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The Quest Begins

Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2021 @ 3:05pm by Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: The Jungle
Location: Jungle
Timeline: Current

Once Savar was assured Aurora had what they needed to go on and complete their quest. He simply said, "Let us begin. " With that he began walking down the trail, not looking back at the friends and comrades they were leaving. Hopefully he and Aurora would find the holy idol, win the came and save their crew.

Aurora took a look back before taking a deep breath and concentrating her mind on keeping her pain from slowing her down. She couldn’t block the pain fully but she managed to dull it enough to catch up with Savar. “Savar, we can do this ... can’t we?”

Savar turned his head to look at his wife. "I am reasonably certain at least one of us will be able to retrieve the idol and put an end to this game Aurora."

“I am reasonably certain that one of us will be you!” Aurora gave Savar a knowing look. “You’re the stronger one of us Savar, I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep up with you.”

"I left the Captain Aurora, I will not leave you. We are in this together to whatever the final outcome is."

Aurora nodded. “Then I’ll do my best not to hold you back.” She smiled warmly. “We know they’re watching us, to gain an advantage we need to find a way to be hidden from view. The only problem is we don’t know where their camera’s are.”

"Aurora, you need not give me any assurances. I know you will do your best." Savar answered. "Yes, we are being watched by what I suspect is a combination of both aerial and ground cameras. So avoiding them may prove rather difficult."

“Agreed” Aurora nodded but she couldn’t help but worry she would slow Savar down.

"The idol is in that direction." Savar pointed to floating image of the idol. "We will proceed at a steady pace yet maintain a cautious outlook for any traps."

Aurora nodded as she walked alongside her husband, her meditation techniques had worked to dull the pain from her injury. She just needed to be cautious and not do anything to reopen the wound. “The worst of the traps will be closer to the idol. We’ve gotten this far relatively simply but I can’t see it staying that way.”

"A very astute observation Aurora. It is for that reason we will proceed with as much stealth as much as we can. Make it more difficult for the cameras to follow us." Savar replied as they walked on.

~ A while later ~

Aurora paused motioning for Savar to stop, not wanting to be overheard or make a noise she spoke telepathically. << Did you hear that? I thought I heard movement >>

Savar didn't answer instead he wrapped his arms around Aurora and pulled silently into the thick underbrush. He brought a finger to his lips, imploring Aurora to be silent as footsteps approached. A Hunter! and this one had a phaser rifle! If they could get that, the odds would suddenly change.

Aurora nodded and remained silent, out of the two of them Savar was the equivalent of the hunter and his Vulcan strength made up for what they lacked in weaponry. All she could do was stay silent and hope they got the upper hand.

The footsteps drew closer with each passing second until they were at Savar's and Aurora's hidden position and stopped. Savar rose silently and saw the Hunter was turned away from them. He picked up a small rock and tossed it into the underbrush, bringing the hunter closer to them. When the hunter got closer, Savar sprang from the underbrush, the scuffle was brief and in the end, Savar had the possession of the rifle and the hunter was unconscious at his feet.

He handed Aurora the scimitar. "Now the playing field is more level." He announced to Aurora.

Aurora nodded relieved they had the phaser rifle. “Let’s hope so Imzadi.”

"Indeed Aurora. indeed." Savar replied solemnly.

“It’s going to be dark soon” Aurora looked at the darkening skies. “Maybe that will give us a better advantage. Unless they’re using night vision they won’t be able to see us as well on their cameras.”

"Let us certainly hope we have an additional advantage Aurora other than this phaser rifle." He looked at her, concern creasing his features. "How is your side?"

“I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt” she offered a brief smile. “I’ve been doing my best to keep my mind off it, but I can’t totally block it.” She sighed. “I think it’s holding together, although ...” she noticed a small amount of fresh looking blood on her dressing. “Looks like I’ll need a patch up when all this is over. Let’s keep moving, if I end up in Sickbay many more times then Anna will reconsider me as being suitable to have a baby and that’s one thing I’m not missing out on.”

"I fail to see how you receiving a wound from an unknown assailant would make you unsuitable to be a mother Aurora." Savar replied. He looked at her wound. "I can numb the nerve endings and the pain will noticeably lessen Aurora."

“No, it’s alright” Alicia offered a smile. “As you said before back at the cave, I need the pain to remind me not to overdo it. As for being a mother, I think permanently being in and out of Sickbay would make any doctor wonder how good a mother I’d make.”

Savar nodded, "As you wish Aurora." Then moved to the other Subject. "You are saying that Anna would think you a klutz for your frequent visits to Sickbay. That is illogical, just opposite is factual. You are in Sickbay because you are involved and the doctor would know that."

Aurora nodded. “I worry, call it a character flaw” she grinned. “So how far do you think we have to go?”

"Illogical Aurora." Savar replied. "You are a caring, compassionate woman and you need to stop doubting yourself on this issue."

“I will I promise” Aurora nodded and suddenly reached out her hand stopping Savar in his tracks. “Freeze!” She motioned right in-front of him where a trap lay hidden in the undergrowth. “One more step and that thing would have mangled your foot nicely!” She grabbed a nearby branch and sprung the trap. “That’s just nasty.”

Savar nodded at the trap Aurora had seen and tripped. "Most observant Aurora. Thank you for your keen observation."

Aurora smiled. “Do you think we should find cover and wait out the dark? We can’t afford to be stumbling into any traps in the dark. We could make a place to hide in some overgrowth?”

"That is exactly what we will do Aurora, make a hiding place and resume our quest in the morning." Savar replied.

Aurora nodded. “How’s about ...” She looked up at the trees. “There are a lot of trees here with full foliage cover, if we could get up into one with big enough branches we could spend the night off of floor level safe from predators.”

Savar's eyes drifted upward at Aurora's suggestion. "That is an excellent idea Aurora. Are you able to climb?" He asked.

“That’s just it, I don’t know” Aurora shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t want to be tearing open my wound. Being up would be good unless we can find anything suitable on low ground.”

"Let us look for a place to hide here on the ground Aurora. I do not wish for your wound to worsen." Savar replied concern for Aurora in his voice.

Aurora smiled and nodded. “I know Imzadi, might I suggest we backtrack a little see what we can find?”

Savar grabbed a couple of large leaves, "I will use these to wipe away our tracks. Now, let us look for a suitable hiding place."

Aurora nodded and started searching, one minute she was walking the next she practically stumbled through the entrance of what looked like a previous hideaway no doubt made by others who’d been in the competition before.

Savar saw Aurora stumble. "Are you alright Aurora? What did you stumble over?" He inquired.

“More like into!” Alicia grinned. “I’m fine and I’ve found what looks like a hide someone else already set up! It’s mostly intact, perfect for us. We just need to recover it.”

"Excellent Aurora, get in and I will cover our tracks and bring some of this brush to cover us. You take the rifle. I need to use the scimitar."

Aurora nodded and handed over the scimitar, taking the rifle. The hide itself was well covered, layered branches were covered with thick leaves and made to look as natural as possible, it was well enclosed enough to protect them from predators over the course of the night and the floor was covered with thick leaves as well so they’d certainly be comfortable. She wasn’t sure how warm it would be without a fire though. “Don’t take too long, it’s getting dark pretty fast.”

"I am completing the hiding of our tracks even as we speak Aurora." Savar answered as he lightly swept the trail removing any trace of their footsteps all while leaving the rest of the trail and underbrush undisturbed. Soon he was finished and joined Aurora in the hideout.

“It’s been a tiring few hours” Aurora cuddled up to her husband. “I hope it doesn’t get too cold tonight, we don’t have anything to keep us warm except our own body heat.”

"Not entirely true Aurora." Savar replied to his wife. "We can use some of these leaves to cover ourselves and they will help keep the heat in." He pointed out.

“That’s true, they are keeping the breeze out but I still wish we had a nice romantic fire.” She grinned. “At least I can cuddle up to you.”

"Indeed we can Aurora." Savar remarked " We can still as you say cuddle along with staying vigilant."

“I can take first watch if you like whilst you get some sleep?” Aurora offered a smile.

"No, Aurora. You sleep and I will take the first watch." Savar replied calmly to his wife.

Aurora nodded and made herself comfortable next to him. She had to admit she was pretty tired and worn out, more so thanks to the wound in her side. It didn’t take her long to fall asleep.

Savar maintained his vigil while Aurora slept next to him. He peered through the canopy of brush they had used to cover their hideout and he could see the image of the Holy Idol, quite clearly. It didn't appear to be too far away.


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