Into the fray

Posted on Sat Jul 8th, 2023 @ 10:48pm by Ensign Karla Martell

Ensign Karla Martell:
I feel elated. Having left the academy certainly liberated me from my erstwhile would be bullies. Sadly my lack of basic familiarity for Federation technology got in the way to become and engineer. But as we say on Nova Aix: if you can´t farm, you have to fight and if you can´t fight, you don´t deserve to eat.

The cadets certainly were smugly pointing out that my comprehension of natural sciences was very dated, but you take away their precious technology and hillarity ensues.
Still, it would get me killed then.

The shuttle almost arrived at my new ship. The USS Liberty.A Sovereign. I like the omens. The bode well. I shall pray that I am not saddled with the same kind of people like in the academy.