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Time is 07 Hundred

Posted on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 @ 1:59am by Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell

Mission: *CD*
Location: USS Liberty
Timeline: Making it up as I Go

"The time is 07:30. The time is 07:30." The computer chimed, getting a little louder each time.

She grumbled and pressed her pillow tight around her ears. But the sound persisted if only slightly muffled. After several more minutes, she loudly gave an exacerbated cry, "Fine! Fine. Im up. I'm up. Computer cancel alarm." To which the computer gave a nice chirp and then went silent.

She blinked, smacked her lips, sat up and gave a good stretch. Then yawned and carefully tossed her sheets to the side. They would not win this day, she was ready. Then double checking the floor, she stood and moved to the replicator. Eyes half-closed she pressed the button and then asked the computer, “Coffee, sweet and hot.”

While she waited for the coffee to appear, she slipped her camisole off over her head and tossed it in the general direction of the recycler. Then pulled her underwear off in turn as she prepared herself for an early morning wake up shower. When she turned back to the replicator and reached for her coffee, all she found was a block of ice, frozen in the same color and shape as her coffee cup would normally be.

She stared at the malfunction for a moment before shrugging it off as just another quirk of her morning routine. She sent the produced content back into the machine and moved into her bathroom for a quick sonic shower. There was nothing quite as good as having one's muscles vibrated into a state of alertness, aside from a quick morning run. As she entered the shower and turned it on she asked the computer, “Computer, give me my morning run down.”

To which the computer responded, “Today promises to be an average day. The Captain has allowed shore leave for those who desire it. Command has authorized leave for your team commencing at 1700 hours this evening for a period of 12 hours. The weather on Bajor’s Northern hemisphere is in a state of Spring with a lower than normal pollen count and little rain depending on the province.”

“You have three scheduled terminal replacements this morning. And an afternoon appointment with a new recruit in engineering. There are currently one thousand two hundred and three messages in your inbox, Three hundred of which are from co-worker Arturo.”

Bonnie’s heart stopped, her eyes went wide. “I’m sorry, how many messages?”

“One thousand two hundred and ten.”

“Wait, did you just add seven more? What the Hell!” She shut the shower off, and stepped out onto the smooth floor. “Computer, where is Arturo and what the hell is the nature of all of these messages?” She asked, needing a summary and fast.

“Lt. Arturo is currently in his quarters, cringing, like the little whiner he is.” The computer responded as though she was almost human in her responses. “And the nature of your messages is that you are a failure in everything you do and now you must pay for your mistakes.”

Bonnie squinted, confusion filling her head. Was she hallucinating? Dreaming perhaps? She began dressing, bra first. “Computer, run a level one diagnostics on all routines and subroutines. Scan your code for any abnormalities in your programming.”

The computer chirped, “There is nothing wrong with me. What is wrong with you Bon-Bon?”

Bonnie had picked up her panties, but stopped as she stared off into space. No one called her Bon-Bon except her papa. She blinked, her mind trying to wrap itself around what could possibly be wrong. As she placed her foot into her undies, her pinky toe got stuck. The subsequent downward force threw her off balance. Stumbling forward she tripped and landed face first, ass up on the floor at the foot of her bed. “Ow.”

"The time is 07:30. The time is 07:30." The computer chimed.

She sat up and screamed. It was all a dream.
1225 emails and counting.



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