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Mysterious happenings

Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 11:27pm by Lieutenant JG Sarah Wilson & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Aurora Vali

Mission: *CD*
Location: Sickbay

Aurora had spent the entirety of her time on the way to Sickbay trying to convince her husband that she was perfectly fine. Apart from the fact that she had a blackout in the shop and didn’t remember what had happened that was. “Savar I don’t need to go to Sickbay!”

"I disagree Aurora. You suffered a blackout, you don't remember what happened. This is a precaution, to make sure there are no underlying ailments.'

“I don’t feel Ill, sore from where my injury was but that’s normal.” She paused holding onto Savar’s arm feeling a little faint. “Maybe ... sickbay is a good idea after all.”

Savar supported her easily as they made their way to Sickbay. "I am pleased that you finally agree Aurora."

As they walked into Sickbay Aurora saw Sarah and offered an apologetic smile. “I’m back again!”

Dr Sarah Wilson raised an eyebrow at the half Vulcan as they arrived in sickbay. She leaned over to grab a medical tricorder as they approached.

"What happened" She asked, giving Aurora the once over. Outwardly she looked fine -a little pale but otherwise fine. The medical tricorder however would tell the truth.

“I don’t know what happened” Aurora walked over to the nearest biobed supported by Savar. “One minute I was getting ready to try on a dress and the next I woke up to find Savar with me. I must have fainted.”

"I thought it best that Aurora return to Sickbay so she could be examined to determine the cause of her fainting." Savar explained.

“I still feel lightheaded, I’m not sure why.” She offered Savar an apologetic gaze. “I’m sorry I ruined our shopping trip.”

"We will have another shopping trip Aurora. The most important thing is you and that you are well." Savar replied, holding her hand.

Aurora nodded. “Over to you Doc” She looked at Sarah. “Exactly what is wrong with me?”

" Hrmmm... that's interesting" Sarah murmered to herself as she switches scans within the tricorder, going to biomechanical to neurological to hormonal.

"What is interesting Doctor?" Savar asked Sarah.

" These readings don't make sense" Sarah replied, patting the biobed "Hop up here Aurora, I need to take some more details scans"

"Doctor." Savar pressed Sarah, "What about the readings do not make sense?"

"If these readings are're pregnant. Not just a little bit pregnant but a fair way along pregnant. But the feotus isn't showing any of your DNA... nor any of YOUR DNA" Sarah turned the monitor around so Savar and Aurora could see it. The genome was unlike anything she had ever seen.

"How is that possible Doctor and how do you explain it?" Savar wanted answers and he wanted them ten minutes ago. Aurora had been violated and no one knew by who or how.

" You tell me?!?" Sarah retorted back as she ran more scans "All I can say is the feotus is growing rapidly, and it's putting a heck of a strain on her system. How it got there though I have no idea. There's no Vulcan or Betazoid genetics in there at all"
Sarah calmed her temper, realising the stress that Savar would be under at the moment.

"Correction, I am asking you Doctor." Savar corrected. "This is my wife we are talking about."

" I don't know how it got there" Sarah reaffirmed "It's not supposed to be there and definately not growing at the rate it is" She continued before turning her attention back to Aurora "You said you blacked out on the Station - perhaps we can get security footage"

Aurora nodded. “I was in the changing room of a shop, I don’t know what footage you’d get.” She paused. “How ... far along?” She looked at Sarah.

" I'm not sure - if we are going by human pregnancy I'd say you were a few weeks in, enough for the main blood vessels to be formed and a drain on your system to provide nutrients" Sarah explained, still taking readings and trying to isolate the genome.

“To do this they had to implant this child, how could they do that in such a short amount of time!?” She placed her hand on her stomach. “I wanted to have a baby, but not like this!”

" I don't know - we have a few options." Sarah started, choosing her words carefully. "We can remove the foetus, or we can try to find another solution whilst you continue to carry it"

“Remove!” Aurora shook her head. “I won’t destroy an innocent life, I just ... have this feeling that whoever did this did it out of desperation. I don’t know why I feel that way though.” She shrugged her shoulders, “I want to carry this baby, if I can.”

" I can't guarentee I can predict how it will affect your body, this is an unknown species here" Sarah replied cautiously, injecting a mixture of anti-nausea medication as well as nutrients into Aurora's neck.

"Aurora. Are you sure that is wise?" Savar asked his wife.

“I ... don’t know Imzadi” Aurora shrugged her shoulders. “All I know is that I need to protect this child.” She gazed at Sarah then back at Savar. “I know this will present an unknown risk to me and the ship, so do whatever has to be done to protect the ship and crew. Whatever happens I’m having this baby.”

"You're sure?" Sarah said cautiously, wanting to make sure that all possibilities are covered. "This isn't going to be like any normal pregnancy - its proceeding nearly 5 times faster"

"I believe your decision to be illogical Aurora. Not for wanting to keep the baby but because neither Sarah or you know what the effects of a rapid pregnancy will have on your body." Savar replied bluntly.

“I know that!” Aurora snapped before shaking her head. “I’m sorry ... I can’t explain, maybe it’s the hormones flooding my body but all I know is I have to do this. I can’t do it alone Savar, I need you.”

Sarah stepped back, making some notes on her padd and giving the two some space "I'll support you in whatever decision you make"

Aurora was feeling more tired as the time ticked by, her body’s energy was fast being taken by the child growing within. “Please Savar, I’d never forgive myself if I harmed a child.”

"Though I disagree with your decision Aurora, I will stand with and support you throughout your pregnancy." Savar answered honestly.

Aurora moved to lie down on the biobed. “Sarah can I go home or will I need to stay here?”

Sarah moved forward again "I see no reason to keep you here, but I need you to wear a medical transponder just to keep a track on what your body's doing. Eat, sleep, eat repeat. You're off duty until further notice"

Aurora nodded and looked at Savar. “That’s if you’re willing to have me at home?”

"Of course I am Aurora, You are my wife and I love you. It would not be a home without you there." Savar replied.

Aurora smiled and nodded before getting up and hopping down off the biobed. She held onto Savar’s arm for support just incase she had anymore dizzy spells. “I’ll wear the monitor and I’ll rest, that’s a promise.”

"You can also promise not to overdo it and to alert me of any problems you are having Aurora." Savar replied.

Aurora nodded. “I promise Imzadi.” She looked to Sarah waiting for her to return with the medical monitor.

Wilson returned with the small device, gently pushing Aurora's hair back behind her ear to attach the device there
"This will send data as to how your body is coping, if anything goes way outside the norm it'll let me know hopefully before you experience anything" She explained.

Aurora nodded. “Thank you. I’ll try not to be an awkward patient, I’ll rest and behave myself.” She offered a smile. “I’d like to find out more about the baby, so anything you can tell me about the genetics as this pregnancy progresses might help.”

"I'll work on it straight away. Now you're orders are to rest, and eat, and try to let your body change as it needs to. It will be uncomfortable as the baby is growing at an accelerated rate" Sarah explained.

Aurora nodded. “I’ll call if I’m worried about anything.” She offered a smile.

"And as always, come back if anything feels...wrong, I trust your instincts on that one" Sarah smiled as the two headed for the door.

Aurora nodded and looked to Savar.

"Come Aurora, I will take you back to our quarters so you may rest." He looked over to Sarah, "Be assured Doctor, if any problems arise, you will notified."

" Thank you, if anything goes wrong we won't have much time as everything is moving so rapidly. I'll start working on the gemonic tracing right away" Sarah nodded as the two left sickbay. So much for some downtime.


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