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Lieutenant Commander Allen Yankovic

Name Allen Yankovic

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28 (388)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 134
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Blue/Green
Physical Description Physically fit. His hair is longer than most Starfleet personnel but still within the regs. The hair covers scars from his brow line to the back of his head. He is missing the tip of his left pinky finger. Several tattoos, on upper arms and shoulders.


Father Archer Yankovic - Deceased
Mother Marianna Yankovic - Deceased
Brother(s) Edgar Yankovic Sr. - Deceased
Sister(s) Kaylynn Yankovic Helmsley - Deceased
Anne Yankovic Hunter- Deceased
Other Family 31 Nieces, 21 Nephews

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nice guy quiet but approachable.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Ability to look at a mechanical item and mentally dissect it.
+ Has a form of technopath (ability to understand a mechanical device through a form of telepathy)

- Lacks the understanding of the last 388 years, the events that happened, and species of aliens.
-Can become confused at past events between when he was frozen and now.

Ambitions Keep living
Hobbies & Interests Tinkering

Personal History Born October 31st, 1990 at 3:33 am. In Moose Lake, Minnesota.

Was a mechanic in the US Army, and lost the tip of his left pinky when a tire jack fell trapping his hand and severing the finger.

During deployment, a rocket hit the motor pool where he and several mechanics were working late due to the commander wanting all vehicles up and running and extra armor. The rocket hit the southern corner of the bay and exploded sending parts, tools, and sheet metal around the shop. Al ran to cover behind a humvee as several gas tanks exploded, injuring his Shop Foreman and catching him on fire. Al rushed out and started to beat the fires out. That was the last thing he remembers before waking up in Starfleet medical.

Classified Top secret US GOVERNMENT:
PFC Yankovic was assigned to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for experimental treatment. The subject is being treated for laceration and amputation of the left upper aspect of the brain. Operation Hardy, is to be attempted. The family has been notified that the subject is deceased and buried with honors.
The subject will be cryogenically frozen to see if an injured body of this magnitude could survive the process.

The military base was closed due to financial issues. The program shut down, he was basically left plugged into a geothermal power system and forgotten.

2368 he was discovered by a Starfleet corp of engineers when a civilian hospital was being built on the site.
He was rushed to Starfleet med where he was thawed and given emergency surgery. They used advanced cybernetic technology to replace the part of the damaged brain. He spent the next almost two years relearning the basics and current history.

He was given the option of joining Starfleet and he took it. He was applyed to become an engineer.
Service Record 200806.10- 201012.12- US ARMY PFC mechanic (presumed dead, cryogenic freeze)
236806.06- Woken from Cryogenic Freeze, Starfleet Medical (surgeries)
237009.09 - Entered Starfleet Academy- Cadet 1 - Engineering
237506.12- Graduated Starfleet Academy - Ensign Engineer
2375XX.XX- 2376XX.XX Systems Engineer/Electronics Engineer- Ensign
2376XX.XX - 2377XX.XX Assistant Chief Engineer of the Merrimack as Lt. JG
2377XX.XX - 2379XX.XX Acting Chief Engineer of the Bismark as Lt.
2379XX.XX Becomes the Chief Engineer of the Liberty. Promoted to Lt. Commander