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Ensign Pashi zh'Vhohlehr

Name Pashi zh'Vhohlehr

Position Language Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Aenar/Andorian hybrid
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5 (168 cm)
Weight 134.5 lbs (61 kg)
Hair Color Silver ash grey with highlights of white
Eye Color Steel grey
Physical Description Pashi is a slim, athletic and firm Aenar/Andorian hybrid. Her complexion is a green and blue tinged ash grey. She wears her hair shoulder length. Her voice is soft and lyrical.


Spouse Not married but has been bondgrouped.
Children None at this time.
Father Isethaob th'Vholehr (Thann, Andorian), Obiv ch'Vhohlehr (Chan, Aenar)
Mother Avrorao sh'Vhohlehr (Shen, Andorian), Vattaoz zh'Vhohlehr (Zhen, Aenar)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Numerous clan members

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pashi is a natural linguist and extremely intelligent. She is very curious about the galaxy as a whole and has left her bondmates to explore the galaxy. Pashi is also the prototypical 'Bookworm' or 'Geek', she is always stiving to learn new subjects and disciplines in science. She is a true intellectual, and because of this she is awkward in social settings, preferring books over social mingling.
Strengths & Weaknesses She has perfect vision but did not inherit her Aenar parents' telepathy. It however appears that something in her brain chemistry allows her an unusual ability to pick up languages with ease, to include the written form. She also Vulcan-like with mathematics. She does have an extremely high intelligence quotient, up there with Vulcans.
Ambitions To explore and see the galaxy. Learn new languages and eventually return home to her bondmates and have a child.
Hobbies & Interests Mongolian Throat singing, Tellar Nasal singing, Andorian music and songs. Music in general.

Personal History Pashi zh’Vhohlehr was born in the Aenar compound located in the Northern Wastes of Andoria. She had the typical Andorian childhood. She showed great intellect as a child and a remarkable ability to grasp languages. She was advanced quickly through her education and was excepted to the Andorian Art Academy. She spent four years there and graduated. She has a wanderlust and therefore after consulting with both her bondmates and parents she joined Starfleet to see the universe. She excelled at Starfleet Academy, eventually graduating Summa cum laude in Linguistics. Her first assignment was as Adjunct Professor of Linguistics, Xeno linguistic anthropology and Mathematics at Starfleet Academy. While at this posting she took advantage of the fact and continued studies in multiple fields earning several degrees. She then moved up to being a full Professor of Linguistics at Starfleet Academy. While in this position she wrote a critically acclaimed paper on comparative Xeno linguistic anthropology of Terran (Tibetan) Throat singing and Tellar Nasal singing. This brought her to the attention of Starfleet Command, who after reviewing her academic record, decided it was a waste of time to keep her at Starfleet Academy, but instead should be on a Starship.
Service Record Languages:
Fluent: Terran (English, Latin, Mongolian), Alpha Centauri, Tellar, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan

Andorian Art Academy Majors:

Xeno cultural Heritage
Linguistics: Terran (English), Alpha Centauri, Tellar, Vulcan

Andorian Art Academy Minors:

Xeno linguistic anthropology
Xeno social-cultural anthropology

Starfleet Academy Majors:

Advanced Quantum Mathematics
Mathematical Statistics
Xenoarchaeology and anthropology
Xeno linguistic anthropology
Linguistics: (Klingon, Romulan, Latin, Mongolian)
Planetary Science (Planetology)
Atmospheric science

Starfleet Academy Minors:

Emergency Management
Fire Science

Currently holds the following degrees
Ph.D. Planetary Science (Planetology)
Ph.D. Linguistics
Ph.D. Mathematics
Ph.D. Xeno linguistic anthropology
MSc Xeno social-cultural anthropology
MSc Xenoarchaeology and anthropology
MSc Climatology
BS Emergency Management
BS Fire Science
AAS Environmental Science

Graduated Starfleet Academy Summa cum laude in Linguistics.
Was assigned as an adjunct professor at Starfleet Academy.

-Adjunct Professor of Linguistics, Xeno linguistic anthropology and Mathematics: Starfleet Academy

-Professor of Linguistics: Starfleet Academy