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Captains Log

Posted on Mon Oct 5th, 2020 @ 9:35pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Captains Log - Supplemental

We have received new orders from Starfleet Command to head to the Orios system in Cardassian space. Command have reason to believe the Cardassians are trying to displace or even destroy a native population in order to expand their mining operations required to rebuild Cardassia Prime. It saddens me to think they are up to their old practices of domination and extermination. Somewhere in the back of my mind I know I'm subconsciously comparing this to the Bajoran occupation. I know I shouldn't and this is a completely different situation. Thankfully Commander Savar and our diplomatic attachment will maintain a professional detachment and objectivity that I may struggle with.

We have several key positions still waiting to be filled by new Starfleet recruits, namely our CMO, Chielf Helmsman, Engineer and Science Chief. We are making do with the exceptional crew that we currently have on board but a dedicated department head would make things much smoother. Another hurdle to cross when we can.

On a personal note I have spent some time with my husband Remal who recently returned. At first I was somewhat dubious as to his intentions and if there was an ulterior motive in play. Thankfully his intentions are pure and I gratefully welcome his return. We spent some time in the holodeck discussing the past and reconnecting on a spiritual level. Next time we are near Bajor I would like to visit the Orb of Wisdom again - I have so many questions. Then again, the Prophets are great at answering questions with questions. I have spent some time in meditation and prayer - something I haven't done in many years. The Prophets were gracious as always although the visions they presented were somewhat traumatic. I feel as though they are trying to heal me - heal my mind and heal my spirit. The body is getting too old to do anything about but Savar has made it his mission to get me back into shape. Nothing like starting again for a good dose of humble pie.


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