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The time comes

Posted on Tue Jun 1st, 2021 @ 5:13pm by Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant JG Sarah Wilson

Mission: Trapped in Time
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Aurora stood gazing at herself in the mirror in the bedroom mirror. Her stomach was well and truly bulging, putting some stretch mark cream on her palm she gently rubbed it in trying to keep her skin nice and supple. She paused as there was a sharp pain which momentarily knocked the wind out of her, before she knew what was happening found herself standing in an unexpected puddle as her body announced the fact that her baby was ready to be born.

Not wanting to panic she cautiously moved across to the bed grabbing the towel that was lying there to dry herself before hitting her comm badge. =^= Aurora to Sickbay, I need the doctor in my quarters! Now!! =^=

" On my way" Sarah acknowledged from sickbay, having a pretty good idea of what was transpiring. She grabbed several medkits, slung two over her neck, another two in her hands and ordered two nurses to follow her.

Tapping her comm badge again she tried called for Savar. =^= Vali to Savar ... I need you. =^=

Savar was on the bridge when Aurora's call came in, =^= I am on my way =^= He answered as he rose fluidly from the center seat. "Mr. Churchill, you have the bridge." He announced as he moved to the lift and disappeared.

Moments later he was at their quarters, entering he looked about. "Aurora?"

Aurora’s voice came from the bedroom, “In here!”

Savar walked rapidly into their bedroom and found Aurora sitting on the edge of the bed. A towel clutched in her hand... a wet towel. "Aurora. Are you alright?" He asked as he came to stand next to her.

Aurora let the towel go grasping Savar’s hand as her contractions started. “The baby... it’s time!” She looked at Savar her face showing the fear she was feeling at this part of the pregnancy developments. “I... I’ve called Sickbay.”

Savar squeezed her hand softly. "Everything will be fine Aurora." He assured her. "Here lie back until the Doctor gets here. I will stay with you."

Aurora nodded, moving back onto the bed she propped herself up on some pillows with Savar’s help. “Where is Sarah!? I need her!”

Savar spoke evenly, calmly. " Aurora, Sarah is on her way. For now focus on your breathing, slow, deep breaths. Concentrate, there is no pain."

Aurora squeezed Savar’s hand tightly as more pain came and went before concentrating on her Vulcan training, trying to keep the pain at bay. Her grip relaxed as she closed her eyes and concentrated hard.

Sarah jogged through the corridors with her team in tow, arriving a short time later and using her medical override to access the door.

"Aurora?" She called.

"We are in the bedroom Doctor." Savar's voice rang out to her. Turning back to Aurora he spoke gently. "Sarah is here, now stay calm and focus on your breathing."

"Let's go" Sarah said to her team as they headed towards the bedroom. Seeing the towels and the strain on Aurora's face, the doctor knew exactly what was going on. She pulled out a tricorder and began scanning while the nurses started unpacking the medkits.

Savar moved aside so Sarah could do her scans of Aurora and the baby. However he continued to speak to Aurora. "You are doing well Aurora." He told her, "Continue to focus on your breathing."

Aurora listened to Savar, his calm Vulcan demeanour was a big help. Right now her concentration on trying to block out the pain of labour was going nowhere, she was wracked with pain and she wasn't sure if it was normal or not. Her forehead was already covered with perspiration as she tightly gripped the bedsheets. "It hurts!!" She looked at Sarah, "It hurts so much!!!"

Sarah reached around and soaked up a hypo, she didn't want to take the sensations away but more dull some of the intense pain. As this was such an unusual pregnancy and she already expected complications she wanted aurora to still feel.

"This should dull the pain somewhat, I can't give you anything stronger I'm sorry" she injected Aurora in the next.

As labour progressed Aurora was becoming ever more tired, until a sudden louder almost blood curdling scream announced the fact that they had a serious problem.

Sarah raised her tricorder again and tried her best not to frown, this was not going to be the labour she wanted aurora to have.

" We need to get you to sickbay, I can't transport you in labour." Sarah started shoving things back in their cases as she called for an anti grav stretcher to be transported in. " The baby's forehead ridges are tearing your uterus as the labour progresses. I need to get you into surgery" Sarah explained calmly as she prepped Aurora for the short trip to sickbay.

Aurora was in too much pain to complain about the move, as fast as labour was progressing the worse the pain was getting. She held her hand out for Savar to hold not wanting to go anywhere without him.

Savar's fingers encircled Aurora's in a gentle grip as they prepared to move to Sickbay. "I am here Aurora. I will always be here for you." He spoke quietly trying to ease Aurora's pain as her labor progressed.

The trip to sickbay was as rapid as Sarah could make it safely and soon they were safely esconced within the hallowed walls of healing. The antigrav stretcher went straight through the main sickbay wards and into the surgical bay where Sarah ducked out to get prepped for surgery, leaving another doctor and two nurses to prepare Aurora.

Savar stopped as the antigrav stretcher and Aurora went straight into the surgical center. He stood as the doors hissed closed behind the stretcher and Aurora and had never felt more helpless in his life.

One of the nurses noticed his hesitation.
"She's going to be OK Commander, we'll get her abd the baby safe" She ushered Savar into a small waiting room to one side of the surgical bay.

For the next 30 minutes Sarah's team worked like a well oiled machine, few words were necessary as they did what they did best.

The sound of a newborns cry filled the room and Sarah dared herself to breathe, focussing her attention on repairing Aurora's damaged uterus and replenishing her blood volume.

Another 30 minutes later again she stood back and looked at the monitors, seeing the icons finally stablising on both of them. The baby was doing well and recovering from the surgery, as was Aurora.

"Take them into one of the private rooms, I'll let the Commander know" Sarah instructed her team, who reversed the anesthetic they had used on the half Vulcan and moved her to a room with her newborn.

Savar waited patiently as possible for Sarah, someone to bring him news on Aurora.

Sarah took a deep breath and composed herself before seeing the Commander, acutely aware that he would be very anxious about his wife.

She opened the door to the waiting room and addressed Savar and the Captain.

"She's doing well, there were some complications, but she's a fighter. Both her and the baby are doing well. You may go and see her whenever you're ready" Sarah smiled, motioning to one of the private rooms at the rear of sickbay.



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