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Home Pt5

Posted on Tue Mar 30th, 2021 @ 1:39am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: *CD*
Location: Bajor


She blushed as she saw the kitchen in all its glory, having been thoroughly destroyed during her cooking exploits. Pots and pans lay discarded and congealing within the sink, plates stacked haphazardly on the benchtop and the remnants of their dinner somewhere…

“Oh dear….” She giggled, unable to help the blush of colour that swept up from her colour bones. She never was really good at cleaning up after herself in the kitchen.

“Hmmm. I’ll do the dishes, if you take care of the leftovers and the gross stuff.” he moved over to the sink and wrapped an apron around his neck and tied it behind his back. Then, he began the process of moving the dirty stuff that was in the sink over to the counter so that he could run some water. If only he had built a recycler into the cabin. They weren’t a thing when the building process was taking place. Simple luxuries taken for granted.

“ Mmmm gross stuff” She snorted as she scraped congealed food into their compost bin, using a thick spatula to remove it. It stank, but the interlude that caused the lack of cleaning was worth it.

She handed the plates over one at a time, rid of the majority of the mess so Remal could clean them, enjoying this easy company that they always shared.

The suds grew tall in the sink as he kept eyeballing her out of the corner of his eye. It didn’t take much for her to catch his eye, a welcome distraction in the least. As she turned to scrape another plate, he scooped up a handful of bubbles and placed them ever so quickly, ever so gently upon her head before turning around as though nothing happened.

“Hey!” She snorted, swatting at the offending bubbles and waving a dirty spatula at her husband. She had nothing else with which to taunt him with at present so she settled for a mock glare that usually meant them having another romantic interlude within fairly short order. He was flirting and she liked it.

Playing innocent he just shrugged his shoulders, “What’d I do?” Knowing darn well what he had done. He had ignited a small flame and if he was careful in how he stoked it, the fire could either fizzle or burn. He was up for a little singe. “You mean this?” He picked up another handful and showed it to her before reaching around her and attempting to smack her bare bottom, only to have her dodge gracefully.

“ Uh uh” She twisted just out of his reach, the satin robe doing little to conceal her form underneath. “ Work before play” She handed him another pot and kept her distance from the suds.

He saluted, catching his forehead with the bubbles, “Yes ma’am. Any other orders, ma’am?” When he removed his hand the bubbles remained as a sort of horn.

She collapsed in a fit of laughter, almost doubling over as they overtook her composure. It was a balm for the soul that she so desperately needed.

“Orders? Finish the dishes, then we’ll see what can be had for breakfast” The innuendo in the words was almost dripping. “Do you require sustenance though? I mean you need to keep your strength up? A man of your’’ ahem’’’ vintage could tire easily” She mocked him a little, knowing she was every bit as old as he was.

One eyebrow went up like Mr. Savar’s did all the time, “Vintage.” He scoffed. “I’ll show you vintage.” He turned around and wrapped his large arms around her, wet hands and all. “I’ll show you someone tiring easily.”

She squirmed at first, trying to dodge the suds coated hands but failing miserably. She’d toyed with his ego, now this was the consequence “I really wish you would” She snorted, squeezing a little higher on her toes so she could kiss him.

He recognized she was trying to kiss him, but instead of helping as usual, he played a little hard to get. “No no, you said finish the dishes, remember? Work before play?” He was giving her the look, but his smile was as broad as his shoulders. There was no hiding how much he just wanted to throw her upon the counter and have his way with her right there amongst the filthy dishes.

“They’ve waited all night, they can wait another hour” She challenged, trying to tug him away from the benches and back to somewhere cleaner. “Besides - you started it”

“Oh really? And you think you can finish it?” He shifted his hands under her bum and lifted her up to where she could wrap her legs around his midsection, to where they were now eye to eye. He leaned back against the sink.

“Damned straight I think I can” She knew she was flirting with danger, given the situation she was either going to end up in bed again, or with more than a noggin full of suds. The problem was she no longer had contact with the ground. A minor technicality.

One hand on her bum, the other running up her back and to her neck, he pulled her closer. Then he looked her dead in the eye and whispered, “Prove it.” And gave her a smile and a bit of a wink.

She captured his mouth in a hungry kiss that promised much more before pulling away “You might want to clean the bench first” She snorted before stealing his breath again.

He was half tempted to brush everything off the bench onto the floor but knew that would not win him any brownie points later. Instead he walked her forward and up against the wall. “That’ll do.” Then he embraced her in return, playfully licking at her candy lips and her loose tongue.

As opposed to the night before their union was hungry and passionate, urgent almost. He starved for her touch, lusted for her caress, longed to feel her shudder within his clutch. Desired to feel himself twitch from within. Their movements intersecting, intertwining, their rhythm movements were one. She responded to his advances and met them equally until they were both spent from the encounter.

Even as he deposited himself body and soul, for the second time in less than 12 hours, he could feel the ravages of time rushing in, draining him of strength and manhood. Breathing heavy he commented, "Alright you win. I know when I'm beat. Not as young as I once was, I suppose."

Sagging against him she rested her head on his broad shoulder, all dark thoughts banished at least for the moment.

“Coffee old man?” She smiled as she was lowered to the floor, taking her own weight and drawing her satin robe closed again. “You never could resist a woman with coffee”

“I could never resist you. And, yes please.”



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