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Major Kaden Ross

Name Kaden Michael Ross

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Three-Quarters Human One-Quarter Betazoid
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft 5 in
Weight 257
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kaden is an athletic well-toned man who was once an aspiring professional bodybuilder in a past life before joining the Marines. He is an attractive young man, with dark brown hair he is three-quarters Human and one-quarter Betazoid possessing no physical Betazoid traits.


Spouse Married to Freya Ross
Children Arek Christopher Ross, Athena Karen Ross
Father Gerard Ross
Mother Vera Kaarn
Brother(s) Vincent Ross
Sister(s) Melanie Ross
Other Family Nathan Landry (Step-Father)
Many Relatives and Freya’s Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaden is the first in his family to join the Starfleet Marines after no longer pursuing a career as an aspiring professional bodybuilder. He would join the Marines after encouragement by his mother and step-father in hopes to find a purpose in his life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

A dedicated and honor-bound individual, he fulfills his role as a marine with great care and diligence. He is always learning more about how he can be better as a marine and a comrade. He studies tactics and weapons, along with martial arts, making himself into a more perfect soldier and commander. He also has taken up training in Marine Special Operations Command ranging from counterterrorism, hostage rescue, special reconnaissance, counterintelligence, and direct action.


Kaden suffers from ongoing depression and has bipolar problems where he visited the couch of many counselors over the years. He has a history of drug use having attempted suicide by overdose but has sought help and been clean for over 12 years. He takes medication to suppress his Betazoid ability wishing to live his life more like a Human. Kaden also has a sheer hatred for The Dominion as he struggles to find compassion for them or wanting them dead.
Ambitions Kaden has made strides in improving his life over the years but his ultimate goal is to one day make General and command an army of his own while being a loving husband and a father.
Hobbies & Interests Kaden has a knack for collecting antique firearms and blades throughout Earth’s history. He owns a log cabin up in the mountains of Idaho and is very fond of his 1970 Dodge Challenger he restored. He studies martial arts and maintains his bodybuilder physique working out three times a week.

Personal History Kaden was born to Gerard Ross a known Human swindler and Vera Kaarn the half Human half Betazoid daughter of the Betazed ambassador to Tellar during a secret affair in 2348. He is the middle child of 3 children half brother to one of the smartest men in the field of arms dealing Vincent Ross possessing an astonishing IQ level of 305 despite being born with dwarfism. Kaden is also a half-brother to the Captain of the freighter Carpathia Melanie Ross he has a very rocky relationship with his siblings being the child of a ‘half breed whore’ therefore hardly knows much about them.

Kaden himself would suffer depression due to the fact his half-brother and sister look down upon him as a waste of life and a living reminder their father was disloyal to their mother. His shame led to him taking drugs and nearly overdosing in a vain attempt to end his life. Kaden would even take medication to suppress what Betazoid abilities he had to be more Human. But things would turn around for him when his mother met his step-father who encouraged him to go into bodybuilding. He grew to enjoy it eventually entering many competitions at such a young age he wound up winning a few titles.

Despite his success as a professional bodybuilder at a young age, Kaden found himself alone all the time due to his tight schedule of workouts and competitions. He hardly had time to make friends or relationships this caused him once again to relapse into drugs and again attempt to end his life. This prompted his parents to get him to quit his bodybuilding career and help him find something better in his life. They would convince him to join the Starfleet Marine Corp. wanting him to find a more structured lifestyle.

In 2365 Kaden entered his first year in the Starfleet Marine Corps. West Point Campus taking up the martial art forms of both Jujitsu and Jeet Kune Do. While reading books on Military tactics ranging from the Art of War by Sun Tzu to works written by best minds in tactics in the Federation today. He found himself becoming a quick study impressing both his teachers and instructors but also grabbed the attention of his fellow Cadets due to his past bodybuilding career. Despite the progress he made at West Point he still found himself feeling lonely at times as he kept to himself mostly focusing on his studies.

The campus Counseling staff concerned about his history suggested he take time off and go on vacation for a while at the end of the year. Kaden decided to go spend the summer in Aruba at his grandparent's yacht while befriending the local owner of the bar nearby. During his time off he met Freya Savette and became friends with her spending most of his time with her. They eventually had to go their separate ways but would be reunited in their second year at the Academy. As Freya was an aide on the counseling staff Kaden was seeing for his therapy sessions.

Reunited Kaden found himself falling in love with her and over the rest of his time as a Cadet having the best years of his life. Upon the end of his tenure at West Point Kaden was selected for the Marine Special Operations Command Training Program leaning counterterrorism, hostage rescue, special reconnaissance, counterintelligence, and direct action on Kytan 3. It forces him to be apart from Freya but her letters and what time they could spend time together on shore leave kept him going.

Upon completion, he was assigned MARSOC Unit Phantom on the USS Hood in 2372 word had spread of the Klingon Empire dispatching a fleet to Deep Space 9. It would later turn out to be an invasion force into Cardassian space forcing relations between the Klingon Empire and Federation to deteriorate. Following the Klingon assault on Deep Space 9, a stalemate later ensued Kaden and his Marine unit would be called to Earth by Admiral Leyton unknowingly taking part in his failed coup under pretenses. The USS Hood would be sent to the Archanis Sector defending Federation supply ships from Deep Space 9 against Klingon raiders.

In 2373 the USS Hood is assigned to the task force to engage the Klingon forces on Ganalda IV after three days of continuous fighting Kaden helps drive the Klingons off the planet in defeat. Ultimately he was forced into action with his Unit to drive off the Klingon assault on Ajilon Prime not long after following the destruction of the USS Farragut near the Lembatta Cluster. Able to finally take a break from the fighting Kaden would marry Freya Savette by Betazoid tradition and a father his son Arek. But he would be called away again to participate In the Battle of Sector 001 against The Borg the USS Hood would be heavily damaged in the fight giving Kaden time off again with Freya.

Following the Battle of Torros III with the destruction of the Dominion Shipyards and military stronghold there. Kaden was reassigned to MARSOC Unit Nomad on the USS Triumph in 2374 would a rough time for him losing many friends and Marines fighting The Dominion. He saw action in The of the Tyra System being amongst the few surviving forces that made it back to Federation Space in defeat. Before taking part in the recapture of Deep Space 9 during Operation Return the following weeks after.

The USS Triumph would undergo repairs giving Kaden time to be with his wife and son for a short time. But was called back to partake in the invasion of Cardassian space in the First Battle of Chin'toka. In the following year of 2375, Kaden and his Marine Unit were able to assist in the capture of the Dominion subspace communication array on AR-558. Captain Loomis and his troops were left to maintain the Federation’s control of the array while the USS Triumph was called back to Deep Space 9.

Kaden was surprised to see Freya and his son waiting for him and spent what time he could with them before being deployed again before Freya could tell him he was expecting a daughter. The USS Triumph would arrive following The Battle of Ricktor Prime to assist in rescue operations of the survivors and mop up any remaining Dominion forces. With the Breen joining the war at the Second Battle of Chin'toka all Federation operations were forced to a halt. But with a rumor of the rise of the Cardassian Liberation Front, the USS Triumph was dispatched to supply the rebels. Until being recalled to join the task force to take part in ending the war in The Battle of Cardassia.

With the war over Kaden would request a transfer from MARSOC to Marine command which was approved but required him to transfer to another Marine unit on the USS Missouri in 2376. He would spend the next two years assisting in rebuilding efforts in both Federation and Cardassian worlds hit hard during the war. As well as disrupting pirate operations in the region that arose to take advantage of the ravaged planet inhabitants. Kaden would ultimately be offered command of his Marine Unit in 2378 on the USS Liberty and be reunited with his wife and children who just recently was posted on the ship as well.
Service Record Bodybuilding Record

2362 New Bodybuilder of the year
2363-2364 Arnold Classic Winner
2363-2364 Mr. United Earth Winner
2363-2364 Mr. Olympia Winner
2363-2364 Federation Bodybuilding Champion of the Year

Service Record

2365: Starfleet Marine Corps. Cadet 1st Year, West Point Campus
2366: Starfleet Marine Corps. Cadet 2nd Year, West Point Campus
2367: Starfleet Marine Corps. Cadet 3rd Year, West Point Campus
2368: Starfleet Marine Corps. Cadet 4th Year, West Point Campus
2369: Second Lieutenant, Marine Special Operations Command Training, Kytan 3 Federation Base
2372: First Lieutenant, MARSOC Unit Phantom, USS Hood
2374: Marine Captain, MARSOC Unit Nomad, USS Triumph
2376: Marine Captain, Marine XO, USS Missouri
2378: Major, Marine CO, USS Liberty