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Major Damon Griffith

Name Damon Griffith

Position Second Officer

Second Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 200
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Ice White
Physical Description Given he is a Marine in background he is physically fit. He is typically stronger, both physically and visibly than many others. Off-duty he wears a black tank top with black pants.


Personality & Traits

Personal History TBD
Service Record Starfleet Marine Corps Academy
-2358-2359- Cadet Freshman
-2359-2360- Cadet Sophomore
-2360-2361- Cadet Junior
-2361-2362- Cadet Senior
-2362-2362- Graduation and Promotion to Second Lieutenant
New Phoenix Colony
-2362-2364- Marine Security Officer, New Phoenix Colony Marine Detachment
-2364-2364- Promotion to First Lieutenant
-2364-2367- Marine Security Officer, New Phoenix Colony Marine Detachment
-2367-2367- Transfer to Starfleet Command and Security Divisions and Promotion to Full Lieutenant.
USS Newark NCC-3245-A
-2367-2370- Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Newark
-2370-2373- Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Newark
-2373-2373- Transfer Back to Starfleet Marine Corps with Rank Transfer to Marine Captain.
Outpost Saratoga
-2373-2375- Marine Detachment Executive Officer, Outpost Saratoga Marine Detachment
-2375-2375- Promotion to Major and Transfer to USS Andromeda
USS Andromeda NCC-71899
-2375-2378- Marine Detachment Commanding Officer, USS Andromeda
-2378-2378- Transfer to USS Liberty
USS Liberty NCC-4003-A
-2378-23XX- Chief Security Officer and Second Officer, USS Liberty