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Posted on Mon Jan 4th, 2021 @ 12:59am by Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: Healing of Minds
Location: XO's Ready Room
Timeline: After "Doubts"

Savar sat quietly thinking and he realized he needed another perspective on how to proceed with commanding the Liberty. He tapped his combadge. "Savar to Aurora, please report to my Ready Room." That done he sat and waited for Aurora's appearance all while he ran through different scenarios in his mind.

Aurora was sitting in her seat on the bridge when Savar’s voice came over the comms. “On my way Commander.” Walking over to Savar’s ready Room she pressed the chime before entering. “You wanted to see me?”

Savar rose as Aurora entered. "Yes, I did Aurora. I wish to talk to you and ask for your advice on an important matter facing the Liberty."

Aurora raised an eyebrow in typical curious Vulcan style. “Oh?” She walked across to a seat and sat down. “I’m listening.”

Savar nodded, "Yes, I wish to talk to you about it's Commanding Officer, that being me."

“Really!?” Aurora sighed shaking her head. “Of course really or you wouldn’t have asked me here!” She offered a smile. “What do you need Savar, what can I do to help you?”

"As you are my wife and I trust your opinion completely, I need your honest assessment of me as a Commanding officer. I cannot be Captain Kaylen or use her style." He finished.

Aurora nodded. “No you aren’t Captain Kaylen and you don’t have to be. The crew already trust you in your capacity as Executive Officer, they know the kind of man you are. What they don’t know is what you expect of them as their Commanding Officer. In my opinion you are a very capable Captain, you just need to believe in yourself Savar. The crew will come to know and trust your style of command given a chance.”

"I see." Savar answered and then continued. "This is a mostly Human crew, they may see my commands as harsh, cold. I expect them to do their jobs Aurora just as Captain Kaylen would. Furthermore I commanding for an extended time not just a shift or a few days. I am concerned about that."

Aurora nodded. “Might I suggest you make an announcement? Explain the situation to the crew as they’ll be worried about where Captain Kaylen is.”

An excellent suggestion Aurora though I believe the Captain did that but it doesn't hurt to repeat it for those who may have missed it." Savar replied.

“Plus it gives you a chance to let the crew know your expectations. Just be gentle on them, you know they’re a good crew and what they’re capable of as a team.”

Now it was Savar's turn to arch an eyebrow. "Be gentle with them? What do you mean Aurora?"

Aurora smiled. “What I mean is don’t expect immediate enthusiasm, some may have questions or concerns. Those with concerns will no doubt come to me, either that or they’ll avoid me because I’m your wife. Just be prepared for whatever happens and don’t be harsh on those who view to air their concerns. Obviously the chain of command must be followed to maintain order, so anyone refusing to follow that chain of command will need to be reminded of it. Although I can’t see this crew causing a problem for you.”

"Aurora. I would never be vindictive to a crew member. The chain of command will be followed. However like you I don't see that as an issue with this crew."

Aurora nodded. “I know you’d never be vindictive Imzadi” she smiled warmly. “I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll make a very good Captain.”

"Time will tell Aurora." Savar answered as he opened the ship wide com. "Attention crew, this is Co... Acting Captain Savar. Captain Kaylen as taken a personal leave of absence to travel to Bajor with her husband. I am unsure how long she will be gone. However she left me in command. I know you may have questions. If so, my door is open and I will attempt to answer them. You may also visit the counseling offices if you prefer. In closing I promise to give you my best. I expect the same from you just as if you were serving Captain Kaylen."

Aurora sat proudly watching her husband as he gave his announcement. She waited for the comms to close before nodding approvingly. “Congratulations Acting Captain, I’m very proud of you.”

Savar came around his desk to stand in front of Aurora. His fingers touched her cheek lightly. "And I am always proud of you Aurora. Thank you for your advice and insight. I am sure I will call on you again." Then he did something out of character as he leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips.

Aurora was surprised but she returned her husband's kiss. "I will be at your side Imzadi."

"That is all I need." Savar replied simply. Having Aurora's support was the seal of approval he needed.

Aurora nodded. “You know I think we’re starting to rub off on each other. You’re showing more spontaneity and I’m starting to see things more logically, which is really saying something for me!” She grinned.

"It proves that we are meant for each other Aurora." Savar replied, "A fact I was already aware of."

Aurora smiled. “I just wish I’d have been more sure of that years ago. I regret leaving you back then, I should have had as much faith in our parents decision to bond us as you showed. At least we’re together now and that’s what matters.”

"It is in the past Aurora. Leave it in the past. As you said we are together now and that is what is important." Savar replied evenly. The past serves no purpose for us except to leave it behind. Our future lies ahead of us."

Aurora nodded. “Indeed it does. Shall we head to the bridge ... Captain?” She smiled warmly.

"A most logical idea Counselor. After you." Savar replied.

Aurora nodded and they headed to the bridge. Taking her seat at her husband’s side as he took the centre seat.



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