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Fix me up Doc

Posted on Wed Mar 10th, 2021 @ 9:44pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant JG Sarah Wilson & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Dean House & Lieutenant Thriss Kla'ren & Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: The Jungle
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Now that they had beamed back to the Liberty and the crew were checking into their stations, Rhenora took the time to head down to sickbay, taking a padd with her to keep stock of the reports as she did so.

Aurora was in Sickbay having her own wound sorted and doing what she could to help others who were there being treated.

"Aurora, fancy meeting you here" The Captain quipped with a good natured smile as she hobbled into sickbay, still favouring her leg and wanting it once and for all to be fixed.

Aurora grinned. “Captain, it’s certainly nice to be back aboard the ship again.” She swivelled round to sit on the edge of her biobed. “I am happy to see you looking so much better, I was worried about you when you were ill.”

"I can't say I remember too much of that time, but I appreciate your care and concern" Rhenora replied as she made her way over to where Sarah and Anna were working on another crewman. She hoisted herself up on a vacant bed next to Aurora and patiently waited her turn. "How's the side feeling?"

Aurora smiled. “It’s feeling much better now I’m happy to say.”

Savar had gone with Aurora to Sickbay to make sure she had her side looked at. When the Captain limped in he greeted her. "Greetings Captain. I am gratified to see you in Sickbay to have your leg look taken care of."

"Oh look who wanders in" Dr Wilson snorted as she left the previous patient in Anna's most capable hands. She picked up her medkit and wheeled the small trolley containing the tools of her trade and headed over.

"Why am I the centre of attention?" The Captain retorted in jest, uncomfortable with the attention focused on her not the task at hand as was the usual case.

Sarah nailed her with a mock glare "oh let's see...getting stabbed, infections, fevers, not to mention maggots...did I mention those?" The Captain paled suitably.

Savar was impressed with Sarah's effectiveness in dealing with the Captain through banter. "Not to mention the burning of flesh in an attempt to seal your wound Captain." He added perhaps unnecessarily.

The Captain went from pale to slightly green, regretting the half a sandwich she'd eaten a short while ago. "You're kidding me right?" She didn't want to know the answer.

"Kid you?" Savar repeated. "I would never kid about the health of my commanding officer." Savar replied managing to sound slightly offended.

Sarah noticed the colour change and held the Captain's shoulder. "maybe you should lie down Captain..." She prompted, wondering just how many details the Bajoran wasn't aware of. Quite a few by the sounds of it.

"I will leave you in the capable hands of Dr. Wilson and return to the bridge Captain. Captain Haldeman and the Exec are in the brig." Savar replied before addressing Aurora. "I will see you in our quarters Aurora." He nodded to Rhenora and turned to leave Sickbay as he walked away, he softly muttered "Nice thigh."

Hearing the word thigh Aurora gave her husband a look with a raised eyebrow that would have made any Vulcan proud. “Perhaps I should stay and be moral support Captain.”

Savar got Aurora's look and beat a hasty retreat to the bridge.

"What the heck?" Rhenora regained some colour and gave Savar a glare as he left sickbay. She would have words with him later about it. Who said Vulcans didn't have a sense of humour?

Sarah waited until the opportune moment then injected the Captain with a potent antibiotic and analgesic. "Finally we can sort this mess out" she sorted through her tools before laying a selection of them out.

Just quietly waiting there after walking in, Dean finally spoke up, raising a hand. "The burning might have been my doing." Almost smirking a little bit. Stepping in a little farther, "Which bed, Doc?"

Sarah pointed to the one on the opposite side from the Captain before turning her attention back to her patient. "It was a good idea..Goodness how did you stand the pain?" The doctor asked as she set about debriding and cleaning the would properly.
With the right equipment it would only be a 10 minute procedure.

Dean moved over and plopped down on the biobed, "She was unconscious when I did it. Though after she woke up that is impressive to deal with it, Doctor."

"Impressive? That's certainly not how I remember it" Rhenora grumbled as she tried to remain still as Sarah patched her up. Aurora was resting quietly with a bemused expression on her face.

“I think given what happened to us down there, that we all did well to survive regardless of our injuries.” Aurora smiled warmly. “I’ve had enough of being walking wounded, i’m holding out for ... better things.” Her mind was firmly on when she’d hear back with regards having the procedure to have a baby.

"Nearly done" Sarah mentioned as she kept an eye on all three of them. Dean and Aurora was mended and awaiting discharged, the Captain wouldn't be too far behind them.

" I'd kill for a coffee, a decent meal and a good nights sleep" Rhenora mused as Sarah finished up, running the dermal regenerator over the wound. There would be a small scar but it would no longer hinder movement or function.

He wiggled his fingers and balled his hand into a fist a few times, also rotating his shoulder a few times as well, "Still a little stiff but nice work, Doc. I'm sure that will go away in a day or so. Thank you."

At that moment the doors parted admitting Bonnie into the bay. She was cradling her dead left arm and wrist to keep from bumping into anything. She looked around for Anna or Sarah and spotted Sarah working with the Captain. She spotted a bed next to Dean and decided that was her best bet. She walked over, lifted her bum and plopped down upon the biobed and waited for her turn.

"It appears I have quite the production line going here" Sarah smiled as Bonnie hoisted herself up onto the biobed. The doctor looked at both Dean and Aurora. "You guys are free to go, take it easy for a day or two ok?" She started before turning her eyes to the Captain "you stay put"

Rhenora did her best not to look indignant. "Anyone would think I had a bad track record or something" she grumbled.

Bonnie chuckled, "You? I was voted most likely to trip on air." She smiled broadly as she remembered her academy days. "Hell not many can say they've tripped down a flight of stairs and survived." She rubbed her left shoulder.

Meanwhile Remal, tired from the Game, had been working with the civilian population as a counselor, to calm them and ease their burden. Many had been separated from a partner or loved one and he took it upon himself to help where help was needed. Now done, he entered the crowded sickbay to check on his wife.

"Tripped on air? That does take talent" Rhenora smiled, the toll of the last few days starting to bear. She was weary to her bones.

Sarah raised and eyebrow and headed over to Bonnie, tricorder in hand. "Ok what happen?" She asked as she ran some scans. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Remal enter.

"Evening Counsellor, what can I do for you?" She inquired.

Having been let go Aurora had headed out of Sickbay prior to Remal’s arrival, she wanted to catch up with the crew herself to see how they were doing. She had no doubt they’d be relieved at being back aboard ship, but the trauma of recent events would no doubt keep her busy with appointments for a while.

"Hey doc. I've just come to check up on your most troublesome patient."

"I sprained or broke my wrist and then I was shot in the shoulder." She pointed to her left shoulder. "Right about here. Phaser blast, hasn't worked since, just a noodle." She flopped her arm about despite to mild pain it caused her.

During all of this, the door to sickbay slid open to reveal Thriss Kla'ren holding his arm over the wound that he got when he fought one of the hunters in the game arena. He quietly strolled over to the nearest biobed and took a seat. After he arrived back on the Liberty, he managed to get some minor things fixed, but ultimately, his main priority at the moment was to get his wound sorted.

Dean smiled lightly, "Hello there Bonnie. It's nice to actually get to put a face to the voice."

"You too." She smiled awkwardly. "I mean I guess I saw your face and heard your voice, but, well yeah, nice to meet you as well." Flustered she kept her eyes on Sarah. "How did you get your battle scars?" She asked Dean.

Sarah looked up as Thriss entered and felt the pressure starting to rise. It was going to be a busy evening. "You've torn some ligaments, minor surgery - 15 minutes, you'll be right, give me a sec to grab the stuff" Sarah hurried off to find the equipment she needed. " I'll be there in a sec Thriss."

The Andorian nodded as the doctor walked away to grab the needed supplies. He sighed in relief that they were finally out of the arena. Thriss just hoped that once he was done with his sickbay visit, he could get back to engineering to get some of the much needed repairs done.

Remal watched as Dean and Bonnie conversed, adding his two cents. "Dean there did a lot of the fighting. Whatever he tells you, I'm sure it was worse than he claims. Unless of course he's boastful, then it's three times as worse." He chuckled like he was chatting with an old war buddy.

There was a smirk given a little to Remal, looking back to Bonnie. "Lots of different ways actually, or do you mean the wounds the doc just fixed the rest of the way?"

Sarah watched the conversation and took the opportunity to do the surgery whilst Bonnie was at least somewhat distracted, she was efficient and highly skilled, mending the ligaments and beginning work on sealing the incision before Bonnie was even aware what was going on. "Nearly done..."

"The new ones, of course. I'm sure I dont need to know about every scrape and scar you have attained in you life " she smiled underneath her bushel of curly hair.

"That would make more sense after all," Dean gave a little chuckle. "My arm was from some creature biting me while I was protecting the Captain. The little cuts and stuff were from fighting Hunters, and the hole in my uniform would be from getting shot by Haldeman."

Sarah smiled, finishing up with the dermal regenerator and switching off the well used device. " There you go, give it a few days before putting it under any heavy strain - but you should be right" She patted Bonnie on her good shoulder and moved onto her next patient. "Righto Thriss, what'd you do?"

"I was in the jungle. I had been taking a rest for a bit, when I heard one of the hunters coming right for me. We fought for a bit, and had a struggle, but I manage to neutralize him, but not before he managed to get a hit on me, causing this wound on my side", said the Andorian as he moved his arm to reveal his wound.

Bonnie flexed her arm, then rotated the cuff and her wrist. They were stiff and sore but once again usable. She looked up at Sarah "Thanks doc. It feels good to have them both working again." Then she turned to Dean but did not look him in the eyes. "So, about that drink you promised?"

"Well we can do that now actually since we're both all fixed up." Dean noted she wasn't looking him in the eyes, so that would be something to ask about sometime. "Question would be, fake stuff or real."

She thought about her drinking moments with Sapphire and what they lead to, then thought twice, "Id better go easy," she said out loud then added internally. ' I dont want to end up in another strange bed.'

"Nothing wrong with that. I can appreciate the choice. I won't say that I may or may not. Then again with my metabolism It takes more than most to really feel it." Dean nodded. "Where shall we go, your choice."

She fiddled with her hair, which was still covered in grime. "Do you know the small lounge on deck 9 aft section? Hardly anyone ever goes there but the view of the warp nacelles is spectacular. It's a good place to catch a drink and some good conversation. But, after a shower perhaps." She added as she inhaled the various scents permeating the room and hoping she wasn't adding to the problem.

"I think we could both probably use that, and no, I'm fairly new to the ship. How about we meet up there in an hour, Bonnie?"

Sarah smiled at the banter, as did the Captain who was looking a little like a caged animal even with Remal's calming presence. She wanted nothing more than a coffee, a decent meal, a shower and a sleep. And not in that order.

"That sounds okay by me." Bonnie smiled then slid off the bed and made for the door, the pain in her arm already fading. She stopped abruptly and turned back to Dean. "See you in an hour." Then turned and left the medbay, already to move on from the horrors of The Game.

Sarah moved the tricorder over the Thriss' wound. " Hrmmm, give me a few minutes" she grabbed another set of instruments, administered an analgesic and started to work. She'd experienced her own set of horrors in the jungle but those could be dealt with later - right now others needed her mind and hands.


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