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The miracle of life

Posted on Thu Apr 29th, 2021 @ 11:55pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant JG Sarah Wilson & Lieutenant Aurora Vali

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Sickbay


With Savar off ship Aurora made her way down to Sickbay, Sarah had told her to check in regularly to see how development of the child she was carrying was going. Her bump was most definitely growing at a phenomenal rate, from nothing to showing in a matter of 3 or 4 days. Walking into Sickbay she offered Sarah a smile, albeit a tired one.

Dr Sarah Wilson looked up from the sample she was analysing as the doors opened.

"Good Morning" She smiled as she set the canister aside and headed over to met the ships counsellor. "How are you feeling?"

“Tired, and pretty achy.” Aurora offered a smile. “Feels like I’m being stretched, which is more or less what’s happening! I’ve got a ferocious appetite too.”

"Well that's to be expected, you are eating for two. A rapidly growing two at that" Sarah snorted, patting the biobed. "Up you hop, let's get a look at how you both are doing."

Aurora nodded and hopped up onto the closest biobed. She lay back and made herself comfortable.

"Have you noticed any cravings? Sometimes that can be a clue as to what minerals your body needs." Sarah explained, running her tricorder along Aurora's body.

“So far it’s food in general although I did find the fish dish Savar served for dinner absolutely delicious! I had double servings which is unusual for me.” Aurora grinned.

"How about your telepathy, any changes there? Discerned any detail you normally would have missed?" The doctor prompted, making some notes on a padd.

“To be honest, I’m not sure” Aurora shrugged her shoulders. “I did sense something about the Captain whilst on the bridge, but that’s neither here nor there really. Even if this baby was from a telepathic species, he or ahe wouldn’t be developed enough yet to affect my telepathic strength.”

"You'd be surprised the way a baby can influence the mother even in gestation. Did you know that even human babies can release proteins to help repair its mother's organs during a crisis whilst in utero?" Sarah pulled the random tidbit of information from an equally random part of her brain "There's no reason that telepathy could be any different." She filed the piece of information regarding the Captain away until Aurora was ready to divulge more.

Aurora looked at Sarah curiously. “Anymore clues as to what species this baby is? All I remember about the woman I saw in the shop was that she had some facial ridges, I don’t recall whether she was from a race we know of.”

"I can't say for certain, it's definitely a species we haven't come across yet. I'm seeing an enlarged cranium consistent with a telepathic species, although there is some protrusion from the forehead which may cause complications in birth if the baby doesn't turn the right way" Sarah explained, bringing up a 3D image of the foetus as it current was.

“That’s it” Aurora nodded. “The ridges just like the woman had.” She paused. “So it looks like this baby will be telepathic, I’m not feeling anything yet but if this species develops abilities early I’ve no doubt I will.”

" So you remember what she looked like?" Sarah prompted, aiding Aurora to sit up and swing her legs over the side of the biobed. She opened a padd with a design program "Do you think you could sketch her? It'd give us a better idea as to what species we're dealing with. And what might happen when the baby is born"

“I’m hopeless at drawing but maybe the computer can extrapolate from a description” Aurora chose the parameters, taking a few minutes to think hard on how the woman looked. “There, now let’s see if ...” she looked at the PADD’s search results. “A Katarian, that’s what the computer thinks.”

Sarah nodded as she looked at the image "So if you had to make any minor changes - what would they be? Now that we have a base to work from?" Sarah prompted, working on the theory that they hadn't encountered this kind of species before.

“I’m not sure, this species isn’t identical just similar. I only just about remember her face.” She absentmindedly ran her hands over her stomach. “I can’t remember what she said to me, but the look on her face .. I think she was desperate, like this was what she had to do to protect her child.”

"So it sounds like this species can conceive - but not carry" Sarah mused, making some more notes under the picture that Aurora had drawn. Her thoughts were interrupted by the doors opening to sickbay and a new face emerging from the corridor beyond.

" something wrong?" Sarah started.

Aurora looked at Rhenora, she knew exactly why she was here they’d spoken about it in the ready room.

The Captain paused, somewhat embarrassed, also self conscious. She was thankful that Aurora was also in the room.

"I just need to get some things scanned" she said, unsure of her words.

Aurora offered Rhenora a smile, she knew exactly why the Captain was here.

Sarah had a gut feel that this wasn't going to be your usual "I've stubbed my toe" kind of visit. A certain sensitivity was going to be required. Thankfully Aurora seemed well aware of what was going on and seemed to step in to be the Captain's moral support.

"Why don't you hop up here and we can discuss what's on your mind" the doctor smiled, trying to ease the tension. Rhenora nodded and hoisted herself up on the biobed, not sure how to start.

"Aurora thinks I'm pregnant" she finally blurted after a very uncomfortable moment of silence.

Aurora nodded. “I sensed a .. duality about the Captain. It’s something I normally sense around pregnant women or joined species.”

"I see, well how about we see that indeed is the case before we go any further?" Sarah motioned for the Captain to lie down and remain still. "Aurora would you mind coming over here?"

Aurora nodded and hopped down off her biobed, walking over to Rhenora she offered a smile.

There was a silent thank you in Rhenora's eyes as the counselor come over to do what counsellors and friends did best, support one another. The doctor busied herself with scans and blood tests, hormone counts and other procedures, making notes on the padd as she went.

Aurora watched as Sarah went about her work. She’d gone through the same tests herself.

"Well looks like Aurora was bang on. You're only a week or so in, but there is a healthy embryo doing all the right things" Sarah was carefully with her tone and words, cautious of the fact this may have been completely unexpected. "Have the sneezes started?"

Rhenora nodded and sat up "I though I was too old" she started.

" Your body decides that, not your mind. You're a little older than the optimal age for Bajoran's, but with some supplements and Makara herbs, we'll get things where they need to be" Sarah smiled, resting a hand in her Captain's shoulder. "This is what you wanted wasn't it?"

"Yes, I was just always waiting for the right was never the right time" Rhenora admitted, still not really believing it.

“Well it looks like your body has other ideas” Aurora smiled. “Perhaps you should tell Sarah about your dreams, what you dreamt was to happen.”

Rhenora sucked in a breath, steadying her mind before speaking. " I've had a few visions over the last few months. One of the common themes is that I die in childbirth on Bajor in our cottage" she exhaled now that the cat was out of the bag. Once again she drew strength from Aurora's presence.

“Then you don’t go to Bajor nearer the time you’re due.” Aurora offered a smile, “We could be lightyears away! Who knows where the ship will be then.”

"This is true" she admitted, looking towards Sarah and receiving a nod that she could rise. "It's just always played in my mind. Still, as you say it is only a possible future. Where would I be without you Aurora?"

Aurora grinned. “More like where would I be without all of you! So I guess we’re both going to be able to share maternity hints and tips, maybe go shopping together at some point?” She grinned. “Though at my rate of growth I’ve only got about 6 or 7 more days before this little one makes his, or her arrival.”

"Hang on, you go shopping and you end up pregnant with an alien baby, I am NOT shopping with you" there was a ripple of laughter that echoed around the sickbay.

"I second that, you shopping makes me a tonne of work" Sarah retorted with a mock glare. The mood had significantly lightened though. "Alright, Aurora, you're free to hang around and support the Captain, but you're scans are good and everything seems to be on track. I reckon you'll be delivering in maybe 8 days. Captain, we need to discuss a few things" The tone shifted a little, but not majorly giving Rhenora the impression there was no sense of impending doom but there were obviously some 'issues'.

“Thank you Sarah” Aurora smiled and remained at Rhenora’s side, she wasn’t planning on leaving her alone now.

Rhenora tried hard not to worry as Sarah picked up a padd and turned around to face her. "Don't stress, it's nothing catastrophic" the doctor soothed with a calming smile. The flipped the padd around and showed a small image "There is your jellybean, growing nicely and doing all the right things. Your body however is having a few issues keeping nutrients up, and your hormone levels aren't where they need to be" Sarah started, gauging Rhenora's reaction by looking at her face.

"It's because I'm 50 right?" Rhenora retorted.

“Your age isn’t always a bad thing” Aurora smiled. “Although I’m not an expert on Bajoran’s.”

" To be utterly blunt - yes. Bajoran women are at their prime child bearing years in their late teens and early twenties" Sarah replied, "But we can do a few things to help you along. First... you need to eat - more - a lot more, reduce the coffee, and you'll need daily hormone and nutrient hypos." Sarah was on a role.

"Savar's gonna have a field day" Rhenora hung her head and shook it, some long strands escaping from her bun and hanging alongside her face.

“Tell me about it!” Aurora grinned.

"And you need to take Makara herbs, twice a day. I'll let you chose the best way to prepare them. Teas, cold infusions, baked into something - I don't care. Two leaves, twice a day. " Sarah finished with a look that spoke volumes. This was not up for negotiation.

"Yes Doc" Rhenora replied with a mock salute that caused them all to laugh again. She turned to Aurora "How'd you get off so lightly?"

“Well I didn’t really” Aurora looked at Sarah then back at Rhenora. “The baby has ridges developing, from what I remember the woman who did this to me had quite pronounced one’s. We don’t know if it’ll cause any problems with the birth.”

"Ouch" Rhenora winced at the the thought of ridges and delicate areas of her body. "Yeah you can keep that thanks very much" she cringed and offered an apologetic smile.

Aurora nodded. “Guess only time will tell.”

Sarah reached over and grabbed a hypo, injecting Rhenora in the neck. "Righto you two...Aurora same time same place tomorrow, Captain, if you could report back in a week, I'll send the nutrient hypo authority to your replicator. One a Day please. And increase your food intake by at least a third." She crossed her arms in front of her in a stance that meant no negotiation.

Aurora nodded. “I’ll be here thank you Sarah.”

"Glad to hear it, you rest, and you eat. " The doctor nailed them both with a mock glare before being unable to resist a smile. "Scat, both of you"

"Yes Ma'am" Rhenora couldn't help but retort as she hopped off the biobed and fell into step beside Aurora as they exited sickbay "Thank you, for everything" She said quietly.

“My pleasure” Aurora smiled warmly. “Looks like we’ll be experiencing our pregnancies together for now we should have a get together with other expectant mothers, or recent new mum’s that are onboard. It’d be fun.”

"You don't think it would be a little weird?" Rhenora asked, raising an eyebrow at the rounded counsellor.

“Well ... maybe, I guess.” Aurora shrugged her shoulders. “It’s not like this baby is mine, and if the parents return then I’ll have to let go.” Her smile faded.

"It's a very real possibility. I would like to know more about this species though. There may be a way we can help them that doesn't involve involuntary surrogacy" Rhenora replied, stopping to look at her friend.

“I still have a feeling this was done out of desperation” Aurora rested her hand on her small bump. “I don’t know why, it’s just a feeling.”

" It would seem that way, however I would still like to understand the causes of such an action. There has to be something in the Federation Medical Database that could be of benefit" Rhenora continued. "If only they'd identified themselves"

Aurora nodded in agreement. “I just wish I knew how she managed to impregnate me in such a short amount of time, they must have had some kind of technology to do it which means they’re obviously from an advanced species.”

"I think we shall have many answers once this child is born. We just have to make sure you are safe amongst it all" Rhenora said gently.

Aurora offered a smile. “I appreciate that, thank you. Sarah has me officially off duty until this baby is born, but I’d like to be useful when I can. I know it’s only a matter of days but sitting around drives me insane!”

" I'll let you know if I can use your talents. I'd hate for you to be bored" Rhenora chuckled as she turned to head back up to the bridge.


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