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Sim/Ship Swap with USS Sunfire

Posted on Wed May 26th, 2021 @ 1:51am by Admiral Charles Star
Edited on Wed May 26th, 2021 @ 1:53am

Gallant Liberty Crew:

As your CO has already informed you, you all will be embarking on a historic journey next month: the sim/ship swap with the USS Sunfire. Here's how it'll work:

-Before June 1st: Re-create your Liberty character on the Sunfire
-June 1st: Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon will send a joint post on both ships starting the missions for the ship swap in story
-June 1st: Captain Rhenora Kaylen officially becomes CO/host of the Sunfire, and Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon officially becomes CO/host of the Liberty
-The similar, but separate missions will run concurrently on each ship; you're free to participate in both!
-Before July 1st: Each CO will end their respective mission, and your characters will be deactivated on the Liberty; you will continue on the Sunfire

One thing's for certain... it's sure to be wild! We've never done anything like this, and we likely never will again, but you get to be a part of it now! Be bold with it, push the boundaries, and most importantly, have fun! Again, if you haven't already, please go ahead and recreate your Liberty character on the Sunfire--just don't post until June 1st. Until then...

Admiral Charles Star


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