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Snake Trap

Posted on Thu Oct 15th, 2020 @ 10:57pm by Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell

Mission: Diplomatic Masquerade
Location: On Route to Orias III
Timeline: 6.5 hours until arrival

6 hours to Orias III

"Helm, adjust bearing 5 degrees starboard." Maccet ordered from his command chair at the center of the bridge. From there he could oversee every station and micromanage every action. No one dared oppose his authority, not on the bridge of his own ship. This was his authoritarian structure and he was the boss.

"Sir this puts us close to the Tarsus System and will change our eta by thirty minutes." The helm officer reported bluntly.

Maccet motioned his hand, "Is that so? Well in that case send a message to the Liberty that we have had a technical malfunction in our navigation system and will be running a bit behind." His face held a snide snear behind his normal blank exterior.

"Sir? Our navigation system?" The young helm officer questioned innocently.

"Unless you'd rather tell them it is due to the incompetent nature of my helm officer, I suggest you follow my orders as they were given." He held his posture rigid and controlling.

"Aye sir. Message sent as ordered, sir."

“Good. Now, who can tell me about my envoy?” He directed his voice to the surrounding area, his head swiveling in waiting response. “Anyone?”

A response rose from behind him. “Sir, special Envoy checked in thirty minutes ago. His team is on the surface and should be moving into place as we speak.”

“Good. Carry on.” The playing field was loaded with players. The knights were in place to strike. The trap was set. The bait would arrive soon. All he needed was a small diversion, perhaps something in the Tarsus region. Yes, that would do nicely.

He stood, his tone and demeanor changing. “Ladies and gentlemen, best faces forward. This is a diplomatic meeting and we will be on our best behavior for the council and the good of the Cardassian Republic. This planet belongs to us and no Federation dog will change that fact. Our to do with as we please. All stations, carry on.”

Everyone who was listening turned back to their stations and continued as instructed. Meanwhile he removed himself from the bridge to make his own preparations When dealing with bureaucrats and diplomats one must always be prepared.


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