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Bring and Faro - For Bajor

Posted on Thu Apr 22nd, 2021 @ 12:07am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Bajor
Timeline: present

“They could not have picked a better time. Right now our people are lost with no direction. So many grew up knowing only how to fight and now we are being tasked with growing crops and fishing. We should be leaders not peasants in our own country.”

“We should be yes, but we need to preach to more people, to lead more people in our ways, and to lead by example. Show them the light so to speak, and teach that there is a different option to that which they’ve had rammed down their throats for thousands of years” Faro’s passion rose with her words. Seeing Bajor so downtrodden when there was another alternative was heartbreaking.

His tone shifted, “Speaking of which, three new recruits joined today. They were eager to say the least. I told them you would be ready to begin their training tomorrow. I think one of them might just be that potential prized student you’ve been waiting for. You remember, the one you had a vision about. Where he was leading a small group of soldiers into the Hall of Vedecks.”

“ Really?” Her interest piqued and her admiration for her lover’s passion when speaking to the villagers grew. He had a knack of inspiring and drawing others into his cause. “Three is a good effort for one village, with every mind that opens we can reach more and more with the truth. We will welcome them with open arms and allow them to see Bajor’s true potential”

“You mean you will. I on the other hand will be moving on to the next town. The further we spread, the more difficult it will be to see one another.” He could see the look upon her face. “Now, don’t give me that look. We’ve been over this. I go out and gather the troops, then send them back to you for polish and refinement. And then I move on. If I use those fancy transporters I would be no different than the enemy we are trying to fight. Besides I think they can track with those things.”

She pouted at the thought of him going away for a few days. Every village they spoke at was moving further and further away from their home, and would take a long time to walk to. The Pah Wraiths believed in a simple life without relying too much on technology. Walking was a slower existence but one more mindful and in the moment than others.

“It is a burden we must bear, although I’m not sure how I will cope without you.”

“Believe me when I say I feel the same. It is a fate worse than death, yet one I must commit to. For the greater good of all of Bajor. I trust the Wraith enough not to allow my path to stray, as you must. And I will try to get back as often as I can. The day we move on Corimar City, I want you right there by my side. I have always said, we are stronger together.”

“We are indeed” Faro mused as she listened to Brin’s words. She trusted him, she respected him and she loved him for who he was and the passion he felt in whatever it was he was doing.

“So these new recruits arrive in the morning -yes?” She prompted, digging for a little more information.

"Yes. They were instructed to meet with you at the preplanned location. They have to be vetted first, like we discussed. No one goes to the compound until we are sure they are true followers."

He threw his hands up reassuringly, "And I know you can handle yourself but I would still feel better having someone be with you. Last thing we need right now is a setback where you get incarcerated, or worse."

“ They couldn’t catch me even if they tried. And what evidence have they got? We left nothing at the Brotherhood compound. Everything was burnt to the ground, including the bodies” Faro retorted with a bravado that was only partially for show. She knew they had to be cautious to protect themselves and the whole Cult.

He got up and moved around the table to her side, leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Just watch your back, okay. You can never be too careful around certain Constables and Religion zealots, and Contables who are religious zealots.”

“ I will if you will. We’re in this together remember? For the Glory of Bajor?” She prompted him, leaning into his embrace and soaking in the comfort he provided.

“For the Varo of all of Bajor.” He responded, confidence in his words, an aire of strength in his chest. He knew he was stronger with her, much more than without. And he was dreading the push outward. This was now bigger than either of them. This was for Bajor. All of Bajor.


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