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Ensign Karla Martell

Name Karla Apis Regina Martell

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Baseline Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 1,67m
Weight 55kg
Hair Color Aburn
Eye Color Light Brown Green (almost amber)
Physical Description Physically fit, slightly muscular, Hair length about the hight on brastrap height. Cultivated Eyebrows with a little vertical scar at the end of her left brow. thin nose, bowshaped lips. A black honeycomb (7combs) tattoo on her left shoulderblade.
Wears only a light touch of makeup on duty.


Spouse Betrothes through arrangement, Stanislaw de Praga
Father Karolus Martell
Mother Challandra Martell nee Häyhä
Brother(s) Siegfried Martell 26
Sister(s) Kriemhild Martell 16
Other Family several cousins through the branch families

Personality & Traits

General Overview Karla is determined and diligent.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strenghts: Good tactial sense, ready for violence of any form to accomlish her tasks. Diligence, well in training and fit, athletic. observant, strong ruthless streak.

Weaknesses: little patience with tardy or lazy and weak people. does not see the merrits of eschewing violence in critical situations. Aloof from other Crew if deemed beneath her. Very willing to conduct insubordiantion against unwitting, young and/ or incompetent officiers in her eye.
Ambitions To improve herself and travel the galaxy
Hobbies & Interests Gardening, reading, martial arts, the holodeck, cathing up with general federation knowledge, enjoying new clothes through the replicators, cooking. Shooting as a sport. Loves to tinker with Federation tech.

Personal History Karla grew up on the enclave world of Nova Aix la Chappelle. A world that underlines that it stands apart from the Federation. Nova Aix as it is called by merchants passing the "verdant nothing" as they pass the sector when usually trading in low tech commodities. However the world was settled by people at the beginning of humanities exodus by eschewing the technological advances that the federation has achieved. The core believe of this world, is that technology makes "spacers" as anyone from offworld is being called: weak, soft, lazy and feeble in spirit and moral; therefore, the people on Nova Aix are well versed in martial arts hailing from Terra as Earth is called, along in self sustainability.

Basic engineering and agriculture along with old culture fill the day of the average person on Nova Aix when not drafted into their military forces. Neccessitated by pirates, privateers and the occasional Klingon raid party.

Over the course of time, the planet managed to be mostly forgotten by Federation census and control. Nobles houses formed around a planetary High-king. Karla was born into one such noble house. She was destined to be the High-kings sons bride. Something Karla outright rejected. She prefered studying basic engineering (for the standards of her world ) as well as mathematics and medicine as well as martial arts and projectile firearms.

On the day of her birth, a queen be was seen resting near her cradle, which was given to her as a middle name, as bees represents good harvest and fortune on Nova Aix.
Karla always yearned to know where the merchant vessels would go, despite her Patriarchs disapproval. On the day, the wedding date was set, Karla stowed away on a merchant wessel and bought her way to Terra with a year around trip as deckhand.

She studied the advanced mathematics and enginneering but found that it would take her a lot of effort to catch up to the level surpassing a high-schooler in the Federation. She struggled when she applied for Starfleet. Despite her hopes to receive the lacking education, she was recommended to specialize for security. The instructors felt, it would match her temper and aptitude better. Karla still keeps practicing and studying in her sparetime
Due to her upbringing, Karla is guided by her prejudices and her respect is not commanded by many, which also results often in borderline insubordination towards officers that do not make sound judgements or give orders that are contradictory or inept in her perception. She hates bad manners and tardiness. What defines Karla is extreme self-reliance, discipline and a severe lack of compromise to her integrity.

Karla does not talk about home as she already struggles for being considered ignorant by her pears when it comes to the usage of day to day technology. However, she has an affinity for energy weapons and when she can uses the holodeck for some engineering lessons to tinker on unconvential tools and aids that defy Starfleet regulations.

Karla has a very different view on confrontation and controlled violence as she has served compulsary military service on Nova Aix. She firmly believes that some problems can be solved "permanently", something not shared in Starfleet, adding to her unpopularity at the academy. Carla has been noted for beating up her actual and imagined bullies as she hates being called a backwater hick, resulting in numerous disciplinary actions.
She hates to lose and does literally not believe in defeat, something to the annoyance of the instructors in the Koboyashi Maru simulator. She once tried to board one of the Klingon Vessels and eliminate the bridge crew.

Karla is fond of green tea and goes through great lenghts of acquiring them herself and brewing it manually as she states the replicator provides as false facsimile. She used to have a small corner in an arboretum relaxing through agriculture but lost it when she injured bullies that wreaked havoc upon it.
Karla wishes to improve herself in space so that she can some day return to Nova Aix proving her Grandfather wrong about the everything in space. Despite her aloofness, she misses her family and whenever she is by herself, she consoles herself with their picture in her pendant.
Service Record Served a year as seargant of the Nova Aix la Chappele military.

Several demerits due to conflicts with other cadets or insubordination at the Federation.

Otherwise highly regarded for her tactical sense and combbat skills.