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Well this is different

Posted on Sat Jan 2nd, 2021 @ 11:50pm by Crewman Ronson Mitchell

Mission: Healing of Minds

Crewman Ronson Mitchell was never one for change. He liked things just so and worked hard to keep them that way. It had taken him months to work out what made his Captain tick, how she liked her coffee, what was the most appropriate times to schedule her meetings, and how to present whatever needed doing in a way that meant it just got done. He was happy, he had her figured out and knew what made her work most efficiently. Now it seemed she was gone. Who knew for how long!?!

The communication to all crew had been issued I. The early hours of the morning, advising the Captain Kaylen was taking a leave of absence for a period of time and Commander Savar would now be acting Captain. His heart sank, he would have to start all over again. Savar was a fine officer and more than up to the task but the intricate relationship between the Yeoman and the new Captain would need to be established. Did he prefer coffee or tea? Did he need reminding to eat and take breaks or was he more in touch with the passage of time? He wondered if Rhenora was coming back, the memo didn't say anything about a timeframe about her return, just something about taking leave for personal reasons.

By the time he got to his office that morning the Liberty's rumour mill was in full swing. He sat down at the small desk and pulled with Savard personnel file and began to read, hoping to find some insights into his new boss.


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