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Push and Pull

Posted on Fri Mar 19th, 2021 @ 6:34am by Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell

Mission: The Jungle
Location: Bridge

With the crew manifests of the other ships safely secured within the Liberty's database Rhenroa saw no reason to hang around in the system. The Manchester crew has been given the option of remaining on the planet should they wish to, a couple had chosen that option with the remainder being offered commissions or transport back to DS9 where they could decide their own future.

"Helm, set a course back to DS9, and deploy a series of warning bouys as we leave. I don't want any other ships falling pray to the ways of those people" She ordered as she sat in her command chair, Ronson appearing a moment later with a steaming cup of coffee for her and tea for Savar.

"Aye Ma'am" The helm officer responded, and steered the mighty ship up and away from the planet they had been orbiting.

As the starskape changed and the ship settled into its travelling rhythm and routine Rhenora regarded her First Officer.

" I never thanked you for what you did on the planet." she admitted,

He regarded her, his expression neutral. "Thank me for what Captain? I do not remember doing anything worthy of being thanked."

The Liberty accelerated to warp as it cleared the boundary of the system, streaking towards their next safe port.

" Ahh but you see you're wrong there" She couldn't help but tease him just a little bit.

"Wrong? I fail to see where I am wrong Captain." Savar replied. "Please explain your statement."

" You took initiative, you took over command of the team when I was... incapacitated. You kept everyone together and alive. I think that deserves thanks" She regarded him with a bemused expression.

"Captain, I did what was necessary and needed. That does not call for thanks. Simply put, I did my duty and kept an experienced and highly capable starship captain alive and might add I did not to it single handily."

" You made the tough call to leave me behind for the greater good of winning the game. It was the right call to make despite how hard it would have been for you" She explained, turning her attention back to the streaking stars on the viewscreen. " Not to mention the mercy of the neck pinch"

Savar's expression grew pained as Rhenora reminded him of facts he wished he could forget. "It was not a pleasant or easy decision." He admitted. "The neck pinch was a medical necessity to spare you unwanted pain."

" And for that I'm offering thanks, it can't have been easy to deal with all that going on at once. You performed above and beyond the call of duty in all aspects " She encouraged, hoping to get him to accept the compliment.

Savar could she that the Captain wasn't going to let this drop until he accepted the compliment and her thanks. "Then I believe the correct response is you are sincerely welcome."

" That's better" She couldn't help but laugh at his awkwardness. The bridge fell quiet for a while as the Liberty warped towards Deep Space Nine, leaving the Captain alone with her thoughts for the time being before she found her voice again.

" I see you recommended Ronson for a promotion"

"I did and using your argument, He went above and beyond the call of duty. He was a much appreciated in his help with me and his care for you." Savar replied. "Are you going to approve it?" He couldn't help but ask.

"In principle yes, in both rank and responsibility" Rhenora said quietly " He has demonstrated he has grown beyond a simple Yeoman. However this means we'll need to break in a new one" She said quietly so that only Savar could hear.

"I am pleased." Savar replied quietly "And I concur in your assessment of Mr. Mitchel. He has shown he is quite capable of handling more responsibility. " He paused before adding, "Yes, do you have any candidates in mind?"

"Not yet, I was going to review the Manchester crew manifest and see if anyone there was suitable., or I can put a request into Command to fill the position. As for Ronson, I wonder how he'd feel about moving up to Chief of the Boat." She mused.

"I think he is both perfectly suited and capable to handle the position of Chief of the Boat. in addition he will see the confidence we have in him." Savar observed.

"He's capable of far more than making refreshments and organising schedules and reports. We've seen that now." Rhenora admitted, wondering just how long she had been blind to the young man's developement.

"Shall we tell him?"

"An excellent idea Captain."

"Crewman Mitchell - please report to the ready room" Rhenora paged as she rose from her command chair and indicated for Savar to join her.

Savar stood with a fluid grace and moved to follow Rhenora into her ready room. Where they would inform Ronson of their decision.

Rhenora stopped by the replicator and created the rank bar they would affix to the Yeoman's collar in just a few moments. For the Captain there was a mixture of pride and loss, she would miss their conversations as he arrived every morning with a steaming hot coffee and a stack of padds, yet she was equally proud of the officer he was becoming. It wasn't her right to hold him back.

Savar sat in one of the chairs in front of Rhenora's desk and waited for Mitchel to show up. The young man had earned this and Savar wanted him to know that that recognized his ability.

The chime against the internal door signalled Ronson's arrival - his office connected to hers via a small doorway. She should have known he would be there working.

"Come in Ronson" She called, enjoying the last few moments of the mystery he was about to experience.

Savar turned in his seat to see Ronson as Rhenora gave him the news of his promotion.

" Mr Ronson, it has been told to me that you are in need of a new job" She started, her tone firm and serious as though she were about to reprimand him.

The poor Yeoman paled at her words - this was not what he had expected.

"Indeed. One better suited to your abilities." Savar intoned gravely.

Ronson gulped, almost quivering with fear that he was about to get demoted. Surely he hadn't screwed up that badly.

"Captain, I think we need to get on with this, so we can move onto other items." Savar spoke cryptically.

" Of course, I need to find a new Yeoman after all" Rhenora replied, barely able to keep a straight face." Stand at attention crewman" She ordered, watching the young man snap to attention so hard she thought he may topple over.

Taking her time she strode over to him, the box still concealed in her hands behind her back.

"Crewman Mitchell, I hereby relieve you of your rank and duty of Yeoman of this vessel" She started, voice still stern and unyielding.

As Savar observed Ronson, for a brief moment he thought the younger man might cry. The Captain was clearly enjoying herself and had a flair for dramatics.

"You have only yourself to blame for this Mr. Mitchel. Your actions have brought this about." He added.

She waited for the right moment before removing the young man's rank bar from his collar, setting the small box on the desk behind her. She tossed the metal bar on the desk, watching Ronson's fight to conceal his shock.

"Commander Savar, if you could do the honours please" She handed him the box and stood to one side, allowing them to both stand in front of the terrified officer.

"Certainly Captain." Savar replied as he stood in front of Ronson. His own expression unreadable. "Ronson Mitchel it is the considered opinion of both Captain Kaylen and myself that you be promoted to Chief Petty Officer and you are hereby entitled to all privilege's that come with the rank." He finished as he placed the rank insignia on Ronson's collar. Stepping back he announced, "Congratulations Chief Petty Officer Mitchell."

" I... I... uh..." Ronson stammered, his mind swimming with this rapid turn of events.

"I'm not finished yet Mr Mitchell" Rhenora continued, watching to see the young man's reaction.

"Quite right, Please continue Captain." Savar replied watching Rhenora play Ronson like a violin.

"Thank you Commander" Rhenora smiled as Ronson swung between fear and happiness as the Captain approached him again.

" Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell, I do hereby promote you to the position of Chief of the Boat, your recent performance during our time in the Jungle combined with your exemplary track record over the last months has shown you are capable of much more than your previous role allowed for" She smiled.

"Congratulations. Chief Mitchel." Savar told Ronson.

Ronson looked shocked and accept the promotion graciously. " I ahhh... thanks?"

"Indeed Mr. Mitchel." Savar told the new COB.

" You best you clear out your office and acquaint yourself with your new one" Rhenora couldn't help but laugh at the former Yeoman's expression.

"Along with your new duties and responsibilities." Savar pointed out. " You will have much to do."

" You will indeed" The Captain replied with a touch of seriousness. " Plus I need to find me a new Yeoman - you've left some pretty big shoes to fill"

Ronson took his cue and scarpered, a big smile plastered on his face.

"I believe Mr. Mitchel is extremely satisfied with his promotion and his new position." Savar observed.

" I believe you are right" Rhenora laughed as the Yeoman vanished. She turned her attention back to Savar "We still need to find a new Yeoman...I'd be lost without one." She admitted.

"A Captain needs a yeoman." Savar agreed. "I take it you are going to scan the Manchester manifest for suitable candidates."

"That was the plan, I could see if Haldeman's Yeoman is still alive and would like to resume the role. Unless you have any other proposals?" She raised an eyebrow at her XO.

"No Captain, none at the moment." Savar admitted. "However I shall think on it."

"Please do, I think Ronson's going to have enough on his place in his new role without pulling double duty" She admitted as she turned back to her desk to finish her coffee. Yep, they definitely needed a new Yeoman.

"I shall devout considerable time to finding you a yeoman to take Mr. Mitchel's place." Savar assured her.

" I look forward to seeing your list of canditates" Rhenora sank back in her office chair, feeling the tinges of exhaustion from the last few weeks start to wash over her. It had been a hell of a time in the Jungle.

"I hope not to disappoint you. I shall have you a list of qualified candidates by tomorrow." Savar promised. He looked at her and saw the exhaustion on her face. "Captain, I would be remiss if I did not suggest you retire to your quarters and get some rest."

" Always the logical one" She stifled at yawn at the word rest " You should get some rest as well - you went through a hell of a lot harder time than I did." She was concerned about how Savar was dealing with the fall out of the Jungle, not just physically but mentally as well.

"Your concern is appreciated Captain. However I am able to function with no loss of efficiency or productivity." Savar replied politely.

"Have you spoken with Aurora?" She asked carefully, knowing there was a line between professional concern and being nosey.

"I speak with Aurora every day Captain." He replied. "She is after all my wife." He reminded her needlessly.

" She is also the ships head counsellor, need I remind you we all experienced trauma in a variety of ways over the last few weeks." Her expression was serious though friendly.

"There is no need to remind me of that I know so well. Have you talked to her or even your husband?" He challenged.

" I have spoken briefly with Remal, there will be more in depth conversations no doubt at a later date" She admitted. "We spoke over breakfast this morning"

''As I did with Aurora this morning." He informed her though he hadn't talked to her about their time in the Jungle.

" I won't pry any further but I trust you'll look after your health in all aspects. I need you to be at your best Commander" Rhenora replied " I can't do this without you."

"The ship and crew are better to handle the loss of their first officer than they are their Captain. Your health is paramount Captain." Savar stressed.

" Then we both need sleep.. and to talk to our respective sounding boards. I don't think that needs to be an order" She winked at him before stifling another yawn.

"Some of us need sleep more than others." He countered as he watched her yawn.

" Fine... I'm going to bed. I promise" She logged off the terminal and started to head for the door.

"Rest well Captain." He replied as he watched her head for the door.

" You too Savar" She nodded in deference to him and left the Ready Room, heading towards her quarters for a good needs sleep.

"Of course Captain." He replied as he rose and followed her out. He just didn't say when.


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