Trapped in Time

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The USS Liberty's find a centuries old starship trapped in the Bajoran wormhole.


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Character development time

Into the Gamma Quadrant With the Sunfire

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Joint mission with the USS Sunfire

No missions found

Welcome Aboard!

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The crew of the newest starship to bear the Liberty name comes aboard.

Diplomatic Masquerade

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Called to provide diplomatic mediation during a dispute, one of the parties holds a past close to one of the Liberty's crew.

Healing of Minds

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The USS Liberty arrives at Vulcan as two of their Vulcan crewmembers grapple with the effects of Pon'Farr. The rest of the ships crew enjoy a little shore leave before an altercation with a Ferengi makes them question everything.

The Jungle

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The crew of the Liberty are forced to evacuate to the surface of a planet where they are hunted by an unknown race.