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Planet hades sun end

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 3:32pm by Lieutenant T'Strella Drake

Mission: Diplomatic Masquerade
Location: Flash back classified


T'Strella, walked in a river of blood. Her security escorts ushered her along streets no longer recognizable...the smell of death and spent plasma burned and charred flesh.

The Klingon contingent hurried her along at a faster pace, they all several sheets in the wind, a human expression used for alcoholics who were always imbibing.

The ash from battles so thick it blocked the trinity suns in the system, causing a war created nuclear plasma fired cold winter in the summer.

She, treated a dying child with her emergency medi kit. The smell nauseating.... but she pressed onwards. They must reach the fortifications where the Prince of Chula was being held. They had to free him or the back worlds over warped and nuked would most surely blow up the system.

A Romulan intel opt joined them. T'Strella sure they were also part of the problem......

A loud roar and a BANG!! She, awoke from the nightmare, still able to taste and smell the death all around her...... "Romulans....." she whispered as she rose, dressed and prepared for the Art of Diplomacy, or as she referred to it........ Seek and find in a dainty cover.

She dressed in a pink silk dress, silver shoes. Styled her long curls until they fell around her shoulders and she preceeded to a reception, one of many...... Drink...lies and cocktails


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