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Let’s try again

Posted on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 12:25am by Lieutenant Allison Haldeman & Lieutenant Thomas Haldeman

Mission: The Jungle
Location: Haldeman quarters

“How are you doing in there?” Allison called as she looked towards the bedroom that her daughter Amanda was busy settling into. What bits had been rescued from the crash site ten years earlier had been brought up from the camp on the planet and she was busy organising.

Amanda offered a smile as she appeared from the bedroom, “It’s so nice to have a proper room again! These quarters are huge!” She looked at her mother somewhat perplexed. “What’s going to happen with you and dad?”

Allison stepped forward and gave her daughter a hug. “We talked, cleared the air a little. I’ve decided to give our marriage another try.”

“Really!?” Amanda smiled the biggest smile yet. “Dad will be living here? With us!?”

Allison nodded. “Yes, he will. Just understand, things might be a little strange for a while. Your dad has a lot to come to terms with.”

“I understand” Amanda nodded.

“Go finish off your organising, I’ll get some food. Your dad should be coming home soon and I want it to be surprise for him.”

Thomas left the brig after talking with Rhenora and Savar. He was being given a second chance for which he was grateful. Though a small part of him resented having to prove himself all over again. He had been demoted to lieutenant and placed back in operations. Where he first began his career. "At least it isn't Waste Management." He muttered to himself as he walked slowly down the corridor, looking for his quarters.

He stopped as he found his quarters. Suddenly nervous, he had talked to Allison earlier while he was in the brig and it had been a nice talk. A little rough in the beginning but it had gotten better the longer they talked. He raised a hand to open the door, taking a deep breath as he did. As the door slid open he stepped inside and.... the quarters were empty. Stepping further into the quarters he looked around, they were spacious, more spacious then he remembered. Sighing softly he made his way to the sofa and sat down.

Sitting there, his head down, he thought *Guess Allison isn't ready to give us another chance* Sitting back he leaned back, his eyes still closed. He would explore the quarters later.

Allison nodded to her daughter as they both appeared from the spare bedroom, Amanda rushing to give her father a big hug. Allison simply stood watching with a smile, it was nice to see Amanda happy again.

Ooffff!" Thomas let out as Amanda jumped on him. His eyes opening in surprise. "Mandy?" He exclaimed happily as he returned the hug. Looking over his daughter's shoulder he saw Allison standing in the the doorway a smile on her face.

"You just going to stand there?" He asked questioningly.

Allison shook her head and walked over to the sofa, taking a seat next to her husband she cuddled up just like she used to. “The day I married you I promised I would be with you for better or worse, worse is over so it can only get better from here!” She smiled warmly.

Tom managed to get one arm untangled from Mandy and draped over Alli's shoulders. "I'm glad to hear you say that Alli mighty glad." He looked into her eyes, "I'm sorry Alli for all the pain and sorrow you've had to endure these past ten years."

Alli nodded a few tears running down her cheeks before she wiped them away and took a deep breath. “Actually I ... have some news for both of you.” She looked at Amanda then at Thomas. “I think that I’m ... pregnant.”

"Pregnant?" Tom repeated. "That's fantastic!!!!! But um how? I mean I know how but when?"

She looked at Amanda, this was a pretty adult conversation.

“It’s okay mum, I have to go tidy my room anyway.” She stood up and offered a smile. “That is good news.” With that she headed to her room.”

“You remember that night we had the blazing row?” Alli looked at her husband. “Things became pretty ... steamy between us. I plan on seeing the doctor tomorrow, if I’m right I’m around 8 weeks.”

"I do remember and yes steamy is an understatement." He took her hand in his, "I'm very, very happy Alli and I promise you I'll make you proud of me again."

Allison nodded as she reached out her hand and gently touched her husband’s cheek. “I’m sorry I blamed you for what happened to Alex, I shouldn’t have I know that now.”

Tear's came to Tom's face and he cried like a baby Ten years of pain and sorrow came boiling to the surface. "You don't have anything to be sorry for Allison. I made a terrible mistake and Alex paid for it." He said the tears streaming down his face in twin rivers.

Allison wrapped her arms around Thomas, cradling him as he cried. “We’ll never forget Alex, he’ll always be in our hearts. We have Amanda and another little life to take care of now.”

Thomas didn't answer, he just continued to cry he just nodded his head. He was incapable of talking. The hurt he had bottled up for ten years was bubbling out of him.

“It’s okay Tom, let it all out” She looked up as Amanda’s bedroom door opened motioning to her to come and comfort her father. The last ten years had been hard on them all, she’d had a chance to grieve her loss over the years. “We’ll start again, be the family we used to be.”

The tears finally stopped and Tom looked at both Allison and Amanda. "Yes we will." He said confidently. "I love you both so much."

“I love you Dad” Amanda cuddled her father happy to have him home and be together again.

“I love you both” Allison hugged them both.

Thomas kissed Allison's cheek and Amanda's forehead. "I love you both too." He replied quietly.


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