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Survival of the Fittest Pt 3

Posted on Tue Jan 26th, 2021 @ 9:24pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Dean House & Lieutenant Aurora Vali

Mission: The Jungle
Location: Jungle

Carefully she moved from tree to tree, with Lt House attempting to get higher up and thus the tactical advantage. She paused, senses straining to hear something, anything that would give her a clue. Another arrow whizzed towards her, giving her a better indication as to its origin despite the danger it presented.

That wasn't exactly to much trouble for Dean to get up where he wanted. Watching Rhenora more closely to try and pick out the trajectory of the second arrow. Also trying to motion for the Captain to silently notify if she could tell also and point it out so he could take a shot.

Silently she continued, making the movement from tree to tree. She saw a movement again and ran towards it, scimitar at the ready. The frustration and other emotions she'd been pushing aside for the last few hours came to the fore, duelling her run despite her hunger. An arrow was raised and aimed.

Not any more. Threading the 'needle' as it were. The two fingers holding the string of the bow letting go and snapping the Hunter's arrow in half. Since that way it would just drop. If he'd aimed for the actual Hunter, he possibly could have let go when dead and it still hit her. Dean sighed and looked for another one, they couldn't possibly be working along. Had to be in packs. "Get him, Captain.." Said quietly.

The Hunter whirled as his arrow dropped, reaching for another even before the first hit the ground. He saw a blur running towards him, the glint of a blade visible in the afternoon sun. His effective range was rapidly reducing and he dropped the bow, reaching for a large curved blade from his belt.

There were now two options that Dean had. Yes, he was faster than the Hunter...theoretically. He could make the shot, or he could look back to where Savar was and see if he could see Aurora. Making sure that they weren't being flanked by another Hunter. From what he got about Rhenora, she had this, so he picked the latter. Covering Savar.

Rhenora let out a battle cry her ancestors would have been proud of, blade raised and defending the moment she was in range. She was smaller and lighter than the Hunter, and although her blade was smaller, she was was quicker. The sound of blade on blade echoed through the jungle.

Oh this was not going to end well, Dean could just feel it. "Sorry're in no position to help her." Said mostly to himself. Literally hopping down from his perch. Like that distance meant much to him any way. For going trying to take a shot, since the steel on steel sounds meant they were in CQC. His aim was good, but he didn't trust the make shift bow. Dropping it and keeping hold of the arrow.

Even though she was smaller and lighter, the Hunter wasn't hungry and wasn't well into his middle age. She had been training with Savar, and spent time refining her skills with the brotherhood. She got inside the Hunters guard, angling her blade to hit underneath his arm where his protective garments were less. He span with her, knocking her backward with an upward blow from his elbow. She saw stars as her head snapped backwards, stumbling a few steps before regaining her balance.

Uh huh..not going to happen, not on his watch, or at least if Dean could help it. Though that was giving away his position in coming. That was already compromised anyway now.

The Hunter moved swiftly, pouncing before she had a few moments to regather herself and her weapon. His blade struck her in the leg as she attempted to recover, he had been aiming for her chest or neck but she had managed to move again before he could finish the job.

The wound in her leg dropped her to the ground, but she fought till the end, using her blade and then her hands to inflict any injury she could on him. Was this to be her end? Battling for survival against a masked hunter in a jungle for someone's entertainment? Before he could end it Dean exploded from the underbrush.The Hunter tossed her over his shoulder and bolted, he would finish the job later, whistling for two of his comrades nearby to take care of this one who would steal his glory.

Dean heard the whistle. That was certainly a sign there was more. Getting there and jump tackling both the Hunter and Rhenora. Kinda the purpose in his mind. It stopped him. Shoving the arrow hard enough aimed for the throat and to go completely through out to the other side.

The Captain had no idea what exactly had transpired, she was still a little disoriented from the fight and now being tackled to the ground. She lay still and blinked a few times, trying to regain her bearings before she saw Dean.

"Ugh, help me up" she grunted, extricating herself from the now very dead Hunter. She started to rumage through his pockets to find anything useful.

"Well that worked a little better than I had expected." Dean gave a sigh and left the arrow. It was probably ruined anyway. Helping her up. "I'd ask if you are okay, but you're not, Captain."

"I've had worse" she brushed it off and took some more foil packets from the dead hunters pockets, tossing the bow and arrows to Dean "you would probably use them better than me" she had yet to fully stand and knew it was going to hurt like hell when she did. The blade had gone deep into her thigh muscle, avoiding bone and major arteries but was bleeding. She sat down again and use the knife to slice a strip off the bottom of her undershirt, using the material to apply a crude compression bandage.

Dean caught the bow and the quiver, giving a look, "Better than the one I made." Just setting them aside for now to look, even if its under protest, at her leg. "That's not going to cut it. No pun intended. It needs to be tied off, and to be honest, cauderizing would be the best bet. Certainly before it gets infected."

"Without a fire and a hot knife, neither of which we happen to have right about now" she retorted, wincing as he probed the injury. "This will stop the we can do"

There was a shake of Dean's head given. "Actually, we have tinder, we have arrow heads, all the means to make a fire. however..I am pretty sure he just alerted others. It would be ideal to do that, but I don't think we have time."

"Take whatever you think is useful, then we need to get back to the river to help Savar if he needs it" she reached for his hand, levering herself back to her feet. Thankfully her leg supported at least some of her weight, a small win.

"Well, I guess you're going to have to deal with seeing me naked, or keep an eye out or both." Dean sighed and started to Strip the Hunter. Rhenora should get the idea what he was doing. Suiting up in it so he'd look like one of them. Though they needed to hide the body.

She turned her back as he dressed, affording him the dignity and respect he deserved. It was a good idea and would allow him to blend in with the Hunters, giving the Liberty crew a distinct advantage.

It might, but also, no one else knows so he might get attacked if some how they got the jump on him. Taking it the wrong way while he's with her. "You can look now. Let see what else is in these pockets.."

"A phaser, tricorder and medkit would be good right about now, and how about the contents of my husband's kitchen and a coffee machine" she retorted, leaning her weight back against a tree.

"I meant in this guy's pockets, Rhenora." Dean just dropped the whole Captain and Ma'am thing. Considering right now, they all were being hunted and unless it was a real order, rank was kind of null and void. This was survival.

"What you doubt the possibility of a tricorder or something similar being in his very limited pockets? I'd just settle for some food at this point. " She did have the remainder of the foil packet they had taken earlier but it wouldn't last long. She said nothing of his casual use of her name. There were times and places and this wasn't one to be finicky about protocol.

"I don't know," just picking whatever was in there out and setting it down. If anything she hadn't already looted. "Well..what's the foil thing? Might be food, or I saw some berries. Its something."

"You could liken them to survival rations. Terrible taste, but keeps you alive" she offered him part of the packet she had already opened. "Don't say I didn't warn you"

"You really don't like MRE's?" Dean gladly took what she offered. "They're sometimes better than prepared food."

"Sure, if you leave your taste buds in a plasma conduit" she snorted, wrinkling her nose. "This is survival, I'm treat my taste buds to Remal's cooking when we get home. And we will get home" she said firmly.

"You really must have been getting the wrong MRE's then." Dean shook his head, "And I know we'll get home." There was that attitude. It had to kick in some time. "I'm here." Giving a motion to her leg, "Let me give a look at that again. We probably need to change the bandage."

"Really? I'm sure it's fine" she squirmed a little," there's nothing we can change it with, unless you plan on sacrificing the clothes on your back" she did as she was told and carefully peeled back the reddened bandage.

Switching back, because this was serious, Dean nodded to the ground. "I just got naked and put on these ranky ass clothes. There is plenty of fabric to use as bandages, Captain." Motioning, "And see. Its still bleeding. Slower, but..we need to change it."

"Damnit I think I'm going to hate it when you're right" Rhenora retorted, trying hard not to wince as he probed the wound. "Just tell me you've been a medic in some form and that my legs not going to fall off" she tried to lighten the mood before the inevitable pain of rebinding it.

"Hmm..." Leaning down while he looked at it. "Well aside from the fact you have a very nice thigh, also that I can't say any more than that, because you're married." Dean gave a little huff. "I think we're going to have to amputate. It'll take about three hours with your sword." using that to distract her while he cut off another strip and tightened it hard, then wrapped it lightly.

"What the..."Rhenora started to reply before the pressure on her leg turned the smart added retorted into a whimper that was bitten off into stoic silence. "Damn you"

Double checking it, Dean gave a look up to her, "Worked didn't?"

"Damnit yes" she grumped as the tied off the ends. "Help me up, we should get moving before tweedle Dee's friends turn up and find him naked"

Dean helped her back up to stand, and to lean on the nearest tree. "They aren't going to find him naked. Just keep an eye out while I get rid of the body and cover up the scuffle tracks, please."

"Yessir" she saluted him and tried to reset the jungle into a more natural orientation. She used a branch with some leaves to distort the drag marks and footprints.

"I'm sorry. Action kicked in, Captain." leaving that there, Dean thought about what to do with the body. Best thing he could think of for now was to pick it up and toss it in the River. It wasn't that far after all. Though it would leave Rhenora alone for a few minutes.

"All good" she tossed back to him as he backed away from her with the Hunter. She spent the next few minutes tossing some leaves and branches over the fight scene to cover the blood, both his and hers, as well as the damage to the undergrowth.

Back on her side Aurora needed to find Savar. She closed her eyes and focussed all into guiding him to her and Ronson’s exact position. << I’m here Savar! Follow my thoughts >>

Savar did as Aurora instructed and followed her thoughts, through the underbrush until finally he found here and Ronson. "Aurora, are you alright? Mr. Mitchell, it is good to see you again"


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