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Ensign Saus'Kai Myeri Chue

Name Saus'Kai Myeri Tara'Naga Chue

Position Security Investigations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Zelarkian
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 138
Hair Color Soft metallic lavender
Eye Color Tri colored- Gold, Pink, and Purple
Physical Description Kai has milky white skin that is covered in colorful tattoos which she has earned through her life. Each tattoo symbolizes an important achievement or high honor bestowed on her or her family. Thus far Kai has ten. One large set of rainbow feathery wings from her shoulders to her butt between them in the Zelrkian language are three symbols and words representing her piloting achievements. on her left arm is a snake coiled from her elbow, the snake's head resting on the back of her hand. Two of the snake's coils have Zelarkian writing in them.

Like most Zelarkian women Kai is tall and slender. Those curves they do have are muscles. Her hair is long and kept in a traditional braided bun that is covered by a silvery Coff known by her people as a "Dularny" which is a symbol of her family's stature on her home world.


Spouse Jaral'gee - deceased
Children None-
Father Theox (Th- ee-ox)
Mother Sesumia (See- sue -me- ah)
Brother(s) 2
Reiobi (Ree- oh- bi) deceased
Lyon (Lee-on) deceased
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various aunts and uncles

Personality & Traits

General Overview friendly, curious, adventurous, even a little ambitious. Kia loves to help people to the best of her abilities.

(Side note)
Kai is from the 3rd inhabitable planet of the Zelarkian system. She is a member of a tribe known as Frydaulail -Free-die-ale- who do not follow the traditional home world views of female dominance.

Strengths & Weaknesses Like most Zelarkian races she is telepathic, and empathetic, which really comes in handy when learning new languages and meeting new races and people.

She can be overly friendly and a bit too trusting at times. Always wanting to see the good in people no matter how bad they are.
Ambitions To help unify the universe one small step at a time. To do her best in all things.
Hobbies & Interests Many and varied. Singing, dancing, learning new things, reading, and improving herself, playing her Che'delo (Ch-ee-del- oh) a type of Zelarkian lap harp. And of course meeting new people.

Personal History Kai was born as the only daughter to the fifth house of the Frydaulai tribe on the planet known in the Zelarkian system as Sahal which is the third of five inhabitable planets in the Zelarkian system. Her parents raised her as a -Equalibe- which means they openly practiced the equality of males in her home. Therefore it was hard for her to grasp why her brothers were not privy to many of the same educational, social, and even medical opportunities that she was able to enjoy growing up. Her parents hired tutors to privately educate their sons and even Kai did her part in passing down to them knowledge she acquired in her own studies. Be it dancing, singing, sports, reading, Guro'ull riding, combat training, as was required by the Zelarkian home world, hunting, swimming, social and political etiquette,..anything she learned she willingly taught to them in turn. By doing this she grew up close to her brothers and earned a local reputation for being a Duhrah ( A dirty name as a male sympathizer). Her reputation led her to an early betrothal to a male who had been abandoned by his house. To save his life and protect him from becoming a Sauheel (A prostitute) she convinced her parents to adopt him by making him her Chekklou (Her betrothed) at the young age of 12. Her second tattoo was his name which he (with the help of her father) inked on her left breast over her heart.

At the age of 14 rumors of war reached the ears of the ruling council of her home world and she was drafted into military training. Her brothers were also taken from their home and drafted into homeland security, it would be the last she ever sees of them. She was betrothed and she married after her training period was complete 2 years later. He had not been allowed to serve in the imperial service due to his status once married; however he was also drafted into service and died during his training due to an accident only a few months after. This incident broke Kai's heart and she was allotted little to no sympathy for her loss. She went on to serve as a fighter pilot in the Zelarkian imperial forces.

At age 18 her homeworld was devastated and her parents asked her to go with them into the unknown to start a new life away from the war. Not knowing the fate of her brothers she agreed to take her parents to a place she had heard of known as the alpha quadrant where they would be safe from the ravages of war that had gripped their system.

After two years of travel, and a bit of luck, they entered Federation space. They happened upon a ship that was under attack in their travels. Kai in a suicidal attempt to allow her parents and perhaps the other ship to escape powered up her fighter and attacked the pirates. Her tactics She created enough of a distraction it allowed for the federation ship under attack ( later to be known as the USS Holloway) to neutralize the situation. . This was her first contact with Starfleet. She and her parents were allowed to board the Holloway and stay amongst the crew as they returned to Earth. Kai offered her fighter to the Federation so as they could study its technologies to improve their own. It was however damaged to the point of being nearly useless. She fell in love with the concept of Starfleet; she volunteered to join the academy and to her surprise was accepted as not the first but the second of her kind to join Starfleet ranks. She went into training as a security officer and by age 22 graduated into her new career and new life.

See service record for details

A few years later Kai felt she needed a change in her life. Though she loved her place in Starfleet she sought for a career that would allow her to bring joy into the lives of others as Starfleet had brought so much joy into hers. Being in security allowed her often to be exposed to the worst of people and the worst that this universe had to offer more often than not. She craved and desired the opportunity to work with people and to help inspire the good there was to be found in them and in all people and creatures. So much to the surprise and understanding of her superiors she stepped down from her job as Chief of Security of the USS Laithender and went back into training to become a moral officer.

Her first assignment in this new position would be Destiny 1.

This would also serve as her last assignment in this occupation. Once the Destiany 1 returned Kai asked and was granted a return to security in the federation. She spent 4 years on Star Base 32. Before taking a drop in rank to be transferred to the USS Liberty.

Service Record Service Record/ Training

As a young child Kai's father taught her to hunt game in the forests of their home world. Like all Zelarkians she was trained in her mental abilities since she was a very young child.

Her mother began training her in traditional combat skills and diplomacy skills ((as she was the eldest daughter)) at age 5.

At age 10, she was taught to fly the freighters in her family's trade business.

age 14, entered imperial training camp SH221 - Trainee number 634F (This number is tattooed on the back of her neck in ink seen only in fluorescent lights. Due to her advanced piloting skills she was placed into the fighter detachment Xyth4. She graduated from her fighter and combat training at the age of 16. Which included weapons, hand to hand, basic medical, basic engineering, security tactical, advanced fighter training, and NX4 (Marines) secondary training.

Age 16, served loyally in her detachment till the age of 18. Stationed in various ports over this time period as they were always shuffling from one needed area to the other.

age 18. Still devastated at the loss of her husband and the news of the Veretta Gas attack on her home world, she was granted leave to check on the status of her (Donia) head of family ((her mother)). Her parents, disgusted with the civil war amongst their peoples, convinced their only remaining child Kai to go with them to look for a new peaceful home. Kai agreed and resigned unofficially from the Zelarkian defense. Unbeknownst to her, her family is now marked as deserters and shame has been brought to their name.

End of Zelarkian training and Service record.

No Service for 3 years-

Beginning of StarFleet Service:

Joined SFA as a Cadet- went into training as a Security officer, her prior combat and diplomatic training as a child helped her to excel in the program.

I will add a detailed cadet profile later. (( in the works))

Age 22- she graduated from the academy and was assigned to the USS Terrence, galaxy class ship. Where she attended many away missions due to her unique perspective on things and her ability to anticipate trouble ((due to her mental abilities)). She served on several key missions.

At age 23 promoted to acting, COS as her superiors had been killed in a particularly nasty encounter on an away mission. She performed the duty so well that she was made official COS a few months later as the ship rebuilt back at Earth. However at this point her heart just was not in Security anymore. The violence associated with several of their missions reminded her of the home she had left behind and she wanted a more peaceful role.

24 years old- Stepped down as COS of the USS Terrance and was readmitted to the academy with many recommendations and accommodations from her previous crew. She elected to train as a Moral officer.

By age 26 she has graduated into her new position. It was short lived however. During her time on the Destiny 1 crew she was forced to take on the COS position yet again as there were no suitable crew left alive to fill the position. Upon return asked to be assigned to Starbase 32 and was granted the position with no fuss.

32 years old/ Current, Assigned to the USS Liberty as a security officer.

:::Medical Notes:::

Ask for details on biological comparisons.

Some scars from training as a child- arms, hands, a couple on her torso.


Due to the peculiar climate of their world their race has evolved to have a nero chemical in their blood that has altered the pigments of their skin and has made certain bodily fluids poisonous to some other races. Such as blood, semen in males, Vaginal secretions and saliva that are produced by poison glands located near the back of their throat and another set near the reproductive organs. As a result they have bright colored metallic hair and eyes. The colors of the eyes are an indicator of just how potent the poison of any given family line is, as some are more poisonous than others. The triple iris shows a less than lethal (lower family ) to a solid color which means it can kill on contact.

Kai has been away from her home world long enough that the neurotoxin in her system would be weaker now. Non lethal but still bad enough to cause extreme illness in some species and races. It is also likely that over this time starfleet has created a form of anti venom to keep on hand should accidental poisoning occur.

Mental Health - Great upon last exam

Zelarkian physiology is a tad different then humanoid. Feel free to ask though as needed.
Extra neural pathways, their brains have an almost net like stringy fat that helps protect and pads the inner cranium. They have glands in both the frontal lobe and central lobe that produces a nero chemical that acts as a regenerative biofilter that screens toxins as well as housing the part of the mind sensitive to psionic interference.

Physical Health great- healthy as a horse at her last physical check up.