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From the Bridge

Posted on Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 1:16am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Freya Ross & Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Lieutenant Thomas Haldeman

Mission: Trapped in Time

As the away team left the bridge Rhenora watched as the back up team for those officers slipped effortlessly into place and picked up where they left off.

"Alright team, we have 30 minutes to find out everything we can about that ship before we send our own people there." She instructed, heading up to the tactical station to assist where she could.

Thomas nodded, Rhenora was doing exactly what he would do, keep the others busy looking for answers to a mystery. He leaned over his board and ran more scans. After doubLe checking the results he straightened up and addressed her, "Captain, something sucked the power right out of that ship until it's at the power levels it is at now."

Aurora watched Rhenora curiously, unless her senses were playing tricks on her she was sensing something about her Captain that even Rhenora seemed unaware of, at least so far. A sense of duality that was normally something she sensed from pregnant women.

" Interesting...possible causes?" Rhenora answered, moving over to where Thomas was working his control panel.

Thomas glanced at Rhenora as she moved over to him. "Unknown at this time Captain. It's like a huge siphon drained the power away until it reached the state the ship currently is in."

“Almost like the power is being drained for something else?” Freya moved across to take a look. “Something similar happened to the USS Enterprise, it turned out to be an ancient booby trap. A ship that had become stuck was still emitting an ancient distress call. They just happened to fall into the trap.”

Rhenora struggled to recall the exact mission report where said incident had happened and blamed her aging memory.
"So there was power drain, possibly by some kind of trap. But within the Wormhole? If I recall correctly the wormhole was only discovered as stable when Starfleet took over Deep Space Nine." She tried to remember the exact details.

"I don't believe this is a trap Captain." Thomas spoke up. "If it was the Dominion would have used it against the Federation. More likely this is a natural occurrence but hasn't been discovered before now."

"I agree, and there is the fact that this ship is over a century old. The Dominion weren't even in this region at that point." Rhenora mused, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "A natural phenomena makes more sense, but how do we explain the energy drain?"

Thomas looked at her and softly said, "It could be a"Lethifold" . They resemble dark cloaks that grow thicker when they ingest someone. I always thought they were made up. A folk tale." He explained.

"There are many creatures out there we know nothing about, even if they exist" The Captain replied, leaving her mind open to the possibility that this could have been caused by a living organism. "Do you read any residual bio signatures?"

"Area shows clear." Thomas readily answered even as he checked his readings again.

"That's a relief - whatever did this seems to be gone, or at least to our sensors. I want to keep a good eye out for anything unusual though" Rhenora instructed, starting to slowly pace along the back of the bridge as she ordered her thoughts.

“I think between Counsellor Vali, and myself you’d get ample warning of anything living out there Captain” Freya smiled. We’re both Betazoids after all.”

"And that's why I'm terribly thankful you're both here" The Captain laughed, breaking the tension that had started to brew in the heart of the bridge. The away team would be ready soon and would who knew what they would find other there. There could be nothing but dust, or corpses that died one hundred years ago? Or something else entirely.

"Please both of you let me know the moment you sense anything different over there. There's just too many questions at the moment." She requested.

Freya nodded “Yes, Captain”

Aurora smiled and nodded. “That’s a promise Captain.”

"Fantastic - now what I think we need to figure out is how far out of phase that ship may be" The Captain rubbed her chin thoughtfully, pre-empting the questions that would come from Engineering shortly.


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