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A Shopping We Will Go

Posted on Sun Mar 28th, 2021 @ 10:33pm by Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: *CD*
Location: Aurora & Savar's Quarters/ DS9Curr

Savar leaned against the door frame as he watched Aurora get ready. "Fascinating." He remarked. "You are already beautiful Aurora and yet you persist in this ritual of Applying lotions and creams to your face."

Aurora smiled as she finished her routine. “It keeps me looking good and helps me to feel good as well. Call it a bad habit” She grinned. “Besides I want to stay beautiful and make you the envy of other man around.” She kissed Savar gently on the lips.

"Ah. Most logical." Savar replied as he returned the kiss. "I would say it is working."

Aurora grinned. “Well I could stop right here and get more in-depth with you, but we did say we were going shopping! I never miss out on chances to go shopping!”

"You can get more in depth in your explanation when we return from our shopping excursion Aurora. In fact I am looking forward to your in depth 'explanation'. Savar bantered with his wife.

“Hmm then I’d best make it entertaining” Aurora grinned a wry grin before heading for the door. “I want to go and see if I can find anything nice to wear, some new lingerie would be good and maybe a new dress.”

"Indeed, However just being in your company makes it both enjoyable and entertaining," Savar replied smoothly.

“You are a charmer” Aurora smiled the biggest smile yet as she took Savar’s hand. “Others don’t get to see just how special you are Savar.”

"I am a man who is very much in love with his wife." He clarified. "For you are extraordinary."

Aurora blushed, feeling bashful at all the wonderful things Savar said about her. “I plan on buying you something nice while we’re out, I’ve heard there’s a retailer here who sells Vulcan clothing. I thought maybe I’d take you there and let you choose.”

"Aurora, that is not necessary. I have all I need with you. However if you wish to buy me something I will not object."

“Good, then let’s get over there and get shopping.” Aurora grinned.

A little while later they were strolling along the promenade of DS9, Aurora paused to look in the window of a shop retailing baby items and maternity wear. “They do such gorgeous things for babies!” She was looking longingly at an intricately carved wooden cot, that was designed to rock. “Can I buy it? Just keep it in storage for when we need it?”

"We will buy Aurora." Savar gently corrected, "For it will be for our child." As he opened the door for Aurora to enter first.

Aurora’s eyes filled up with happy tears, she quickly wiped them away as they entered the store. There were so many things she wanted to buy but they were nowhere near having a baby of their own just yet. She curbed her instinct to grab anything else, happy with the cot which they’d have sent directly to the ship.

"Is there anything else you desire for our child Aurora? Perhaps a rocking chair where you can sing lullabies to him or her."

“Really!” Aurora nodded enthusiastically. “This one!” She walked over to a wooden rocking chair with padded seat, “I like wooden furniture, this would be perfect.” She also added a couple of maternity dresses, she could replicate uniforms when the time came.

Savar nodded solemnly. He was pleased to see Aurora happy and knew she would be a loving, caring mother. "You have excellent taste Aurora. I like it as well."

Aurora grinned like the proverbial cat that got the cream. Once they’d paid and arranged for their items to be delivered Aurora headed out of the shop towards where she was told the Vulcan retailer was. “Now let’s go and get you something.”

"Aurora, I have all I need in you and seeing you happy." Savar replied but followed along dutifully to the Vulcan retailer.

“We’ll look and if you don’t find anything then it’s okay” Aurora smiled. “I might look for Vulcan female wear, something traditional. I don’t have anything from Vulcan.”

"Let us look Aurora. We will not know until we do. I am sure we can find you something." Savar replied confidently.

Aurora nodded. “I’d like that.” They walked into the store catching the eye of two of the staff as they walked in. The pair exchanged glances for a brief moment before turning back to their work.

Looking around the store, Savar asked, "Do you see anything you like Aurora?"

Aurora’s eyes had fallen on a dress, it looked ceremonial in a way but it was certainly lovely. “That dress, it’s lovely. I’d like to try it if you don’t mind waiting for me?”

"Not at all Aurora. We are here for you to find some new outfits." Savar pointed out. "While you try your dress on I will also look for something to wear."

“Wonderful” Aurora smiled and picked her choice before heading for the changing room to try it on. She smiled as a sales assistant followed her into the changing area.

“Allow me to help you” The woman offered a polite smile. She waited for Aurora’s back too be turned before pulling out a hypospray type device and pressed it to Aurora’s neck.

Aurora didn’t have time to register what had happened before she dropped to the floor unconscious.

Savar waited patiently for Aurora to return one minute turned into two and two into five and still no Aurora. He waited two more minutes before going to the changing area. "Aurora?" He called out "Aurora?"

From one of the changing rooms there was a low moan as Aurora started to regain consciousness.

Hearing the moan, Savar hurried to the changing room and flung the door open to find Aurora lying on the floor moaning softly. "Aurora!" He shouted as he bent down to pick his wife up. "Aurora? Aurora! Are you alright? What happened?"

Aurora gazed at her husband a confused look on her face. “I ... I don’t know. I must have fainted.” She moved to sit up feeling lightheaded. “How long have I been in here?”

Eight minutes and thirteen seconds. I grew concerned when you did not return. I found you here on the floor moaning." Savar informed her.

“Eight minutes?” Aurora frowned. “Eight minutes ...” she shook her head. “I don’t ... understand.” She held out her hand. “Help me up?”

"Certainly." Savar answered as he extended his hand to Aurora's and lifted her effortlessly to her feet. "How are you feeling now Aurora?"

Aurora held onto Savar, “A little foggy. Lightheaded too.” She frowned. “There was a woman ... the shop assistant I think. Maybe she saw something?”

Savar looked around, "We need to take you to Sickbay to be examined Aurora, make sure there is nothing serious going on." He stopped and continued, "Can you point out the woman?"

“I think so” Aurora nodded. As they walked out of the changing room she looked around. “She’s not here, at least I don’t see her.”

Meanwhile in the shadows two figures stood together. “We must go! It’s too dangerous to stay here any longer. Our child will be safe” he held onto his mate. “We will return when it is safe, now come.” The woman took one last longing look at Aurora before quickly leaving with her mate.

"I see no woman Aurora. We must get you back to the Liberty and have you examined." Savar said taking her by the hand and leading her out of the store.

Aurora nodded. “If we must” She was unhappy their shopping trip had ended this way.

"We must." Savar replied undeterred by Aurora's unhappiness.



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