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New arrival

Posted on Mon Apr 5th, 2021 @ 11:39am by Lieutenant Freya Ross & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: *CD*
Location: XO’s office
Timeline: Current

Freya had arrived at DS9 in good time thanks to being dropped off by her old ship, the goodbye had been a quick one due to time constraints but she and her twins had at least made it to their new home. She just wished Kaden was with her but he still hadn’t been in touch to say when he’d be joining his family again.

Settling in aboard ship Freya had located the ship’s nursery and school, dropping off 2 year old Athena and 4 year old Arek so she could check in with the command staff.

Having checked it seemed the Captain was off ship so she headed for the First Officer’s Office instead. Straightening her uniform she took a deep breath and pressed the chime.

Sitting in his ready room, Savar was going over the repair schedule when his chime sounded alerting him that someone wanted to see him. "Enter." He said and waited to see who came through the door.

Walking in Freya offered a smile as she walked over to the XO’s desk. “Commander, I’m Lieutenant Freya Ross the new Chief of Operations and Second Officer.” She presented a PADD. “My orders Sir.”

Savar rose as an unfamiliar officer entered, Taking the orders he spoke. "Please sit down Lieutenant." As he sat and read through her orders. After a few seconds he spoke his eyes on hers. "The Liberty needs a Chief of Operations and a Second Officer. " He stated calmly.

“Thank you” Freya took a seat. “Then I will do my best to fulfil both Sir” She smiled. “I’m also a fully qualified Counsellor.”

"Interesting." Savar commented. "Lt. Vali who is the chief counselor aboard the Liberty will be gratified to hear that. After our last mission the counseling department has been overwhelmed with sessions."

Freya looked at Savar curiously. “Oh? I’ll be happy to help out if needed, when my other duties allow. For the record Sir, this is my first assignment as Second Officer, so I’m pretty nervous where that is concerned.”

Savar gazed at her, "Nervous why Lieutenant? If your superior's did not feel you had the sufficient talent and expertise to handle this position, you would not have been assigned here."

Freya nodded. “That’s very true Sir, it’s just me. I tend to take a little while to adjust to new surroundings but it won’t affect my duties.”

"i see." Savar replied. "It is crucial that you project an air of confidence Lieutenant. You cannot be indecisive in your actions."

Freya nodded. “Understood Sir, I won’t leave the crew doubting my actions that I promise you. I have two young children to protect so I’m not going to let anything happen to this ship, or them.”

Savar nodded, "Very good Lieutenant. That is all the assurance I require. I am sure that Captain Kaylen will feel the same way when you meet her."

Freya nodded. “May I ask Sir, has there been any news on my husband? He’s a marine, we’ve been apart for almost two years. He was hoping that once his duty was done he’d be assigned to a ship with me.”

"I regret to say that unfortunately there has been no word in regards to your husband ." Savar answered. "If you would like I can send a query on the status of his being assigned here. What is your husband's name?"

“Kaden Ross” Freya offered a hopeful smile. “Last time I saw him was just after our daughter was born. She was only a week old when he was called away.”

Savar made a note on his PaDD. " You mentioned your husband is a marine. Is he an officer or enlisted?" He politely inquired.

“He’s an enlisted marine, a Major by rank unless he’s been promoted since last time I saw him.”

Savar raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me Lieutenant, if your husband is a Major than he is an officer and not an enlisted marine."

“Of course!” Freya nodded. “I should know that by now, proves how much I know about the marines.” She offered a smile.

"Indeed." Savar replied with a nod.

Freya fidgeted uncomfortably She was making herself look stupid in-front of her new First Officer. “I must seem somewhat stupid, not knowing when my husband is a marine.”

"Not at all Lieutenant." Savar replied "Do not concern yourself with it. It is inconsequential."

“Thank you Sir” Freya smiled warmly. “If you don’t mind me asking Sir, are you bonded?”

Savar looked across the desk at Freya. "I am. My wife is Lieutenant Aurora Vali. Who is the chief counselor aboard the Liberty, Why do you ask?"

“Curiosity more than anything else, plus as a bonded Vulcan you’d understand what it’s like to be away from the one you love.” Freya offered a smile.

"I see and I do understand." Savar commented. "With luck, hopefully I will receive a word from Command regarding your husband's reassignment in the next few days at the most."

“I hope so Sir” Freya offered a smile, “Thank you for checking.”

"You are welcome Lieutenant. I will notify you once I have received word." Savar replied with a nod.

“Yes Sir” Freya stood ready to leave. “I’ll check in with Ops and have a report on your desk in no time.”

Savar rose as well. "That will be acceptable Lieutenant. "Welcome to the Liberty. I hope you find your time here to most fulfilling and satisfactory."

“Thank you Commander, I’m sure I will” Freya nodded politely and headed on her way.

"If you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to see me." Savar replied as Freya headed out the door.

Freya paused to look back. “I will, thank you Sir.” With a polite nod she left him to his work.



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