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Brin and Faro

Posted on Sat Apr 10th, 2021 @ 10:19pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell

Mission: *CD*
Location: Bajor

The day had been long when Brin walked through the front gate. His head was as high as his stress level despite not really showing on his face. He felt it in his shoulders though. The door to his meager home stood open, a comfortable breeze passing through caught the scent of a spicy hasperat coming from the kitchen. Before he opened his mouth to speak however he heard voices coming from the news prompter.

"Today in Darktur Province the cabin of a local caught fire unexpectedly burning down the structure within minutes. Though the inhabitants of the residence escaped with minor injuries, the local costables suspect foul play. Further updates on this case are forthcoming, stay tuned. "

He was both smiling and disappointed at the same time, that is until he heard the voice of his right hand and confidant curse from the kitchen. She did not sound pleased.

"That was not how it was supposed to go" Faro announced as she brought the bowls of hasperat to the table and offered a timber spoon. She frowned at the images of the soot covered couple embracing outside the ruins of the cottage. "This will only strengthen the bond they have with the people and the Prophets"

His eyes rolled even as he took the spoon and scooped up a bite. "So they survived. We dealt a blow they will not soon forget. What's more, those who see our cause now will see an active movement. No longer will we wait in the shadows and talk. All we've done for the past 5 years is talk." He shoved a mouthful of her food into his mouth. It wasn't great but then he didn't have her for her cooking skills.

"Talk is one thing. Action is another, action with the desired outcomes is what we strive for." Faro retorted as she slipped into the seat opposite him. "More training and attention to detail is required if we are indeed to become the dominant force"

He coughed on a stale piece of lettuce. "Strange that you should mention training. As the new recruits arrive I've decided it prudent to have them shown the way of the Wraith by the best teacher ever to walk the path, you." He smiled at her and then took another bite.

She scowled at him initially before realising there was truth behind the sarcasm. "Really?" She was a bit taken aback. Normally she worked with the scholars when not taking actual action, training new recruits would be a chance to mould the new minds.

"I mean it, it's what you wanted after all. And besides, who out there is better skilled to fight the heathens than my right hand?"

"Those heathens don't stand a chance. Next time we will take care of business ourselves" she challenged around a mouthful of food. Damn - too much spice again. "Do you think THEY will return tomorrow? I want to be there to watch as they are broken once again"

He coughed again, not because of the bad food but due to the nature of her question. "Of course they will return and yes I did say you'd get your chance to meet them. But you and I know if you met face to face, you would not be able to control yourself, no matter how good an actress you are. In fact I barely kept my composure when facing the Marnah. There is this arrogant aura surrounding her that I struggled to understand. Why is she better than we?"

"She believes herself chosen by the Prophets" she drew out the last words as though they were almost offensive. "She will learn her place, the Pah Wraith will have much enjoyment taking her down a peg or two."

"As will I. As will we all." He put down his spoon, his appetite almost lost. "I don't believe us going back would be a good idea. You, they don't know, but my face is too recognizable. Besides, unless you are a great actress, they will likely have their guard up against strangers. Although it may be a perfect chance to get them on their own." He sounded as though he were processing his decision out loud in case she would sway his choice, which she often did.

"You don't think two locals wanting to assist in their efforts to rebuild would be well received? " She regarded him with a look that meant she thought she knew best in this regard. "Besides, I want to see who we're up again in the flesh"

He eyed her a moment trying his best to take her in mentally. “It will be dangerous. They will expect deception or stupidity. Why risk this when the movement is still in its infancy? The movement is more important than these two, these two false idols. Would you carelessly risk everything just for that glimmer?” He sighed as his own words and her eyes slowly convinced him.

“Fine. But I can not go with you, not as I am. And I warn you, you will not care for who you meet. Just being in her presence was vile.”

“ Do you wish to come with me? I’m pretty handy with a dermal regenerator, I can make you look 10 years younger” She smoked, knowing it would get under this skin. “If you believe it will jeopardize our future plans however I will yield to your better judgement. My vengeance can wait, it will grow stronger with each passing day” Her words were spoken with a strong faith.

He too longed to see them again. To see them in misery as they picked through the pieces of the husk that once was their home. “Fine. We’ll do it your way, but you have to promise me. We only cross the line if it does not potentially damage our plans. And if the Wraith finds out, we would be ended. Consider this your recon.”

“Deal, and if the opportunity presents itself, our plans will be accelerated and the true place of the Pah Wraiths as the spiritual Gods of Bajor will be achieved” Faro was confident in her ability to get this done without being caught.

“First, we need some real food. And something good to drink to celebrate this.” He stood, placing both hands upon the table to balance his posture and make a statement. “This is the night when everything changes. When we go from nothing to everything. Our days of wallowing in the footfalls of others, is done.” He picked up a glass of what could pass for milk and raised it high. “New beginnings.”

“New Beginnings! The time of the Prophet is over, the time of the Pah Wraith is beginning. All those who oppose will die, those that follow will be blessed” Faro echoed, raising a glass of the precious liquid.

"That didn't sound too cheesy did it?" He sneered. "I would hate to think my motivational speech giving talents need so much work they are starting to sound, what's the word, oh, human."

"Always with the sarcasm" Faro scoffed as Brin drained the milk from the glass. She loved him passionately but he also drove her nuts almost every day.

He frowned playfully, "thanks for the feedback, I'll work on it." He sat back down and debated on a course of action. "So, how can we celebrate our beginning?"

“ Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war” Faro replied in a very bad replica of a famous quote she had heard somewhere. “ Really though, this is only the beginning of a long battle in which we will be the victor.”

“Funny.” He grimaced. “I meant in the short term. I feel like a drink, a rally, something to get my blood pumping. I’ve waited for this moment for so long and now that it’s here I feel like I’m still waiting. Aren’t you tired of waiting?”

“ Drink, how about we gather the brethren and celebrate our recent victory?” Faro said, knowing that they hadn’t achieved their actual goal but the intimidation of their opposition was still a victory of such.

He slammed his fist enthusiastically upon the table, “Yes. That’s the idea, my little Wombat. We are few, but we are strong. The Brotherhood is gone. Tonight we gather.” He knew there were less then a handful of brethren between them and that for five years they had done little besides listen to the teachings of the Pah Wraiths Kostamojen, but perhaps on this night the scripture may hold more meaning. “I’ll get the book. You get ready.

Faro disappeared then re-emerged wearing her finest, stepping out of their cottage at the head of the small compound that housed their followers. A large gong hung on the landing. A call to celebration, and a call to arms.

The evening was filled with liquor pulled from various stores, rousing singing and a motivating reading from some of the texts of the Kostamojen. The time for preparation was over, the time for action was beginning.


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