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Captains Log - Supplemental

Posted on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 @ 8:25am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

As the mission draws to a close I have come to a number of conclusions, most of which reflect positively on the individuals or races in question.

Lt Durnell displayed skill I had no idea she had when she took command of the bridge and launched a rescue mission on the stricken Cardassian shuttle. The move was risky, putting the Liberty in the path of a dangerous storm as well as banking on the fact the Cardassian's wouldn't fire on us. The outcome was the successful rescue of the shuttle and an agreement from the Cardassians that they will honour the Colonists home until another Federation ship arrives to continue the negotiations. They have also cast Gul Maccet as a lone wolf with a hidden agenda that didn't align with the greater governments. This brings me some comfort despite the actions of one man.

Dr Wilson also informs me that Commander Savar and Lt Vali are now well and truly in the grips of Pon'Farr. I have removed them both from active duty until they can resolve this on Vulcan. I have set a course for their home planet at high warp - I only hope we get there before there is irreversible damage to either of them.

On a whole the crew performed admirably during the last mission - although I have to write my formal report to Starfleet command regarding the death of Gul Maccet. I need some more time to ponder the detail and mull through it before writing. In line with my preliminary report - it will be along the lines of Gul Maccet lured and captured the away team and thus myself to the surface with the intent to kill. Whether it was Savar's blood lust in Pon'Farr or the fact Maccet was trying to kill me that ultimately led to the Cardassian's demise I won't know fully until I am able to speak with Savar. I have advised Command there will be a delay in my final report for this reason.

Until we reach Vulcan I have advised the crew to repair what needs to done before we arrive so that they all can enjoy some down time. I have a few plans myself to explore some of the cultural highlights once we get there.


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