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Mission: The Jungle
Location: Broadcast offices
Timeline: Current

It hadn't taken long for the Liberty crew to swarm the broadcast offices, securing the building and herding all the personnel they had found back to the corral.

Haldeman had made his way to the corporate offices and found the Exec hurriedly stuffing money into a briefcase. "Going somewhere?" He asked in a calm conversational tone.

While they did take over the building, and got everyone, at least they could find back and secure. Something didn't sit right with Dean. "Something is off. I just feel it, also, we need to find the others. Those that have been captive here for who knows how long. As well as that son of a bitch orchestrating all of this as well." Looking to see if 'his' bow(The hunters) and what else he previously had was around or a suitable replacement. Which there just happened to be an energy rifle, so that was good.

Bonnie was unaware of the events happening outside the arena. Her focus was on making contact. She had reached the terminal, just beyond her small access tunnel. Unmanned and unguarded it meant for easy access. She took only a moment to familiarize herself with the tech before diving in to the controls.

She understood now. The jungle was both real and fake. It was a combination of real terrain and hologeneration on a grand scale. All concealed beneath a biodome. And she had the power to manipulate everything. First communications, she activated a jammer to mask her signal location before reaching out.

"To anyone within the sound of my voice, this is Bonnie Durnell of the Starship Liberty. Please if anyone is there, respond please."

The sound broadcast throughout the dome but also through the communications devices in the helmets and watches. Now she just had to wait for a reply.

Dean stopped his rummaging a moment and looked to the wrist device, oh yeah he still had that. "Bonnie? This is Dean House. I'm here."

Dean, Dean... She wasn't sure she had met a Dean. But it didn't matter, she had made contact with someone, anyone. "Dean, I am in some sort of central control hub and have access to a lower terminal. This, holo jungle thing, I... I think I can control parts of it, maybe turn off parts of it. I just need direction. Is there something I can do, I don't know, to help you or anyone else?"

Dean tried to explain what parts he knew without going into a big long rant like he was reading it out of a novel of what happened on his side of things. "And besides of that, evidently come to find out this is some kind of game being broadcast for viewers to bet on, and the like. Is there anything you can see that might change the feeds to the public so they can see what is really going on? Create an uprising?"

Bonnie looked over her controls. "Um... maybe. Let me just, damn admin rights... and, there." She pressed a few buttons and activated the drones, then a few more and activated the camera feeds. There were hundreds of feeds from which to choose. "Anything I should be looking for in particular?" She asked her communicator.

While giving a look around for others, or where there was a commotion going on he replied back, "I know there's probably a lot going on but my best guess would be the executive's office. If there hasn't been already there's going to be a showdown. Meaning I'm sure the bad guy is going to ramble on about his plans."

She nodded, despite the fact he could not hear her head shake. "Monologing, of course." An old trope that held truths. She quickly pulled up the interactive map, found the executive offices and then sent a swarm of cameras in that direction. She cycled quickly between them until she found what she was looking for. The scene was playing out like a battleground, weapons fire and commotion, but somewhere in the middle, she found someone trying to get rich off the chaos. She focused the cameras there for the world to see.

"Dean, will that work? You should see footage, well, everywhere I think."

A little curious why he'd not had to find cover from being shot out, but found cover any way. Dean looked up at one of the large screens. "I'd say that will work. Can you check for me on a map or something and see if I've got any incoming or if a path one way or another is clear to get up there?"

"Um... maybe." She cycled through some more footage. "Which one is you?" As she had never met him, she didn't have a clue what he looked like.

Dean described himself, particularly the hole in his uniform at his shoulder, also waving at a camera. "See me?"

It took her a minute with all of the chaos but she moved the camera in and focused on who she thought fit the description pretty well. "I see you. And I see a path ahead. It's mostly clear. Wait, no there are two guards near the base of the tower. They seem to be prepping a ride, probably for someone important. Take them out and it's a straight shot up the stairs to the left." She smiled, finally feeling like she was able to help. "Good luck."

"Got it. Shouldn't be to hard." Giving a bit of a wait a moment before pushing out of cover. Following her directions. "And Bonnie. Good work, owe you a drink later." Moving at a brisk pace and then stopping at a corner. Hopefully Dean hadn't been seen by the two. Which he wasn't because they were busy with the vehicle. Perfect.

It was obvious what one of Dean's skill sets were, since his movements were completely military. Moving out and walking briskly with his profile sideways. Two or three shots for each of the hostiles, dropping them. "Two down. Moving in."

Someone had obviously been there. That certainly helped his ascent a lot easier. While there were a few stragglers he had to take care of, that wasn't much of a problem. There was one or two sections that seemed like a stand off, but it really wasn't that long.

Dean did pause a moment two floors down from where the Exec's officer should be. Taking a moment to catch his breath and rubbing his should for a moment. It still hurt but he'd push past that. Moving again.

Aurora walked cautiously with Savar until they both had to dive for cover thanks to the ensuing firefight that they’d heard ahead. “I guess that answers our questions!” Aurora looked happily at Savar. “Our crew are staging a revolt!”

"I would have to agree with you Aurora." Savar replied as he was able to identify some of the Liberty crew. "Do you see the Captain anywhere?"

Aurora looked around. “Not yet but I’d imagine she must be here leading this ... somewhere.” She looked at Savar. “Go ... they need you out there helping to lead this fight, I’ll just get in the way. I’ll try and find the Captain.”

Savar hesitated, he did not want to leave Aurora especially as she was injured. Finally after a few seconds, his decision was made. "Aurora do not be a hero. Keep your head down." He answered as he placed the phaser rifle in her hands. "I will see you when this is over."

“I promise, no heroics” She gently pulled him closer and gave him a kiss. “Be safe.”

Reluctantly Savar broke the kiss. "Make sure you heed your own words Aurora. No heroics."

“I swear!” She nodded. “I won’t let you down Imzadi.”

"That is all the assurance I need Aurora." Savar answered as he turned to join the fight.

The exec turned as Haldeman entered his office "This is all YOUR doing! I should never have trusted you!" He snarled as he shoved the last of the cash in his briefcase. He made a run for the door.

Haldeman quickly moved to block his escape. "No, no. Don't leave, we're going to have a little talk."

" I have nothing to say to you Haldeman!" The Exec snarled, trying to force his way out the door.

"Fair enough." Haldeman nodded before hitting the Exec with his rifle. You can listen. Get into your chair and shut up."

" How DARE you!" The Exec sputtered, holding his aching head as she stumbled backward " I MADE You the star you are - you owe me everything"

Haldeman swung the rifle up and pointed it at the Exec. "Yes, you made me." He conceded." You made me a monster. Forcing other crews to partake in your perverse pleasures and to be part of The Game. But that ended when you made me place another Federation Captain, a friend, and her crew in The Game. The time has come to put and to this 'game'. Tell me, do your people believe in hell?"

" You were well paid - you were a star! The people loved you!" The Exec blabbed "I was just doing what I was told!" He stammered, trying to weasel his way out of the mess that was rapidly unfolding.

"I was paid blood money! While my crew got put to work as slaves! You pulled all the strings." Haldeman countered angrily. "A Federation Captain is responsible for the lives of his crew and their deaths. I have felt ever one of the deaths of my crew and those of the Liberty crew as well. Along with the Klingon and Cardassian crews."

Rhenora meanwhile searched for Haldeman, having a hankering feeling he would be seeking penance for what he was supposedly forced to do. She headed for the top-level broadcast offices and listened for an altercation.

"But it's all over now. Time to put an end to you. Your cancer, you make everything you touch dirty, you made me dirty, a bum but now I have a chance to change all that." Haldeman replied coolly.

Rhenora heard the voices and made a beeline for them, recognizing Haldeman as one of them. From the sound of it he was about to make a decision he may regret later. She pushed the door open to reveal a precarious situation.

"Haldeman. STOP!" She shouted.

Haldeman didn't turn, his attention remained on the Exec. but he knew that voice. "Ah. Rhenora. Your just in time to see me end this slug's life." He told her.

" Don't do it, don't fall to his level" Rhenora cautioned, not wanting to raise her own weapon but would if she had to. Whatever this exec had done there had to be another that that didn't involve murder.

Haldeman gave a bitter laugh, "Fall to his level? I've fallen past his level Rhenora. I'm on the very bottom looking up. I suffered, my crew suffered. Other crews have died. You almost did. Why shouldn't I kill him? It won't even the scales but it will help."

" We have all suffered, so bring him to justice the right way so an example can be made. Make him a martyr and more will follow in his footsteps" Rhenora challenged, not letting on that she had the same fate in mind for Haldeman.

"You mean show him mercy don't you Rhenora?" Haldeman challenged. "Though bringing him to justice isn't a bad idea. If you can find justice here. It's just easier to shoot him."

"I'm saying haul his ass back to Starfleet to face justice for his actions. Better yet, broadcast the truth to the people of this world - how innocent people have been killed for their entertainment" Rhenora threw back, raising her voice to match Haldeman's emotion.

"Starfleet has no jurisdiction here Rhenora." Haldeman replied. "Broadcasting what he did is a start and hopefully the people will think on what has happened here and how their as responsible as he is."

Two of the voices were familiar, the female one much more than the other. The third he only caught on to because it sounded like that prick he saw on the video feed. Coming up to the doorway and leaning against it. Peeking in first to look at positions, and then coming in with the rifle raised. "Got your back, Captain."

" He has imprisoned two Starfleet crews, killed our people for entertainment whilst he made money - it IS a Starfleet matter. First he needs to be discredited in the eyes of his people though" She continued, feeling Dean pull up behind her.

Though his desire for revenge was great, he wavered at Rhenora's words. They struck a long forgotten cord. He WAS a Starfleet Captain. He had forgotten that for awhile.

" Broadcast the truth, this will never happen again once the people know the truth. Show them who we are, more than just actors - we're innocent people" Rhenora's voice took a timbre of great emotion. She was hurting in a number of areas. If Haldeman didn't act in accordance to his Starfleet oath any respect for her friend would be lost "Be a Captain again..."

Dean kept the rifle lifted, he wasn't going to drop it until there was a full resolve at this at this point. Moving around Rhenora into a position where he had tone on both of them two men.

Haldeman's eyes held Rhenora for several seconds. He saw the truth in them and heard it in her words. He grabbed the Exec and shoved him into a chair. He saw the red light of the camera and knew they were on the air. "Tell the people what you forced me to do, what you did."

The exec stammered, his face going red at the humiliation of it all. Rhenora gave him a moment then stood in front of him.
"People of this world, you deserve to know the truth. We are no contestants of our own choosing. Our ship was captured, we were sent here without our consent" She started, giving the Exec a moment to see if he was going to say anything at all.

He sighed, He knew it was all over. He had lost. There was no way out. He leaned forward and spoke. "It's true. The contestants were forced to take part in the game. They had no say in the matter. That goes for the Game Master as well. He was forced into his role to save his crew."

Rhenora allowed him to speak, the people would hear his words and believe them, they had no loyalty to the Liberty crew. Once he had finished speaking the camera blinked off.

" Arrest him" Rhenora ordered Dean, who was no longer standing behind her. She then turned to Haldeman "Arrest him as well"


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