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Step by Step

Posted on Wed Mar 3rd, 2021 @ 8:41pm by Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: The Jungle
Location: Jungle-Red Zone Planet
Timeline: Current

Savar and Aurora made it through the night without incident and awoke to a bright day and a renewed sense of purpose to claim the idol and free their crew from the cruel game they were trapped in.

"Good morning Aurora, how did you sleep?" Savar asked his wife as he looked at her, searching for any sign of discomfort from her wound that would prevent her from going on.

“Good Morning” Aurora smiled warmly at her husband. “I slept very well surprisingly enough, I feel more invigorated this morning.” She checked the bandage on her side pleaded to see just a small amount of dried green blood on it. “I’m not as sore either so I think my side is improving.”

"Excellent. I am gratified to hear that" He answered, He offered her a piece of meat. "You need to eat." He explained.

“Thank you” Aurora smiled before checking their water supplies, she was thirsty but she couldn’t drink too much or they’d run out. She sipped her share before offering some to Savar whilst she ate her meat.

"No, thank you Aurora. I am neither hungry or thirsty." Savar answered, picking up the rifle and looking out through the cover of their hideout. He could see the clock still counting down and a little farther away the image of the idol. "We are close to the idol Aurora so we will need to be even more aware of any traps and Hunters."

“Agreed” Aurora nodded. “We need to get moving but the threat of traps is going to slow us down. The others are depending on us Savar, we can’t fail.”

"I am aware the others are depending on us and I have no intention on us failing Aurora. We will proceed but with due caution and be extra vigilant in our awareness." Savar replied with quiet conviction.

“I have faith” Aurora smiled warmly. “I’m ready when you are, let’s do this!”

"I am ready to begin right now Aurora. Be alert for drones as well as they can report our position to the Hunters and further complicate our quest." Savar answered as he eased out of the hideout he and Aurora had spent the night in.

“If they’ve got cameras in the jungle they’ll know our positions anyway but we can try and stay under canopy as much as possible.” She joined Savar outside and looked around. “It doesn’t look that far at all but I don’t like it. It feels too quiet.”

"An astute and accurate observation Aurora. Undoubtedly there will be more traps for us to both encounter and get past. However I am confident in our abilities to do so." Savar replied.

Aurora nodded. “Well I’d say we head ...” She looked around. “That way” she pointed off to their left side. “They’d expect us to go direct, I suggest we take a slightly off side route.”

"An excellent suggestion Aurora. Let us proceed with it." Savar agreed. "Stay behind me and stay close." He added.

“Right behind you” Aurora smiled she could only hope they’d get to the idol and get the whole nightmare over with.

"Very good Alicia. Let us be going and finish this 'game'. Savar said crisply.

“Where do you think we are?” Aurora looked briefly at Savar curiously as they traversed the jungle. “A planetoid or maybe a holodeck?”

"An excellent question Aurora." Savar replied as they crept along, wary of traps. "If I was to ascertain a guess I would say a holodeck of unusual size. It would be cumbersome to have us on a planetoid. Further if you have noticed all the time we have spent in the sun, we have not tanned or burned. Leading to my opinion we are on a holodeck."

“You’re right, I hadn’t stopped to think about that” Aurora nodded. “So if we could find access to the operating systems we could shut this simulation down.”

"Indeed we could Aurora and thereby ending this game and perhaps by doing so winning and freeing the crew." Savar offered.

“Finding it would be the hard part but let’s keep on for that idol” she kept walking before suddenly slipping and sliding down a covered embankment. Fortunately she landed without further injury. “Great!” She looked up, there was no way she had time to climb back up.

"Stay there Aurora." Savar told his wife. When suddenly the lights went out and the jungle was replaced with the markings of a holodeck.

Aurora looked around in surprise. “What happened? We’ve got nowhere to hide!”

"Look for the exit Aurora! Hopefully we can find the others." Savar answered.

“It’s right there!” She pointed towards the now appeared arch. “Wait ... this is too easy!” She stood her ground, “it could be a trap!”

"I think not. The Idol has gone dark and the clock has stopped counting down." Savar pointed out, "I think it is a chance for us to escape at least from here." He pointed out.

Aurora nodded. “Then let’s get the hell out of here!” She looked at Savar, “Let’s find our crew.”

"Agreed. Let us proceed with all due haste Aurora." Savar replied as the pair moved towards the arch and escape from the evil program they had been subjected to.

Cautiously stepping out of the holodeck Aurora breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank Heavens! Now question is where do we go from here?"

In the distance raised voices and phaser fire could be heard. "I believe it is in our best interest to investigate the cause for raised voices and weapon fire." Savar commented. "However we shall proceed with caution."

“Agreed, it sounds like there’s a rebellion taking place. Let’s just hope it’s on our side!” Aurora gave her husband a wry grin.

"Both a logical and wise assumption Aurora. Let us hope it proves correct." Savar answered as they eased out of the holodeck and into a corridor. They moved cautiously as the voices and weapon fire grew louder.


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