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Ensign Alexandra "Alex" Fontana Tosto

Name Alexandra "Alex" Elena Fontana Tosto

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species human/betazoid
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7" (171cm)
Weight 154lbs. (70kg)
Hair Color Pale blond
Eye Color Jade green
Physical Description Alex is slenderly built, with jade green eyes and a delicately sculptured face framed by mass of wave pale blond hair that makes people think of her as a China doll. Despite her being quite dainty of stature, she is all lean, sinewy muscle from working on her father's orange orchard. Her usually light skin is tanned in the summer from working in the orchard.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Marco Tosto
Mother Biological Mother: Zeena. Stepmother: Maria Tosto
Brother(s) Halfsiblings:
- Antonio "Tony" Tosto
- Constantino "Costa" Tosto
Sister(s) Halfsiblings:
- Marika Tosto
- Luisa Tosto
- Nora Tosto
Other Family Aunt on her father's side, Renata

Aunt on her mother's side, Azalea, her biological mother's younger sister.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Determined, honest and believing in the best in people, Alex is proud of who she is and where she comes from. Her kindness to people is something she has been taught since birth, and she is more than willing to put in the work to do what's needed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Her kindness has won over many a person.
- Her telepathy/empathy has helped her understand other people's emotions and a stray thought here and there.
- A darn good memory – she remembers most from having read it only a time or 2
- Her sense of honor makes her a loyal and trustworthy member and a good friend for those she includes in her life.
- Protective: she is very protective of those she considers hers to protect. She is fiercely loyal to those people, and they know she's got their back.
- Empathy/telepathy. When badly stressed, Alex's control over the empathic abilities is nowhere to be found. She is like a sponge, soaking up the feelings and thoughts from her surroundings.
- Her kindness, good as it may be, has also caused her to be taken advantage of on several occasions throughout her childhood.
- A darn good memory – her formidable memory also makes it hard for her to let go of the past.
Ambitions Alex has always dreamed of joining the Starfleet and do something more than just living on the orange orchard in southern Italy. She wants to be part of something more than just harvesting and selling the oranges from the orchard. She has always had an interest in counseling and diplomacy, and she'd like to pursue that interest to do it as work.
Hobbies & Interests Alex was brought up with happy memories of her stepmother doing needlework, like embroidering and crocheting. Maria Tosto, Alex's stepmother, was the woman who taught Alex how to paint as well as doing the needlework. Alex also thoroughly enjoys making small trinkets with whatever she finds on her way. Be it seashells, a leaf encased in clear resin or a piece of a horn or shell of a, say a coconut. She likes the diversity of the materials she finds.
Besides the creative hobbies, Alex has a great love for reading and learning. She feels at ease in the library, where she reads both history and books about crafting, painting, needlework or other crafts that has caught her interest.

Personal History Alex's mother, a betazoid woman named Zeena, left Alex with her human father right after Alex was born. Her father, Marco Tosto, told Alex that Zeena hadn't wanted to be a mother and thus had left Alex with him. While she wondered why Zeena hadn't been around, her father soon remarried to Maria, whom he got 5 children with. The oldest of her halfsiblings, Marika, was 8 years younger than her.

When Alex started high school, she became aware that what she felt wasn't always her feelings. She picked up on so many things that school started to stress her. When she told her father, Marco told her about Zeena being betazoid and how empathy and telepathy usually were part of betazoid genetics. Marco found a betazoid teacher for Alex, a woman nicknamed Azalea, whom quicky took to Alex. As Alex got more and more control over her abilities, she realized that Azalea was genuinely interested in talking to her. Later on, Azalea told her that she was Alex's aunt, her mother's younger sister. Azalea also explained that her mother had been married but had stayed with Azalea for the year she was expecting Alex. Zeena had left right after giving birth, leaving Alex and her father behind. According to Azalea, Zeena had been on Earth on an extended assignment. She had had a fling with Marco, and they had Alex. But Zeena left right after and, according to Azalea, didn't look back. When Azalea told her that, the woman was beyond sad. Alex, on the other hand, was grateful to see the bigger picture. She didn't really care about her biological mother. Maria was the best mother a girl to ask for.

When she finished high school, Alex told her father about her dream to go to Starfleet Academy to go into counseling and diplomacy. She could tell on her father that he wished she would stay close, but he never mentioned that directly. Instead, he urged her to reach for the stars and go where she wanted to go. Be it to stay at the orchard or go to the Starfleet academy. He told her he would support her, and Maria did so too. It was an immense relief for Alex, as she had feared that they wouldn't approve of her dream.

As Alex moved to San Francisco to start her life at campus, she quickly learned that life was vastly different from the rural area she had grown up in. The area was busy as hell, and it took her some time to adapt to being around so many people. But once she had adapted, she threw herself into learning all she could, be it physical exercises, or reading a ton of books. She had an incredible memory and remembered most after reading it a few times.

After graduating the Starfleet academy, with honors, she decided to take some advanced courses, to further her knowledge about diplomacy and counseling. After 2½ year of advanced courses, her teachers told her that they found her more than ready to get her first assignment.

After getting word of her assignment, she returned briefly to her family in Italy, to say goodbye. While she had been talking with her family weekly, and had been home on summer break, it made her a bit wistful to know she would be far away from her family. While she knew her family was sad to see her go, both her father and Maria encouraged her to leave them behind and live her own life. It was their love for her that made up her mind for good. After having been with them for 2 weeks, she returned to San Francisco to pack up her belongings and ready herself for getting transported to her first assignment, USS Liberty.
Service Record Age 18 - 22: Starfleet Academy basic training
Age 22 - 24: Advanced courses at Starfleet Academy with majoring in Counseling and Diplomacy
Age 24 - present: Assigned to USS Liberty