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Another Path

Posted on Wed Sep 21st, 2022 @ 11:59am by Lieutenant JG Kell Asaa Dr

Personal Log, supplemental.

Just another day on the station, treating anything and everything that comes thru the door, but foremost on my mind is my new posting.

I've gotten quite comfortable here. At first it was quite a shock... variety is one thing but DS9? Wow! Diversity on another level. . .

But this has provided an incredible amount of exposure to other races, and even a few animals which were glad of my previous career path. I felt pretty confident at SF working in the medical branch and during training but this has really cemented many of the nuances a good medical professional needs to have.

Now I feel a bit out of control. SF assigns one where they want to assign one. I was resistant at first, but now I have a new perspective. Maeve pointed out that this will further broaden my horizons, my experiences in the field have led me here, and now beyond? Yes... Yes, this is a good thing.

I've wrapped up files and records, packed my few things at the lab. Now to finish cleaning up my quarters and on to the ship...

USS Liberty. She's a beauty! I did stop by and look at her where she's docked. I did see a couple of slight aberrations, evidence of battle? What will that be like I wonder...

The Dominion War has ended but we've all heard the rumors that they're not done. And just how many other violent offenders are roaming the galaxies. How will I act, or react as it were. Will I distinguish myself? Will I panic? No, I can't panic, I can't fail, that could mean someone dies. That can't happen on my watch!

Better get to it... They're supposed to be docked for another day but who knows with a tactical mission. The sooner I get aboard the sooner I can get my new medical suite squared away! Wow again... CMO... who'd of thought! Yes, best be early than late!


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