef in a popular and busy restaurant. With time, however, she wanted something smaller, where she could be in charge of her own kitchen and still get the chance to be creative.

This was why she signed up with Starfleet as a civilian employee. She has served on several starships over the years, and refused to leave the ship during the Dominion war, believing that good food was an important morale booster, even if she could contribute nothing else to the war.

Her start on the Liberty was not exactly auspicious, as her first big meal made everyone sick as the proverbial dog. This was not her fault, however, as the ingredients delivered to the mess hall had already arrived contaminated. Convincing the crew of this, and getting them to trust her cooking again, would provide some challenges.
Service Record 2358 - U.S.S. Katrina, New Orleans class
2363 - U.S.S. Guernica, Excelsior class
2367 - U.S.S. Agamemnon, Ambassador class
2373 - U.S.S. Barbarossa, Galaxy class
2378 - U.S.S. Liberty, Sovereign class