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New Friend

Posted on Thu Sep 29th, 2022 @ 2:06pm by Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr

Met a nice kid today. Betazoid... we seem to have a lot of those on board. Gonna have to keep up my calming exercises or they'll all know I get overly excited and think I'm losing my mind with anxiety!

In other news I'm now involved with but just as a medical safety. Should be interesting as long as I don't get attacked. Now that should be a surprise if he tries it.

oops, my sidetracked mind... personal note. Check and see if any personnel either have children, or if they visit. Freya has a kiddie corner in her counselor's office, so we might need something too, if for visiting VIPs traveling with youth if nothing else.

second note, ask the medical team if we already have something set up, or activities to keep a youth occupied. I don't need to re-invent the biomed scanner if they've already got things well in hand.


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Tags: kids, kiddie, youth