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Posted on Mon Apr 5th, 2021 @ 1:22am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: *CD*
Timeline: 1900 hours

Savar moved around the table, placing plates and silverware out with exacting precision. He had previously set out the wine glasses. "When did you tell the Captain to arrive Aurora?"

Aurora appeared from the bedroom wearing her favourite dress but it was looking pretty snug on her stomach, it was only 48 hours since she’d been pronounced pregnant and she was already starting to show. “I put seven on the invite” She looked at the clock. “They’ll be here soon. How do I look?”

Savar paused in what he was doing and looked at his wife. "I believe the human term is glowing Aurora. You are radiant." He complimented her. "How are you feeling?"

“Given a normal pregnancy it wouldn’t show for another couple of months but this ..” She motioned to the small bump that was showing. “I never gave thought to how big I might get. I have to try and explain to the Captain yet.”

Savar nodded, "I am sure you will find a way to inform the Captain after all she is not blind and she may have been already informed by Dr. Wilson."

Aurora nodded. “That’s true, although ideally it should have come from us first. I just didn’t want to interrupt her time on Bajor.”

"Your consideration of the Captain and her husband is admirable Aurora however in a matter such as this, she would want to know." Savar pointed out.

Aurora nodded. “In that case I’ll take the blame for not telling her earlier.” She offered a smile. “Have you decided what dish you wanted to serve?”

"I confess I have not. I wish to prepare something everyone will like. What do you think of jumbo shrimp with linguine in a garlic butter sauce?"

“Hmmm sounds delicious!” Aurora smiled before stifling a yawn, her energy levels were practically in the floor. Just then the door chime rang.

He stood tall in his regal best, not quite formal, not quite casual, attire. His frustration and mild depressed nature at the loss of their cabin was now behind, the dinner party and invite lay ahead. And therefore he had his polite face on, and having a beautiful woman by his side, arms linked in solidarity, helped as well. Life would go on.

Rhenora took a breath, allowing the presence of her husband to bolster her nerves after the attack. The lack of answers concerned her, but she had survived attempts on her life before - they just had to figure out the motive. Her stomach rumbled, reminding her she'd missed lunch in the chaos of the day.

"You ready?" She asked, trying to read her husband's features.

With his free arm he straightened his tunic, "Ready as I'll ever be." They stood by and waited for the call to come in. Ready to be greeted as guests in someone elses domain.

Rhenora smiled, her love and respect for this man growing every moment they were together. He had been through so much today, yet here they were, going out to dinner with friends as though nothing had happened.

The door opened before them to reveal a distinctly ordered cabin and their friends Savar and Aurora. Here there was no rank or file, just friends having dinner.

“Rhenora, Remal, please come in” Aurora offered a tired smile as she greeted their friends and guests stepping aside and motioning them inside. “Please make yourselves at home.”

Savar came from out of the kitchen, "Captain, Chief. Welcome, please be seated. I will be with you shortly, I am preparing our dinner."

Aurora motioned them towards the comfy sofa. “Actually I err ... need to talk to you both about something that’s happened.” She looked at Savar then back at their guests. “It seems that I’m ... pregnant, but the baby isn’t ours.”

"excuse me?" Rhenora's eyes were as wide a dinner plates and her jaw dropped in a most uncaptainlike manner. "How is that possible?"

"You know, when I suggested you talk with your husband about having children, that was in no way a suggestion to, you know, get pregnant." Remal quipped

Aurora took a seat, Remal standing behind her stoically. “Long story short .. we went shopping on the station, while we were there I went to try on a dress and next thing I know I wake up on the floor with Savar looking at me.” She exchanged glances with Savar, then looked back at Rhenora. “According to Doctor Wilson I’m already several weeks, and it’s only been a matter of hours.” She rested her hand on the small bump that was already starting to show. “It’s crazy but I don’t think whoever did this did it to simply breed, I somehow get the impression that it was done out of desperation.”

Rhenora took a moment to compose herself. Someone had impregnated one of her crew without their knowledge.

"Ahhh and how do you feel about it?" She asked carefully, knowing there was all kinds of implications.

“To be honest I’m not sure.” Aurora took a moment. “I want to have a baby, but I want Savar’s baby. I know Savar doesn’t agree with my decision to have this child, but to me this is an innocent life. Something tells me the parents will return for their child.” She stifled a yawn. “Sorry, the acceleration of this pregnancy is draining my energy.”

"What about what this does to you? I understand you want to protect innocent life, but do we even know what species it is?" The captain was having a hard time wrapping her head around the whole concept "what if they treat you as merely an incubator?"

Aurora opened her mouth to speak then closed it again. “To be honest... I don’t know. I guess my impression could be one that influences the host to keep the child.” She hadn’t considered that possibility. “All I know is that I have to protect this child. If it harms me then the decision falls to the medical staff, not that I’d want to put Anna or Sarah in that position.”

Savar stood silently in the alcove as Aurora told Rhenora and Remal about your unexpected pregnancy. The Captain had voiced many of the same concerns he had with this pregnancy. In his opinion, Aurora was not acting logically at all.

Aurora looked at her husband, for the first time since she’d made the decision to have the baby she was carrying, she was starting to doubt her decision. “Have I done the wrong thing?”

"Wrong? No, you have not done anything wrong Aurora." Savar answered. "It shows you to be a kind and compassionate woman. Which I have always known. However, I feel your decision in this matter is both illogical and irresponsible. You have disregarded your own well-being with this pregnancy."

Remal gave Savar a look of curiosity. It was not his place to step in between a man and his wife regarding what goes on behind closed doors, at least not if they didn't ask for help, but this situation was different. This felt like a moment for him to say, something. "What would you have her do Savar? It is obvious the child was forced upon her and yet you call her irresponsible." He could have pushed further but the argument that this was her body and her choice was clear.

Savar looked at Remal. his expression unreadable, his tone even but glacial. "I do. However not for the reason you put forth. Rather it is from the position that Aurora chose to keep the baby inside her and not have it removed and placed in an incubator. We have no idea what this baby is doing to her body or what it may do. I must wonder if you would be as vocal if the situation were reversed." He paused, "I must finish preparing dinner." With that, he turned back to enter the kitchen.

Aurora hung her head she was causing arguments now, the fact that her body was being flooded with Hormones didn’t help. “I’m sorry, this was supposed to be a pleasant evening together for dinner. I’ve started an argument now.” She sighed. “It’s hard to explain but I feel I’ve been entrusted with this child. I can’t explain why I feel that way.” She looked at Remal. “Thank you for standing up for me, I appreciate your concern.”

Remal nodded, "He's not entirely wrong you know. And he does care, which is more than many. He places concern for your well-being above even his own at times." He then changed direction. "This feeling you get, would you say it is a normal motherly instinct or do you, as an empath, sense something else, from the child itself perhaps." He felt a look coming from Rhenora. "It's been well documented that during telepathic pregnancies, mothers often report heightened emotions and even thought processes of their unborn children."

“I ..” Aurora paused. “I don’t know, perhaps some of both. I feel motherly urges and instincts but I also sense the child growing within me. Given the rate of growth, it could be days or weeks rather than months before I give birth. She paused and closed her eyes getting a sense from within. “The baby is from a telepathic race, even now the sense I’m getting is a strong one.” She opened her eyes. “I don’t know how that’s possible at this age.”

He was no doctor, at least no more than a field medic, but he had experienced telepathic races and their families and studied some of the lore. This was a different situation than any he had read about. "Any number of factors could be at play here. I recommend, like Savar, to utilize caution. You never know if this was some nefarious scheme and you have little idea of what it could do to you. That said, I support whatever decision you make because only you can truly gauge how you, or the baby, feel."

Aurora took a few moments before looking at Rhenora. “Captain I intend to have this baby. If it should become necessary and I am unable then Savar can make decisions on my behalf.”

"I understand, and I'm sure you've gone through all the appropriate checks with sickbay. I'm just concerned about what happens when this baby comes to term and the parents come back for it. Whatever happens we do our best to protect you" Rhenora tried very hard not to sound too fire although concern for Aurora's safety was foremost on her mind at the moment.

Savar had retreated to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner but that didn't stop him from hearing the conversation in the other room. He did not understand how they could not see the foolhardiness and just how illogical this decision was. Further he was dismayed that he had voiced his disapproval of Aurora's decision in public. Then of course there was the fact that Aurora had totally disregarded his opinion. While he supported her, he did not like it.

Aurora looked towards the kitchen area, “Will you excuse me for just a moment” she stood offering a polite smile to her guests before going looking for Savar. Entering the kitchen she paused as she saw him busy with dinner. “I’m sorry! I’ll understand if you no longer want to be with me.”

Savar's back was to Aurora as she entered and spoke. He paused in his preparation and his shoulders sagged at her words. A few seconds passed before he turned and faced her. Pain could be seen in his eyes. "No, it is I who am sorry Aurora. I am a poor excuse for a man and husband to have my wife doubt that I want to be with her. My love for you hasn't lessened Aurora because of this disagreement nor do I find you suddenly reprehensible."

“You’re annoyed with me, you don’t show it, but I feel it!” She held her hand over her heart. “You feel as though I don’t listen to you, that I’m making a huge mistake.” She paused. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m just some walking incubator for some parasite child but that’s not how it feels!”

"Incorrect Aurora. I feel that you are not listening to me in this particular situation. That you are taking undo risks with your body and health. However I have also said I will support you in this matter and my mind has not changed." Savar replied.

“I ... don’t mean to act like I’m not listening.” She offered an apologetic gaze. “I can’t explain ... I just” She shook her head. “Please forgive me! Call it mothering instincts, or whatever but I feel I have to do this.” She looked back towards the living area. “I need to get back to our guests, can we talk again later?”

"There is nothing to forgive Aurora except perhaps for me to ask for your forgiveness in my appearing intolerant of your feelings. I have no desire to cause you greater stress. As for talking of course Aurora, we will talk later."

Aurora nodded and stepped closer, kissing Savar on the cheek before heading back to their guests.



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