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Professional Opinion

Posted on Sat Mar 13th, 2021 @ 9:04pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Aurora Vali

Mission: The Jungle
Location: Ready room

With her report in hand Aurora made her way to the bridge to speak with Rhenora and Savar. Stepping out of the turbolift she made her way to the ready room, having gotten the Captain and his wife at least talking she was hoping for a favourable outcome. She pressed the door chime and waited for an invite to enter.

Savar and Rhenora had been discussing their options when the door chime sounded, alerting them to a presence outside the door.

"Come in" Rhenora called, turning in her chair slightly to see who was entering.

Walking inside Aurora smiled at Rhenora and her husband. “I’ve spoken to our guest Captain, here is my psychological report for your file. In my professional opinion the Captain was forced into his actions, his son was murdered and the lives of not just his wife and daughter, but his entire crew were left in his hands. He did what he had to do to keep them all alive, and he is showing genuine remorse for his actions.”

Rhenora accepted the padd and scrolled through the detailed report, somewhat happy that her intrepretation had been along a similar vein. "I observed your interview - he showed us the same agitation." She commented. "He seemed defensive almost"

Aurora nodded. “I sensed he was holding something back, it was his guilt over the death of his son. He won the competition but with no ship to return to his crew were made second class citizens. When he refused to take part in the games by luring others to the planet they killed his son as punishment. It ruined his marriage. I’m glad to say his wife appears willing to forgive.”

" I had no idea he had a son" Rhenora whispered quietly, understanding now the pain and the anger he had displayed at her questions. She silently reprimanded herself for not doing more research prior to speaking with him, not consulting his personal file instead of just his service record and her rather ancient memories. She owed him an apology for being so insensitive.

"Does this change our plan regarding captain Haldeman?" Savar asked.

“Plan?” Aurora looked between Savar and Rhenora for clarification.

Rhenora took a breath before revealing her plan, which most likely wasn't going to be Starfleet's plan for her fellow Captain. " I have recommended rehabilitation, here on the Liberty, and under close supervision. I believe this will be more beneficial for both Thomas AND Starfleet in the long run. Although I know he won't see it as that to begin with" she explained.

"More precisely Captain, he will undoubtedly be highly offended ." Savar pointed out.

" Most likely, it's our job to persuade him that rotting in prison isn't a viable option for his future. " Rhenora admitted.

" A most challenging and daunting task." Savar observed.

" I'm not looking forward to it. Besides, we have to get the Admiralty to agree to it first." Rhenora admitted, rubbing her chin as she contemplated how to get such an idea over the line.

"I believe Captain the key here is to show that placing Captain Haldeman in prison is a waste of an experienced Captain and his knowledge both of which Starfleet can use." Savar stated. "I took a moment to look up his record. It is most impressive and his crew thinks highly of him. By all accounts he is fair in his dealings with the crew showing no favorites."

"Getting him to see that and move beyond his bruised ego will be the challenge" Rhenora admitted.

"Excuse me Captain but Captain Haldeman's ego is not only bruised but severely battered. He feels that he is in this alone that no one believes him. He is bitter and angry." Savar announced.

“Yes he’s bitter and angry, but he knows that he’s not alone now. I believe him.” Aurora nodded to the PADD containing her report. “I said exactly that in my report, it’s not going to be easy for him to come back from what’s happened though.”

"But in your opinion it IS possible?" Rhenora asked, knowing this was going to be an uphill battle.

Aurora nodded “Yes, it’s possible Captain. He’s a man in an incredible amount of pain and grief, he may fight any change imposed on him.”

"That's all I needed to know Aurora, I'll submit your report and my recommendation to Starfleet, then we'll see what they want to do. Thank you again" Rhenora smiled and started compiling the reports.
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