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Lieutenant JG Dan Murphy

Name Dan Murphy

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Lanthanite
Age 1024

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Large well built for a Lanthanite of his age. He has been through a lot with many prominent scars around the body telling a story of his vast career and age..


Personality & Traits

General Overview He does his job to the best of his abilities and has always been a keen learner having been fluent in 23 languages and has a vast knowledge of a lot of things. Can sometimes get out of hand and go nuts but that is his career that has left him the way he has become, He has broken almost every bone in his body
Strengths & Weaknesses S – Fiercely loyal person who takes pride in being loyal to his job and completing the task set
S – Quite good at memorising facts and items
W – Can sometimes have an outburst he has no idea he is doing such as yelling at a person or doing something dangerous or stupid
W – Can sometimes do stupid things ignoring the command given and doing his own thing to achieve the goals set
Ambitions Hope to build a full size operational version of an Intrepid type starship with modern enhancements
Hobbies & Interests Flying, History, Tactics, Board Games, Holodeck Programs, Building things

Personal History Dan lived on earth adopting a more human name than his original where he led a frustrating life always getting into trouble, trying to learn and strategize using techniques learnt throughout the ages always getting let go time and time again he would try out of boredom to try these new strategies out against the humans he met over the years living on earth. He had seen lots of wonderful things throughout history. Murphy taught history at a local university in Ireland to ease the boredom and teach what he learnt living on earth for so long. He learnt to fly as a hobby to kill some time during the evenings and weekends and owned several historic warbirds during his time flying in Ireland earning his twin engine licence a few years later
Murphy ended up seeing the various technical strides the humans made and the likes of first contact and other wonderful sights leading the earthlings into space and beyond. He loathed to get back into space as earth now bored him still teaching day to day and running historical tours during the weekends as he space beckoned him to go out and explore. It was as if Dan’s calling was in space helping the new fledgling space fleet out any way he could. He had built his own crude craft of some description to try and impress people around him and get noticed by Starfleet for the Academy. Dan had also kept a scale flying model of the Intrepid Type a class he really loved at heart and would fly it around demonstrating the early days of spaceflight within Starfleet
Dan joined Starfleet in the early 2100’s joining the academy as a cadet he chose Strategic Operations as a way to put his skills to good use and was top of his class at graduation. He taught history as a side thing for a few years before joining a crew when a spot opened up on the SS Intrepid which Dan could not pass up the opportunity to serve in Starfleet and explore the galaxy. He adored the Intrepid Type and hoped one day to build a full scale replica to explore the galaxy after he retired at some point in his career. Murphy enjoyed serving on this vessel and would always give 100% and one day wanted to command the type exploring the galaxy or own one to go travelling around
Dan enjoyed the various missions of the Intrepid earning the star cross medal at some point in his career aboard the ship before moving onto pastures new when the role was retired. The role reappeared on the Zheng He a Daedalus class starship which was a new thing and enjoyed the company and the commanding officer Robert Kingston who was brilliant at his job and was great to get along with for. He went from an ensign to Lieutenant JG for a small stint after Robert Kingston retired and was replaced by a new commanding officer before the position finally retired
The position was retired for a while and Dan was sent back to headquarters to join them for a small stint but it didn't work out too well so he went back to teaching history at the academy for a short stint as Murphy was stuck in reserve. He enjoyed every moment of the posting, getting to love teaching new cadets about earth’s history. Starfleet eventually needed my services once again when the position was made permanent on ships and joined the Boston as a Lieutenant Junior Grade officer under the command of Daniel Turner. He was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor for going above and beyond the call of duty to step up when others did not want to to save the ship and its crew from sudden death when most of the officers were either dead or out of action. The crew decided to nominate Dan Murphy for the medal for his heroism under fire, keen willingness to never give up in any unwinnable situation and was promoted to Lieutenant before moving onwards to a new career somewhere else.
Dan was posted to the Freedom for 3 years to see out the ship's final days helping it complete several missions before decommissioning. It was a sad day when the ship pulled into port watching the admirals standing there waiting to decommission the old gal to confine it to the history books. The next step was being posted to the Galahad for another short stint in which the CO was taken ill and the ship returned to port to await a new commanding officer to take charge. Murphy waited in the base to hear if they got a new CO or if the crew were going to be split up and posted elsewhere with the ship being mothballed.
He ended up on the Alabama when the crew was finally split up from his last posting where on the Boston he was awarded the Medal of Valor during his ten years aboard the fine ship serving under the commanding officer Charlotte Foster, a young female captain with very little experience and not a lot of get up and go spunk. He was whisked away from the posting to join a classified Starfleet project in which he helped define tactics and other things essential to make it work. For six years he was employed by Starfleet to work on the projects put in front of him and loved every moment of it. Dan was also a Lieutenant Commander during this stint and enjoyed the power that came with the rank.
Murphy was transferred to the Edmonton as part of Starfleet's initiative to improve certain areas of around the borders and improve the wellbeing of the fleet itself, parting his knowledge onto the crew of the border cutter. He was awarded the Grankite Order of Tactics medal for his stupidity and tactics which in turn saved the border from disaster in the process also being court martialled for it and the actions that followed. He was demoted from Lieutenant Commander to a Lieutenant and posted to Starbase Orion as part of the court ruling for 3 years then returned to Starfleet Academy for a probationary period before being allowed back onto a ship.
Service Record 2100-2101 General Studies Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2101-2102 Strategic Operations Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2102-2103 Strategic Operations Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2103-2104 Strategic Operations Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2104-2153 History Professor, Starfleet Academy
2153-2170 Y-ENS, Strategic Operations Officer, SS intrepid NV-01
2170 Awarded the Star Cross medal
2170-2200 Y-ENS, Strategic Operations Officer, USS Zheng He NCC-150
2200-2220 Y-LTJG, Strategic Operations Officer, USS Zheng He NCC-150
2220-2240 Y-LTJG, Strategic Operations Officer, Starfleet Headquarters
2240-2285 Y-LTJG, History Professor, Starfleet Academy
2285-2290 Y-LTJG. Strategic Operations Officer, USS Boston NCC-42076
2290 Awarded Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
2290-2293 Y-LT, Strategic Operations Officer, USS Freedom NCC-41067
2293-2301 Y-LT, Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Galahad NCC-12357
2301-2320 Y-LT, Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Alabama NCC-54783
Awarded Starfleet Medal of Valor
2381-2386 Y-LTCMDR, Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Classified
2386-2391 Y-LTCMDR, Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Edmonton
2391 Awarded Grankite Order of Tactics medal
2391 Court Marshal, Demoted to Y-LT
2391-2393 Y-LT, Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Starbase Orion
2393-2396 Y-LT Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Starfleet Academy