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March Awards

Posted on Tue Apr 6th, 2021 @ 10:24pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Hi Team,
another stellar month with 110 posts! amazing effort :)

Onto the awards

Best Single Author Post
LT Bonnie Durnell

Best Joint Post
CPO Remal Kajun & Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Funniest Post
LT Bonnie Durnell, Lt Anna Thesia, CPO Sapphire



Most Posts
Lt Bonnie Durnell - 23

LT Bonnie Durnell
This month Bonnie has really stepped up as the Liberty wrapped our previous mission and slipped into Character Development mode. She had been instrumental in tying up loose ends as well as bringing new sub-plots into the mix to keep things interesting. Well done!

Most Improved
Lt Aurora Vali
Aurora has improved in both quality and quantity this month, improving her post count as well as introducing some new characters to keep everyone on their toes. Well done!


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