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What a Day

Posted on Mon Sep 14th, 2020 @ 7:25am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

As the first 24 hours of my tour of duty as Captain of the USS Liberty draws to a close I can safely say I wish never to have another day like that again. Within 12 hours of us launching we were set upon by pirates wanting to steal our weapons technology. They captured most of the crew and held them captive. Thankfully a small number of us escaped and were able to rid them from their free reign. I realise now that 5 years behind a desk back at Starfleet Command have made me 'soft'. My fitness and combat technique are both rather rusty and it showed. Thankfully a hypo and a date with a dermal regenerator and bone knitter sorted out the cracked rib and bruising.

We're still stranded under emergency power. Our impulse drive refuses to engage and our warp drive is temperamental. This is why we have shakedown cruises I know but still - give a Captain a break?

I have recently received word that a shuttle is approaching with our Computer specialist - someone who is sorely needed at the moment. However the shuttle is Orion in nature, and apparently my husband is on board. More questions that remain to be answered. My head is a mess of emotion and questions. Maybe some time spent in meditation and prayer will help clear my mind. If that fails there's a bottle or two of spring wine that will do the trick.

When it rains - it pours.


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