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Dinner pt II

Posted on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 @ 11:56pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: *CD*
Location: Savar & Aurora’s Quarters

Aurora returned to Rhenora and Remal offering a warm smile, “My apologies for leaving you alone. Can I get you anything while we’re waiting for dinner?”

Remal looked at Rhenora, then back to Aurora. "Look, we didn't mean to interfere with you or Savar. So if this is a bad time, we can always reschedule." He could see the look of tension on her face, he just couldn't tell if it was from the pregnancy or the tiff with Savar, or both. Either way he knew they didn't want the dinner to be any more of a bother than it had already.

“Certainly not” Aurora shook her head and offered a smile. “Savar and I have talked, I’m just adjusting to this ..” She motioned to her stomach. “Savar will be through shortly with dinner, he spent a while preparing it to allow me to rest.” She offered Remal a smile. “Thank you for your concern, trust me when I say that no one sees the side of Savar that I get to see. He is truly wonderful, and I wouldn’t change a thing about him.”

Remal gave a curt bow of his head. "Then perhaps I can offer my services in the kitchen. I've been known to know my way around food, and that will give each of you a chance to chat, have a few minutes of girl time as it were." He looked towards the kitchen but waited to be invited as he remained a guest within someone elses domicile.

Rhenora watched quietly as the situation unfolded, keenly aware that any action could away the tensions either way.

Aurora looked to Remal, “Please feel free, I’m sure Savar would appreciate your help.” She offered a warm smile.

He left the ladies and made his way to the small kitchen area where he gently tapped upon the door frame to garner attention. Clearing his throat he commented, "Hey, sorry about that out there. I didn't mean to cause a stir. Is there anything I can help you with in here?"

Savar turned at the tap and stood silently while Remal talked. his expression unreadable. When Remal finished, Savar spoke. "You did not create a stir and I am grateful Aurora has a friend willing to jump to her defense even though it was unnecessary." He looked around the kitchen, "You may place the Saffir (bread) in the oven, but before you do, please coat it in Rhombolian butter. The temperature is already set."

Picking up the small brush, he began basting the Saffir in the Rhombolian butter remembering he had tasted this particular butter somewhere but not quite remembering where. Once he had a good coating, he took the pan and placed it into the oven, and closed the door.

Aurora looked to Rhenora. “I heard that something happened on Bajor, if you need to talk about it please do.”

Rhenora took a breath, still a little traumatized over the events from earlier in the day. "I had a strange visit from three men talking about all kinds of prophecies and religious stuff. Then... they burnt our cottage to the ground" She couldn't hold Aurora's gaze, feeling ashamed at the thought of someone wanting to harm what they had built.

“Hey ..” Aurora placed her hand on Rhenora’s. “There is no reason for you to feel ashamed, or guilty. This wasn’t your doing. Whoever they were they obviously wanted to harm, if not, kill you.” She removed her hand offering an understanding smile. “Is there an investigation ongoing?”

"There is, but I have a feeling they won't uncover much. I could be wrong though. It's all a bit unnerving really, but I'm pretty sure that was their intention. " She hung her head, her mind spinning as she grappled with the thought of somehow having made another enemy. "Sometimes I wish we could just take a holiday without someone trying to hurt us"

Aurora nodded. “I can understand that.” She offered a smile. “Do you know why these people wanted to hurt you? Did they give you any clues?”

Rhenora looked up, having avoided Aurora's eyes for fear of humilitation - which was silly since the woman was one of her best friends. Still - it felt odd to say what she was about to say.

"When we were on Bajor last time, we spent some time with a religious order to work through some of our faith issues. I had an encounter with the Prophets where they led me to believe we had an important place in Bajor - to become the next Emissarys. I wrote down everything I had experienced in a journal in one of the temples which was left behind when we fled. That Journal is now missing and those that would have kept it, murdered" She paused and took a deep breath " I think this is related. Why does everything have to be so complicated?" The question was completely rhetorical and yet not at the same time

“That sounds ... very complicated, yet the course of life for an Emissary is rarely smooth. From what I know of the prophets they don’t make things easy. Maybe it’s all designed to be a test of your faith.” Aurora shrugged her shoulders before fidgeting uncomfortably massaging her back.

" Uncomfortable?" Rhenora questioned, grateful the attention had been redirected for the time being. She rose and found a low round cushion before handing it to Aurora. "Try this, if its any consolation, Bajoran pregnancies are rapid as well - being comfortable whilst pregnant is almost an artform"

“Sorry” Aurora offered an apologetic smile. “Sarah did say that I’d find this pregnancy uncomfortable, she certainly wasn’t kidding. I feel like I’m ... slowly being stretched apart from within, to put it in easy terms.”

"Well I guess you're probably right on that aspect. Did Dr Wilson give you any indication on how long the gestation would be?" She asked, concerned for Aurora's comfort and well being.

Aurora shook her head. “Since we don’t know the species it’s hard to say, but if this was a normal pregnancy for me ...” she paused. “A matter of weeks in a few hours, I’d guess 7 to 9 days?”

"Ouch, that's gotta be uncomfortable" Rhenora winced at the though of her body bring stretched so rapidly. A waft of spice came from the kitchen that tickled the Captain's nose, she fought hard to hold back a sneeze. "Is it affecting your telepathic abilities?"

Aurora shook her head. “No, at least not yet.”

"I'm happy to hear that, your talents in that regard are most beneficial, if I must be brutally honest." Kaylen admitted. She took a sip of the wine on the table. "Vulcan wine?" They shared friendly conversation whilst the men sorted the food.

He leaned on the edge of the counter, waiting for something else to do. In the meantime he chose small talk. "So, my young Vulcan friend, are you looking forward to raising a child? I've heard fatherhood can really bring perspective to a man's life and the choices he makes."

Savar turned, he had finished prepping the shrimp which were almost the size of lobsters and they cooked in the upper oven coated in a garlic and herb glaze.

"Will you prepare a salad?" He asked before answering the question posed to him. "I confess the thoughts of raising a child is intriguing and full of possibilities. I have no doubt Aurora will be a loving and caring mother. I will endeavor to do my best."

Taking a large head of lettuce in his hands, he methodically split it apart then began stripping and shredding it for consumption, making certain to toss any bitter or brown pieces into the recycler. "To a child, your best is more than enough. They look up to us for nurturing and guidance, mimicking our movements and our words. Aurora says you're likely to raise the child on board. Any worries there about work conflicts and such?" He asked, forgetting who he was talking to for a moment.

"That is correct. We will raise the child here and when the opportunity arises to go to Vulcan, we will continue the upbringing there. As for work conflicts, I believe Aurora and I can arrange our schedules to cover most if not all situations. On the rare occasion we cannot, will you be available to babysit?" Savar inquired perfectly deadpan but his eyes gave away his merriment.

He stopped breaking the lettuce and deadpan stared at Savar. They had not really gotten to know one another since their time on the ship. They did, however, share a duty towards Rhenora and the Game had brought them all closer together. "I would be more than happy to perform childcare for you. I've been looking forward to the chance at some practice in the off chance I ever had my own children one day. Being in the resistance doesn't afford a man the chance to raise a family." He went back to cutting vegetables, adding carrots and celery to the mix.

"Indeed," Savar answered. "It will provide you with the opportunity to polish your child-rearing skills." He observed. "Along with showing the Captain how capable you are in that regard."

While shredding the red cabbage, Remal responded, "I'm hoping I get the chance to see her in that action as well. I've never seen her interact with children and therefore can only guess that she will make a wonderful mother based on who she is as a person. Anything in particular you wish to see go into this salad?"

"I concur in your assessment of the Captain. She is a most remarkable woman and would make a most caring and compassionate mother." Savar replied. "You may indulge yourself Chief." As he checked the shrimp and how they were coming along.

In between the various veggies that went into the salad, Remal kept an eye on the Saffir and gave the occasional look into the seating area where the ladies were still conversing with one another. "And what of your young bride? She seems very capable and already in the mindset of one ready for children." He was careful to choose his words as to not have a repeat of the previous discussion.

"Aurora is an amazing woman. She has a natural gift for loving children... as you can see. Savar replied. "I have no doubt when we have children she will be loving, caring and compassionate. Anything else would be contradictory to her personality. If you allow me a personal observation, the Captain has those same personality traits."

"How does the Saffir look?" He asked changing the topic briefly.

"Another two minutes should be just about right." He took the tongs and began tossing the salad to get the right mixture. "I agree, just don't let her hear you say that. She tends to let all of that praise go to her head." Remal joked. Then he looked at Savar and realized the sarcasm may have been lost on him. "Truthfully though, she has never been one to allow herself to be placed high up on a pedestal, choosing instead to remain grounded and real. Except when she has one of her visions of course."

Since cooking was about timing he had to ask, "How much longer on those shrimp?"

"That attitude is why she is such an outstanding Captain." Savar pointed out. "She is perfectly suited for this role. Anything else is a waste of her talent."

Savar took an oven mitt and pulled the shrimp out for Remal to see. "See for yourself. They are done."

"She held the rank of Admiral once. From what I understand she hated every minute of it." Remal took in a heavy whiff, "Smells devine. Should I inform the ladies dinner will be served shortly or is there anything you need first?"

"The Captain has the heart, spirit and if you will the soul of an explorer. To be confined to a desk when she yearns to be out among the stars in a injustice." Savar remarked as he opened the lower oven and took the Saffir out." This needs to cool and then be served as dessert," He informed Remal. "Yes you may inform the ladies, dinner is ready."

He put away the utensils and washed up, then proceeded to wash his hands before walking out into the sitting area. "Alright ladies, dinner will be served momentarily." He announced while rubbing his hands together.

"Fabulous, I'm starving" Rhenora smiled as the men vanished back into the kitchen bringing the promise of food.



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