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Captains Log - Supplemental

Posted on Tue May 11th, 2021 @ 6:44am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

We have recovered the away team from the Bajoran Freighter that appears to have been stranded in the wormhole for over a century. The team reports match those of the Liberty's sensors in that the ship seems to be in some kind of temporal flux, different parts moving between different time periods in a random and unpredictable fashion.

We have recovered a young girl from the freighter, who was in the same time period as Lt Durnell when we beamed them back. She is currently being assessed in sickbay by both Dr Wilson and Counsellor Vali. I believe from the clothing she was wearing she is from the freighter's previous time period when it entered the wormhole, however this remains to be verified by medical.

There is also the concern that there are creatures that seem to be manifesting from the young girl's storybook. The picture on the pages seen by the away team match the image of the creature that attacked Major Ross. Could this be a manifestation of the Prophets perhaps? Or an alien being?

There are many questions - but our primary concern is first our safety, and secondly retrieving the freighter from its stricken position. Our engineering and ops teams are currently working through a number of solutions that will hopefully prove positive.


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