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Captains Log- Personal

Posted on Wed Jan 20th, 2021 @ 1:10am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

I have returned to the Liberty from a short stay on Bajor. Whilst I would like to say the stay provided the answers in which I was seeking I can only report that the opposite was indeed true. Remal and I stayed with the Brotherhood - a group of monks dedicated to serving and living in the ways of the Prophets.

We were segregated upon arrival and spent the next days in hard labour and in various challenges. The accommodations were basic to say the least and the food provided whilst enough for the monks seemed inadequate. Then again - there's nothing like a hungry belly to make one sit up and take notice of things.

My time was spent in the fields, food preparation and a number of 'sessions' designed to reinforce lessons or teaching from the Prophets. These were the toughest to endure and were everything from sparring sessions to orb experiences. The first took me back to the Sunfire and was designed to teach that in some instances doing nothing and trusting in the Prophets was the best course of action. Something I struggle with.

The second was a more forceful experience. Partially brought on by my insistence. Remal had arrived at the temple, we were about to depart but I had to have my final say. To say the Prophets laid down a pretty hefty threat if we didn't tow their line was an understatement but then a conversation with Sisko within the vision provided some clarity. According to the Prophets both Remal and I have been selected to be the next Emissarys. A tall order and not one I am overly fond of pursuing but according to Sisko there is still some time before this comes to pass.

One final concern was the final image that Remal was shown as part of the 'threat'. I apparently am going to die in childbirth. However I have a genetic mutation which has precluded any chance of falling pregnant. My increasing age is also a factor. That being said just because we were shown it in a vision doesn't mean it will come to pass. That being said I will have a conversation with Anna and Remal and discuss it further as to if there has been any changes in that regard.

On a more positive note we are about to rehome nearly 100 refugee's on a nearby planet. Their colony ship unfortunately was destroyed in the atmosphere so we will be replacing their stores and items lost. Then it will be onto some mapping and scientific surveys which I am greatly looking forward too.


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