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Wreck Thyself II

Posted on Tue Apr 6th, 2021 @ 10:30pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: *CD*
Location: USS Liberty - Holodeck
Timeline: Before Dinner

“ But who are THEY?” She asked, still not really knowing who they were dealing with. She had an inkling the Trio were the tip of the iceberg.

He stopped. His body and energy were almost spent through an emotional and physical release. "Let's find out." He sat the bat aside and addressed the computer again. "Computer I need to approximate three humanoid figures using porcelain and wax based on the testimony of one Rhenora Kaylen."

"Please define further parameters."

He looked at Rhen, "What do you remember?"

“ There was a young one, late teens maybe, a man in this 30s, and an older man. They wore robes to their ankles but I didn’t see any definite identifiers. They didn’t wear earrings though, although I could see where they had been.” She explained, casting her mind back to the frightening experience.

As she spoke the computer responded by changing and adjusting the models of the three men. "Were they wearing anything other than the robes, or carrying anything? Also, what colors were the robes?"

“Charcoal and ash colour, floor length” She started, closing her eyes as though to remember better “ The youngest one carried a small pack, but nothing else, they had sandals that didn’t make any sound at all… I thought that was odd”

"Didn't you say something before about a book? Was one of them carrying some type of book?" He asked while knowing she was not the greatest at details and could not be expected to remember everything after such a dramatic event.

She paused, trying to replay the conversation and all its relevant details in her mind “ Yes…. there was a good, leather-bound, old looking, I didn’t know what it was. They were from some religious order, although not one I’m familiar with”

He stood back and looked at what the computer had created. It wasn't much to go on, but it was something.

“ Who calls you ‘The Builder?” She asked rhetorically, casting him with a curious look.

Under normal circumstances, he would have chuckled but his intense stare at the figures was focused. "So here is why I pulled you here instead of leaving it to Odessen. These robes, this choice of colors, even this book are all familiar to me."

"I felt like I had seen them somewhere before which is why I asked about the Brotherhood. While the Brotherhood followed the teachings of the Prophets, these men followed something, darker, twisted."

“ Darker? As in the Pah Wraiths?” There was a hint of fear in her voice. The only documented account of their future as the Emissaries on Bajor were her handwritten pages from her time in the temple. She’d left them behind when they had fled. “ You think they’ve wiped out the Brotherhood?”

"Exactly. Which is why knowing the Brotherhood is gone bothers me. Do you remember the last we were here? When we visited the Brotherhood? You documented your visions in great detail if I remember correctly."

“ The Brotherhood had those pages, we left them behind - I had assumed they would have been destroyed as a matter of privacy.” The colour began to drain from her face “Unless the Brotherhood have read them and disseminated the information. Who else would know?” The question was more rhetorical than anything else.

“The Brotherhood never would destroy sacred texts, especially those they believed were delivered by the Prophets themselves. I fear the Pah Wraiths or at least someone who follows the teachings of the Pah Wraiths now has access to vital information which would lead them to us. And in the process, they’ve wiped out the Brotherhood in order to cover their tracks.”

He picked his bat back up and handed her, hers. “I’m no Inspector Gadget, or whatever, but I believe they were trying to end us. Our only beacon of light is that they failed and may not know it.” He took his bat and swung at the midsection of one of the three targets, watching as it crumbled into dust and debris. Then he stepped back and waited for her to do the same.

She paused, almost stopping at the thought of taking a swing at another being before the logical side of her brain reminded her that this was an illusion, a way of dealing with her demons in a physical way. She took a swing, channeling all the fear, the anger and injustice fueling her swing. Her cry was something akin to the ancient battle cries and with as much emotion. The second of the trio vanished in a glimmer of dust.

They nodded at each other before taking their swing together at the third man, who was standing tall and proud, an old book within his hands. All of their remaining frustration and anger traveled through the rods in their hands and into the figure, leaving heart and soul clean to move on. At least for now.

Brin sat high up in his secret mountain compound, known only to the followers of the Pah Wraiths. It was invisible to the naked eye, surrounded by heavy vegetation, and carved out of a natural hollow in the mountainside. He was deep in meditation, eyes closed and mind open to any messages from his deities.

At first, he was aware of their displeasure. They were not pleased with the recent sequence of events. It was more the feeling rather than words as he found himself in the center of a circle, fire beings circling around him like predators.

“ You were unsuccessful” One of them spoke finally, circling closer to Brin who stood patiently in the center of the circle - unphased by their proximity.

“ They were killed, my people saw the building collapse with their own eyes. No-one could have survived it” Brin replied calmly, stating his case.

“ Your people failed, both live” The Pah Wraith snarled back, its fire intensifying with its dissatisfaction. Brin didn’t flinch, although he was already coming up with new and unpleasant ways to make sure his people actually accomplished their tasks in the future.

“ I will ensure it doesn’t happen again.” Brin stated, “What are your instructions?” He waited as there was a period of silence, the Wraiths seeming to confer amongst themselves before speaking.

“The message has been delivered, that much has been accomplished” The Wraith finally announced “There will be another opportunity to fulfill your mission and prove your worth to us. This must be accomplished before the next stage of the Prophets plan for the future of Bajor comes to pass”

Brin thought about this, having heard the accounts of the trio and what they had seen several hours beforehand. From the scripts they had obtained from the Brotherhood, there was a handwritten detail of the woman’s interaction with the Prophets. She couldn't be allowed to live, nor the product of the union with the Builder, if she was indeed with child at all.

In the meantime, the Cult of the Pah Wraith would continue to grow and strengthen. They would await their opportunity to impress their Gods, and next time, they would not fail.

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am



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