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Making A List and Checking It Twice

Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 3:47am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: The Jungle
Location: XO's Ready Room
Timeline: After Push and Pull

As promised Savar had compiled a list of qualified candidates for the now vacant position of Captain's yeoman with Ronson Mitchel's promotion to Chief of Boat. The list was short but he felt it contained the best and most qualified people for the job.

He looked at the names on the PaDD.

Veronica (Ronnie) Winston-- had worked in the Quartermaster's department on the Manchester. Was extremely organized and dedicated to her her job.

Danelle Andrews--- a cargo specialist on the Liberty, she oversaw all the shipping and receiving for the ship.

Jeb Boyington-- Assistant chief on the Manchester of it's soil department.

Paige Roberts--- already a yeoman aboard the Liberty worked as the appointment secretary in the counselling department. She was familiar with setting and keeping schedules as well as getting things done.

Satisfied with the list he exited his ready room and made his way to the Captain's where he pressed the chime and awaited entrance.

"Come in" the Captain called as she tried to wrangle a half decent coffee out of the replicator. Somehow it was never as good as freshly made

Hearing the Captain call out, Savar entered and came to a stop in front of her desk. Holding the PaDD in his right hand, he spoke. "I have the list for your yeoman Captain as promised."

"Thank you Commander, please take a seat and we'll review the options" Rhenora smiled as she accepted the padd.

"As you wish Captain.: Savar replied fluidly as he proceeded to sit down and wait for the Captain to continue the discussion.

She flicked through the list that Savar had compiled, having not had time herself to review the Manchester survivors crew manifest in order to find suitable replacements. She was thankful he was well and truly all over it.

" From your perspective Commander, do you have a preference on who you would think to be most suitable?" She asked, sipping the substandard coffee.

"I believe Yeoman Roberts is the best candidate for the position of your yeoman Captain. She is efficient and organized. She has experience with keeping to a schedule and I believe she can brew you an acceptable cup of coffee." Savar stated.

Rhenora raised an eyebrow. She hadn't had too much to do with Roberts over the last 6 months but trusted that Savar had a good insight into her nature when he was a counsellor.

"Have you worked with her directly?" She asked, wanting to get more intel into the potential Yeoman's personality.

"When I was chief counselor I had daily interaction with her. She is intelligent and very adaptable to changes. However I have not had any interaction with her since my removal as chief counsellor." Savar replied evenly.

Rhenora sat back, rubbing her chin and reading through the options again, They had little information on the Washington crew apart from the personnel profiles and the manifest itself. She had a gut feel to promote one of her own then backfill that position with one of the Washington crew. It was like a giant tetris puzzle trying to get everything to fit.

Savar sat patiently and quietly as Rhenora though on the candidates.

" I think you are right Savar, Roberts is the most suitable, and we can probably backfill her role with either Winston or Andrews" She mused aloud, still not really wanting to let Ronson progress but knowing she had to.

"I believe your assessment is correct Captain. Roberts will do a satisfactory job for you. One you will be pleased with." Savar replied. "She has big shoes to fill."

" That she does indeed, I'm sure Ronson will be watching closely" She smiled at the thought of her former Yeoman overseeing the new one. Poor Roberts would have nowhere to hide. " Would you mind making the arrangements? I understand there will be a transition period but the sooner we can get her up to speed the better" Rhenora said as she looked at the growing stack of padds on her desk.

"If that is what you wish Captain. then I will. You do not wish to inform her of her new position?" Savar asked.

" We can do that part - I was meaning more for the transitional side of things" Rhenora clarified.

"I see. I stand corrected Captain. Yes, I will handle the transition from Mr. Mitchel to Miss Roberts." Savar answered evenly.

" Very good Savar, now shall we inform her of her new role?" The Captain asked, sipping the coffee with a grimace.

"I think we should Captain. Before the stack of PaDDs on your desk grows even more sizeable." Savar quipped.

"I'm better you have an equally sizeable pile. However you always were more organised than me" She smirked before pressing the small control on her desktop.

"Captain to Crewman Roberts, please report to my ready room" She announced, before sitting back and waiting for the young woman to appear.

Down in the counselling office Paige heard the Captain's summons and it startled her for a moment. "Rogers to Captain. Um, yes ma'am I'm on the way." She replied not doing a very good job of keeping the confusion out of her voice.

Rhenora couldn't help but smile at the confusion in the voice, she had no idea what was coming the poor woman. Kaylen hoped for the umpteenth time that she was up for the task. She trusted Savar's judgement implicitly though.

A few minutes later, an attractive woman stood at the Captain's ready room door. She had shoulder length brown hair, she wore in a ponytail and blue eyes. She wiped her hands on her uniform pants, took a deep breath and pressed the chime.

" Come in" Rhenora called from her desk, casting her eyes expectantly towards the door.

Hearing the Captain call out Paige entered and noticed Savar sitting in one of the chairs in front of the desk. She nodded politely and said "Commander" before stopping in front of the Captain's desk. "Petty Officer Paige Roberts reporting as ordered Captain."

" Take a seat Ms Roberts" Rhenora smiled warmly, hoping that the expression would ease some of the fear and concern she could see echoing across the other woman's face. " You're not in trouble, the opposite in fact" She started.

Paige's face visibly relaxed at Rhenora's statement. "whew!" She said with a smile, "I was worried. Um if I'm not in trouble may I ask why I'm here?"

" We have a unique situation Paige, one that you are qualified to assist us with" Rhenora gave Commander Savar a wicked glance.

"Quite right Captain." Savar intoned gravely. "Your talents are needed."

Paige looked between the two of them, her expression going back to confusion. "My talents?" She questioned.

" The position of Captain's Yeoman has become available as Mr Mitchell has been promoted. Savar speaks highly of your skills and I agree with his assessment that you're more than up to the task" The Captain added, watching Paige to gauge her reaction.

Paige was quiet for a heartbeat before answering. "You want me to be your yeoman Captain? I appreciate Commander Savar's opinion of my skills and I would be honored to take the position."

"I'm glad, the role is somewhat similar to your previous role within the counselling department. However there will be additional sensitivity and tasks involved, as I'm sure you'll understand. Anything you see has to be kept in the utmost confidence. AND there is a requirement for coffee" She broke the mood a little with the final comment. Most crew on the Liberty knew of the Captains fondness for the bean.

"Oh, I can keep a secret Captain." Paige replied with a smile before adding "Coffee?" All while looking between Rhenora and Savar as she did.

"Coffee, the lifeblood, the giver of concentration and coherent sentences." Rhenora replied with a smile. Poor Paige had no idea.

"The Captain has a profound love of and for coffee Miss Roberts." Savar pointed out, "One of your duties will be to provide said coffee without over doing it."

" There could be no overdoing it.. not even a chance" Rhenora snorted, wondering idly if Savar's coffee restriction would ever be reinstated. " I believe the words are 'to provide timely reminders for the Command staff that appropriate sustenance should be consumed to ensure concentration and focus"

Savar raised an eyebrow, otherwise his features were unreadable. "Really Captain?" he said before addressing Paige, "Sustenance is food Miss Roberts not liquids."

" Coffee is a food group" Rhenora snorted, giving Savar a mock glare. Poor Paige looked mortified at the easy banter that the Liberty's command team shared.

"Please show me where coffee is a food group Captain. Your love for the beverage leads you to illogical thinking." Savar countered.

" It's in MY food group Commander" Rhenora snorted, watching Paige's eyes follow the conversation like a spectator at a tennis match.

"As I said illogical and incorrect Captain." Savar volleyed back, not missing a beat. He looked over to Paige "Except for the Captain's obsession with coffee, she is an otherwise outstanding starship captain."

" Details my dear Commander" Rhenora scoffed at him " I believe Ronson has vacated his office, you're to take to the rest of your duty shift to complete any tasks within the counselling department and move up here. We'll backfill your role with someone suitable" She continued as she drained the last of coffee from the cup in front of her.

"Details you chose to ignore Captain." Savar volleyed back. Miss Roberts, I suggest you move into and set up your office as you would like it once you are done in the counseling department. Then you and the Captain can talk over how and what she expects from you other than a coffee pot in your hand."

Rhenora had the decency to look a little hurt at the moment but knew it was in good nature. It was his way of making sure she didnt overindulge in the delicious brown brew more than was healthy. He's put her on rations once, that had been brutal but she wouldn't put it past him to do it again.

"Um yes sir, I'll do that straight away." Paige assured him. "I'm sure the Captain has in her mind of what she expects from me."

"That I do, Paige. Move you things, and we can start bringing you up to speed. Congratulations on the job" She rose and extended her hand.

"Yes ma'am er sir!" Paige replied happily. "I won't disappoint you/" She looked over to Savar. "Thank you as well sir." She said before ducking out the door leaving Rhenora and Savar alone to hear a very excited "Woopie! YES!!!!!!!!!"

"I think that means she accepted the role" Rhenora couldn't help but laugh - oh the youthful enthusiasm.

"I believe you are correct Captain." Savar returned. "I also believe you will have another excellent yeoman."

"Thank you once again for your suggestion Savar" Rhenora acknowledged as they were interrupted by a call from Ops.

"Captain, we're approaching Deep Space Nine"

"We're on our way" Rhenora replied as she rose. "To shore leave" She said to Savar as they headed for the bridge door.

"I am pleased my suggestion met with your approval Captain."

"To a well deserved and earned shore leave." Savar replied as he followed Rhenora out and back to the bridge.

"Indeed Commander Indeed" Her words drifted off as the doors closed behind them. Soon they would be either on the station or on Bajor, with little to do but relax for the next few days. It was well overdue.


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